26 Best Web App Ideas for Startup to Consider in 2022

Published On: July 10, 2020
Last Updated: July 21, 2022
Innovative Web App Ideas For Your Next Startup

Earlier, having a website for business was enough. With the advancement of technology, startups & businesses worldwide have understood the importance of web apps and are continuously launching new web apps.

Moreover, some leading companies worldwide have converted their websites to web apps or built web apps from scratch. It indicates the growing demand for web apps.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, the major issue you face is first coming up with a unique web app idea that is quick to develop, cost-effective, and helps you generate revenue in the long run.

Yes, we totally agree with you.

Finding fresh web app ideas that solve people’s real issues is not that simple. You need to invest sufficient time and effort to find the web app ideas.

To make your task easy; we have done deep-market research and found some trending and best web app ideas for your inspiration.

Here are 26 best web app ideas for startups to consider in 2022.

1. CEO Dashboard Web Application

In the current era of technology, we have a lot of data. However, the problem is not how to access the data but how to interpret it.

A dashboard allows you to analyze many things in a single place and make quick decisions.

Each CEO belonging to the B2B SaaS field always checks the latest marketing tactics and product metrics. For this task, they continuously ask their team members to take reports and then make an analysis.

With the help of the CEO Dashboard app, CEOs can check various things on their own, and their team can focus on other essential tasks.

CEO Dashboard Web Application

According to Google Trends, the dashboard has been in high demand for the last five years. Hence, you can build a feature-rich, scalable, and reliable dashboard app.

Cloud Dashboard

Source: Klipfolio

By creating a CEO dashboard web app for a business, you can gather all the data in a central place. The CEO can further view data via graphs and other ways and manage business operations smoothly.

2. CRM for Startups & Small Business

CRM stands for custom relationship management. It is an innovative system to organize and access customer data effectively. Hence, CRM allows businesses and brands to establish relationships with customers with ease and maintain them.

As of now, there are some popular CRM softwares available in the market, such as Hubspot and Salesforce. However, they are targeting medium and large-scale enterprises.

Small business

You have an option to target startups and small businesses considering this emerging web app idea. Moreover, the global CRM market size will increase from USD 63.91 billion in 2022 to USD 12.5% by 2029.

By building a fully-functional and interactive CRM web app, you can make the daily tasks of startups and businesses efficient. Moreover, you don’t need to invest a huge amount of time creating a CRM web app.

If you are not sure about the idea, you can create an MVP and later build a fully-fledged CRM web application.

take a closer look at the crm project

3. Social Platform for Hobbyists

In this digital era, various people find it difficult to enjoy their hobbies due to their busy work schedules and other tasks. A web application that allows users to connect with people having similar hobbies would be highly appreciated.

You can create a web application through which users can connect and perform a particular activity together. It could be anything like cycling, chess, badminton, football, etc. The platform should allow users to chat via text, images, videos, etc.

Generally, the users will not be ready to pay for such web applications. However, you can generate revenue through ads.

4. Employee Orientation Web Portal

Employee orientation is one of the essential processes required when a new employee joins an organization or company. It helps any company to provide a better experience to the employee.

In any company, if there isn’t a proper orientation application, HR finds it challenging to handle essential things like finding documents, providing materials to the new employee, etc.

Orientation Web App

If the employee is working remotely, there is a lot of trouble faced by HR. Without a proper system, HR can’t verify whether the new employee has gone through the documentation or not.

By developing an employee orientation web portal, the process of onboarding a new employee becomes smooth. HR can provide necessary training materials and documentation. Also, HR can explain the entire orientation process efficiently.

How much does it cost to build a web application

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web Application?

5. NFT Marketplace Web App

NFT marketplace is one of the most trending things in the market. Various popular businesses & startups are joining this trend by launching NFT marketplaces.

For those who don’t know, NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a financial security that possesses digital data stored in blockchain.
NFT marketplace is a platform where digital collectibles such as art, music, in-game items, and videos can be stored, displayed, and traded. Moreover, several NFT marketplaces allow users to create such digital assets. Example: Veve web app.

As compared to regular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, these digital assets can’t be exchanged as they possess a specific value depending on your unique traits & attributes.

According to MorningConsult, 23% of millennials love to collect NFT.

As per BellInCrypto, the NFT marketplace valuation is expected to reach $13 billion in 2027.

From the above statistics, we can say it is the best time to launch an NFT marketplace web app.

6. Web-based 3D Modeling Application

Various users like to make 3D models of different objects and shapes. They love to present their ideas from mind to design quickly.

Thankfully, a vast number of 3D modeling softwares are available online.

A 3D modeling software enables users to create a mathematical representation of 3-dimensional objects or shapes. A popular example is Sketchup web app.

The global market for 3D CAD Software market size was 9.46 million in 2020. The market size will grow at a CAGR of 6.4% between 2021 to 2028.

Hence, we can say that creating a web-based 3D modeling software would be highly beneficial in the long run.

7. YouTube Radio

YouTube has influenced a wide number of users of every age. People love to entertain and educate themselves by watching different content on YouTube. However, many people find it challenging to watch video content and instead love to listen to the Radio. Also, the demand for YouTube Radio in the last two years has remained constant.

YouTube Radio

You can take advantage of this opportunity by developing a web app that curates the best content available on the platform and plays it for the audience.

Moreover, it is one of the innovative ideas for web applications that you can convert into reality with low investment.

To use this web app, users don’t have to make an effort to create a playlist. They can start the Radio and start listening to it.

Radio Web App

8. Digital Payments Web App

Digital payments have transformed the way people pay for various services. Currently, there are many eWallets used by users worldwide, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, etc.

In digital wallets, the user’s bank account is linked to the wallet, and they can use the particular wallet to pay wherever accepted. It allows users to store many bank accounts or credit cards.

As per paymentsjournal, more than one billion people will use Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay in 2022. From this, we can say that digital wallets are in high demand.

Most of the digital payment applications are available just for mobile. You have a great opportunity to create a digital payments web application that users can access on any device.

9. AI-based Language Translation Web App

Many people when traveling to a new place face language issues. Hence, they look for a website or an app that offers a quick translation of a word or sentence.

Currently, various translation apps are available in the market, such as Google Translate, Microsoft Language, etc. However, they are not accurate.

You can create an AI-based language translation web app that offers users translation to many languages with a click. Here, you can provide additional features and charge users monthly or weekly subscription fees.

10. IMDB for Books

There are a lot of bibliophiles(people who love books) around the world. They constantly like to check the bestseller books in the market. These people also like to check the reviews & ratings of books before making any purchase. However, they usually have challenges finding a platform giving honest book reviews.

Few companies have understood the demand of book lovers and created a platform that allows people to check reviews of books and access other functionalities. A well-known book review web app is GoodReads.

You can take benefit of this untapped market by creating a book review web app. You should integrate all the features available in the existing web apps with some unique ones to attract users quickly.

11. Docket Management System

Law firms have to manage a wide range of documents. Saving all the documents on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc., is not good as these documents are private and require continuous security.

Hence, they have no option but to store all the things on their own server.

To resolve the issue of law firms, you can build a tailor-made docket management web portal.

You can take inspiration from some popular docket management systems worldwide to build a feature-rich docket management web app.

  • FlexTrac
  • ProLaw
  • TMCloud
  • DocketTrak

want to build an app for your business idea?

12. Web games

Web games are video games that anyone can play in the web browser. Over the years, the craze for online video games has been increasing. The demand for online games will reach new heights in the near future.

With the help of the latest web technologies, it is really easy to create puzzle games, word games, and simple card games. For example, the waffle game is a popular word game online loved by users.

Apart from these games, it is even possible to create action games, RPGs (Role-playing games), etc., efficiently. All of this has become possible with JavaScript, new APIS, web-based frameworks, and more.

If you have a game idea, it is time to turn to reality by creating a modern web-based game.

interested in making an app

13. Crime Alert Web Application

Crime doesn’t go away quickly. In the United States, crime rates are increasing every year. As per statistics, one house gets robbed every 13 seconds. The majority of burglaries are committed by someone who is near the region.

Having a reliable and secure crime alert platform is one of the brilliant web app ideas to decrease the crime rate in any region.

The crime alert web app would resemble well with the social network app. But here, rather than posting social updates, users have an option to share the crimes happening in their region.

Crime Alert Web App

By sharing about the local crimes, all the other people in the neighborhood will become cautious.

Currently, there are only two competitors in the market, such as Citizen and Nextdoor. So, this is an excellent opportunity to release a crime alert web app.

By launching a feature-rich web app, you could save the lives of people in a particular region.

14. On-Demand Home Services Web Application

Nobody likes to wait in a long queue to get a haircut at the salon. Apart from this, various people find it difficult to get a repair worker for electricity, plumbing, and other tasks at home.

To resolve this issue, providing on-demand home services is one of the trending web app ideas.

You can build an on-demand home services web app to reach out to the audience. The app lets users book different services like massage, spa, haircut, electric appliance repairing, etc., from the comfort of their home.

Urban Company is one of the best examples that offer several on-demand home services on a single platform. You can take inspiration from Urban Company before building your web app.

15. Online Mind Mapping Web App

Various organizations worldwide love to brainstorm ideas on a project with the team thoroughly before putting them into action.

Mind mapping is one of the most effective ways to present your idea on paper. In short, it is a graphical representation of ideas & concepts and then making relationships between them.

An example of mind mapping is shown in the image below:

Online Mind Mapping

Online mind mapping is one of the trending web app ideas to cater to the requirements of these organizations.

By building an online mind mapping web app like MindMeister, you can enable users to make stunning presentations using mind apps and then manage the entire project in the form of a board.

16. Online Dating Web Application

Dating has increased over the years after the introduction of various dating websites and applications.

With the launch of new-age technologies and tools, different companies across the globe are entering the dating industry by launching web or mobile apps. Hence, you will face stiff competition in this industry.

If you want to grow fast in the dating industry, you should develop a niche-specific dating web application. With this, you can target a particular audience and establish yourself as an authority.

17. Machine Learning Based Astrology Web App

Astrology is the study of the movements of celestial objects in the belief that they have an impact on human lives. It is an ancient concept adopted by various countries across the globe.
Many people worldwide believe in astrology, and also there are people who don’t believe in it.

One of the simple web app ideas that make money is Machine-Learning based Astrology app. With the help of this web application, you have an opportunity to generate good revenue as there are a lot of people in Asia with faith in astrology. You can cater to the needs of these

An ML-based astrology app can study the real-time horoscopes and provide different solutions to users. Thus, people do not have any need to visit an astrologer personally. With the astrology web app, you can also offer different services like numerology, etc.

18. Online Question Answering Portal

At times people have some authentic questions/ doubts, and they want advice from professionals.

Moreover, people come across a funny idea and are looking for an adequate answer.

The most fantastic way to solve issues of all such people is to develop a question-answer engine like Quora with some unique features and functionalities. By creating this, you can reach out to their audience and generate good revenue.

19. Work Portfolio Web App

Various professionals need to create an online work portfolio to present their work to potential employers while applying for a job. These professionals include photographers, graphic designers, writers, editors, creative directors, videographers, makeup artists, cosmetologists, etc. However, not all of them know how to create an online work portfolio.

One of the best web application ideas is to provide a platform that allows people to create attractive and feature-rich work portfolios. The web app should also offer instructions to users for building portfolios using images, videos, illustrations, etc.

20. Memes & GIFs Portal

Memes and GIFs have become an integral part of our lives. The trend of memes and GIFs is increasing every year.

Currently, we can find memes and GIFs on almost every topic on the web. You can also check the demand for this kind of web app idea on Google trends:

Memes & GIFs Portal

Therefore, you have a phenomenal opportunity to convert this latest trend into a web application. Here, you can allow users to instantly share memes and GIFs from your web app to different social media platforms.

Also, you can integrate an editor in your web app, which allows users to edit memes and GIFs. Besides this, you can also enable users to upload their memes & GIFs on the web app and earn money.

21. Startup Club Web App

By reading this web app idea, LinkedIn might come into your mind. Please remember that it is a general platform used by professionals, freelancers, businesses, CEOs, etc.

However, here we are talking about a superior platform focused on entrepreneurs and investors.

Moreover, this web app will consist of features like bidding on business ideas posted on the platform, checking the portfolio of every member, etc.

In the modern era, people love personalization, and that’s why creating a startup club web app for investors, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers would be beneficial. They can access the startup club web application from any device and get their answers.

22. Buy & Sell Web Application

Before a long time ago, people followed a barter system, where they used to exchange items with each other. Then comes the era where people love to rent and exchange stuff with other people to save money.

Now, a new marketplace has begun where people buy and sell online. Some of the most popular buy and sell apps among users are Offerup, eBay, and Craigslist. Moreover, the industry is gaining massive traction among startups and businesses. Have a look at the Google trends:

Buy & Sell Web Application

Hence, you can develop a buy and sell web application. This web app can connect two people that are buying and selling stuff.

23. Event Management System

Various people in the world find it challenging to organize an event effectively. Hence, they are looking for event management services that can handle their entire task easily. Moreover, the trend of event management is evergreen.

Event Management System

Therefore, if you are looking for a simple web app idea, then develop an event management web application. Here, you can create a platform where event planners can post their business along with their rates and services.

On the flip side, any user looking for an event planner can visit the web app and hire them. As a result, you earn a commission whenever someone books an event planner.

24. Loan Lending Web App

Various organizations and individuals worldwide are looking forward to getting loans to fulfill their needs. If you want to meet the needs of these organizations & individuals, one of the best web app ideas is to start a fintech business venture.

You can create a user-friendly and intuitive P2P loan lending web app. The web app works as a marketplace between the borrowers and lenders without involving any bank.

The web app enables borrowers to set the maximum loan rates that they can handle. On the contrary, lenders can bargain with each other to provide funds to borrowers at the best possible rate. By using this marketplace, lenders can get borrowers.

25. Workflow Management Web Portal

Companies running a construction business have to deal with information about properties regularly. Also, they have to obtain permission from government organizations for different demands and later track the status of their applications regularly. It becomes a tedious task.

You can create a customized workflow management web portal for these companies. The portal would help companies request proposals, generate invoices, monitor various tasks, and obtain continuous updates.

By getting real-time information about their request, all the people associated with the company can take the required action efficiently using the web portal.

26. Ride-Sharing Web Application

The craze for ride-sharing applications has increased worldwide. Many people now utilize these services to reach a specific destination or travel from one city to another. Some of the popular rideshare apps worldwide are Uber and LYFT.

One of the popular web app ideas is to consider a modern ride-sharing platform. You can create a ride-sharing web app through which users can book a bike or car instantly to reach a specific destination. Moreover, you can also provide a subscription plan to the users to book for an entire month.


We hope you loved the list of most trending web app ideas for businesses. You can consider any of these web app ideas to enter into the web app industry.

Are you planning to develop a web app for your business? Then, you can contact us. We are a leading web app development company with years of experience building web apps.

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