25 Innovative Web App Ideas That Can Be Shaped Into Successful Startups

Quick Summary:- Coming with new innovative app ideas is not easy. If you’re looking for the best web application ideas that will make money in 2021 then you’re landed at the right place. Here, we’ve listed some of the best web application ideas for the next decade.

With the advancement of technology, businesses across the globe are growing at a tremendous rate by launching web apps that solve real-world problems.

However, the major issue that people face is first coming up with a unique web idea that is quick to develop, cost-effective, and helps to generate revenue in the long run.

Yes, we totally agree with you.

Finding web app ideas that solve people’s issues is not an easy task. It consumes a lot of time and efforts.

To make your task easy; we have done deep-market research and found some trending web app ideas that are going to work for the upcoming years.

Here, we will walk you through some of the best web app ideas suitable for startups to enterprises.

1. CEO Dashboard Web App

In the current era of technology, we have a lot of data. However, the problem is not how to access data, but how to interpret it.

A Dashboard allows you to analyze a vast number of things in a single place. Dashboard app are in high-demand, which you can see from the image given below:

Dashboard Web App

Each and every CEO who belongs to the B2B SaaS field always checks the latest marketing tactics and product metrics.

For this task, they continuously ask their team members to take reports and then make an analysis.

Cloud Dashboard

With the help of the CEO Dashboard app, CEOs can check various things on their own and their team can focus on other essential tasks.

By developing a feature-rich, scalable, and reliable Dashboard app, you will resolve issues of a wide number of people on the globe.

2. Social Platform for Hobbyists

Social Platform for Hobbyists

In this digital era, various people find it difficult to enjoy their hobby due to their busy work schedules and other tasks.

One of the simple web app ideas is to create a social media platform that connects different hobbyists, such as chess lovers, bowlers, etc.

Moreover, demand of social platform is constantly increasing as per trends:

On this platform, all like-minded people can connect and perform an activity together. Also, they have the option to chat via text, images & video.

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3. Connect to a Professional Web App

You might have come across different apps that allow scheduling appointments and then meeting the person at the desired time.

However, at times you want emergency support from professionals belonging to a specific field.

You can build a web application that allows users to get instant assistance from professionals over a phone or video call by charging a nominal price.

4. Employee Orientation Web App

Employee Orientation is an essential process for every organization. It’s the first experience of a new employee in any organization.

Due to poor orientation, HR in any organization cannot handle certain essential things like finding documents, providing essential materials to the new employee, etc.

Orientation Web App

If the employee is working remotely, there is a lot of trouble faced by HR. Moreover, there is not any process available to verify whether the new employee has gone through the entire documentation or not.

By developing an employee orientation software, the task of an HR will become simple. Using an Employee Orientation web app, HR can do certain things flawlessly:

  • Store in-depth orientation documentation.
  • Offer essential training materials to the new employee.
  • Explain the orientation process without any hindrance.
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5. YouTube Radio Web App

YouTube has influenced a wide number of users of every age. People love to entertain and educate themselves by watching different content on YouTube.

You can take benefit of this opportunity by developing a web app that curates the best content available on the platform and plays it for the audience. Moreover, the demand for YouTube Radio in the last two years has remained constant.

YouTube Radio Web App

Also, YouTube is the second largest online video-sharing platform and the second most visited website after Google. Hence, you can build a radio web app and make it successful.

It is one of the innovative web application ideas that can be completed with very less investment.

Using this web app, you don’t have to make an effort to create a playlist. You have to start the radio and listen to it.

Radio Web App

6. Payment Gateway Web App

One of the exciting web app ideas to make money for any business is to build a customized payment gateway that can be incorporated into a web application.

Various types of websites that sell products & services opt for a tailor-made payment gateway. Moreover, its demand has increasing every year as per trends:

Payment Gateway Web App

Using this payment gateway, all the users can easily make any kind of purchases from these websites by filling payment details.

List of some popular payment gateways in the world are as follows:

Payment Gateway

7. Customer Service Chatbots Web App

Automation is changing the way organizations provide chat support to their users. AI Chatbot is one of the latest web development trends using which various businesses & brands across the globe are serving their audience 24*7.

Customer service chatbots

According to Mordor Intelligence, the Chatbot market was valued at US $17.7 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach the US $102.9 billion in 2026.

There are a wide number of benefits of Chatbots for your organization such as better customer service, enhanced customer engagement, cost-effective, better interaction, etc.

Hence, one of the innovative web app ideas is to develop customized chatbots using the latest technologies like machine learning & AI and then sell to all the businesses which need it.

8. IMDB for Books Web App

There are a vast number of users across the globe who love to read books, and they are continually looking for some innovative reads online.

IMDB for Books Web App

The main idea here is to create a web application where users can find books on different genres. Also, the web app allows users to create profiles and rate any of the books available on the internet.

9. Docket Management System Web App

Law firms have to manage a wide range of documents. Saving all the documents on Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc. is not good as these documents are private and are in constant need of advanced security.

Hence, they have to store all the things on their own server.

To resolve their issues, you can build a tailor-made docket management web app for law firms that is user-friendly, feature-rich, and interactive.

Some popular Docket Management System around the world:

  • FlexTrac
  • ProLaw
  • TMCloud
  • DocketTrak

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CRM is mainly a platform that enables you to handle relationships with customers with ease.

As of now, there are some popular CRM software available in the market such as Hubspot and Salesforce, however, they are targeting medium and large scale enterprises.

CRM for Startups & Small business

Over the last few years, the demand for CRM web apps for startups and small businesses is increasing every year, which you can see in the above image. Hence, you can build CRM web apps for them.

Small business

If you are not sure about this idea, then you can create an MVP version of the CRM web app for startups and release it within a week.

The main strategy here should be to be simple and easy-to-use. Moreover, startups are very busy. Hence, by providing a feature-rich and efficient CRM web app, you will cater to their needs easily.

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11. Medicine Reviews Web App

Various people like to confirm the medicine before they take it. One of the simple web app project ideas is to provide a platform which offers the latest details about the medicine. This includes dosage, content, side effects, etc.

12. Family Web App

Family is a highly essential part of life for every person. It’s the reason you came into life.

Families are present in different shapes and sizes and one thing is common, i.e., it is really challenging to handle the entire family for various things like shopping, cooking dinner, going for a picnic, etc.

The family web apps come with a round of features such as a calendar, forum, photo gallery, forum, etc. By integrating all the features, users can manage their family members in the best possible way.

It’s one of the cool web app ideas with a lot of potential and is not highly competitive. As of now, there are only a few web apps available in the market, so this is the best time to join the industry.

Family Web App

The majority of family apps are only accessible on mobile apps, so you can create a web app that can be accessed on any device like desktop, laptops, mobiles, etc.

With the help of desktops & monitors, it is effortless to manage groceries and other things.

Apart from this, it’s a fresh web app idea that will help you generate enough revenue. Lastly, ensure integrating the latest features and functionalities in the app to stay ahead from your competitors.

interested in making an app

13. Crime Alert Web App

Crime doesn’t go away easily. However, by using the crime alert web app, we all can make possible efforts to track it as fast as possible.

In the United States, crime rates are increasing every year. As per statistics, one house is robbed every 13 seconds. The majority of burglaries are committed by someone who is near the region.

Crime Alert Web App

Crime Alert web app would resemble well with the social network app. But here, rather than posting their social updates, users will share the crimes happening in their region.

By sharing about the local crimes, all the other people in the neighborhood will become cautious.

It is a burning problem in the US; therefore, you will be able to attract users easily. Also, you can monetize the web app on leading platforms in the region.

Currently, there are only two competitors in the market, such as Citizen and Nextdoor. So, this is an excellent opportunity to release a crime alert web app.

By launching a feature-rich web app, you will save the lives of many users in your region.

14. On-Demand Home Services Web App

Nobody likes to wait in a long queue to get a haircut at the salon. Apart from this, various people find it difficult to get a repair worker for electricity, plumbing, and other tasks at home.

To resolve this issue, you can build an on-demand home services web app by reaching out to a leading on-demand app development company.

The app lets users book different services like salon, massage, spa, haircut, electric appliances repairing, etc. at the comfort of their home.

15. Online Mind Mapping

Various organizations around the world love to brainstorm ideas on a project with the team thoroughly before putting them into action. An example of mind mapping is shown in the image below:

Online Mind Mapping

To cater to the requirements of these organizations, you can build a mind mapping web app like MindMeister, which enables users to make stunning presentations using mind apps and then manage the entire project in the form of a board.

16. Online Dating Portal

Dating has increased over the years after the introduction of various websites and popular dating applications like Tinder.

With the launch of new-age technologies and tools, different companies across the globe are entering into the dating industry.

If you want to grow fastly in the dating industry, then it is recommended to develop a niche dating web app. By doing this, you can target a particular set of audience and establish yourself as an authority.

17. All-in-one Job Posting

The majority of companies around the world struggle to post job listings on different websites around the world.

The simple idea is to create a web app that allows companies to post their job listing once, and it gets instantly shared on popular job listings sites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. instantly.

18. Astrology by Machine Learning

Various people living in Asian countries have strong faith in astrology. Therefore, a machine learning-based astrology is one of the simple web app ideas.

Astrology by Machine Learning

A machine learning-based astrologer can explain real-time horoscopes and provide different solutions in a more customized manner to the users of the app. Thus, people don’t have any need to visit an astrologer personally.

Want to develop a web app that provides horoscope & other details to the user with the help of AI, then you can approach an AI ML development company.

19. Question Answer Engine Web App

Several times people have some authentic questions/ doubts, and they want advice from professionals. Moreover, people came across a funny idea and are looking for an adequate answer to the question.

The most fantastic way to solve issues of all such people is to create a question-answer engine like Quora, along with some unique features and functionalities.

20. Smart Portfolio Web App

Various professionals around the globe want to create a portfolio for themselves, but they cannot create a compelling portfolio because they don’t know how to code.

One of the best web app ideas to make money is to provide a platform that allows people to make attractive and feature-rich portfolios without any need for coding.

Here, all the users of the web app can create portfolios using different images, videos, illustrations, etc. at an affordable cost.

21. Memes & GIFs Portal

Memes and GIFs have become an integral part of our lives. Over the last few years, the trend of memes and GIFs is increasing. Currently, we can find memes and GIFs on almost every topic on the web. You can also check the demand of this on Google trends:

Memes & GIFs Portal

Therefore, you have a phenomenal opportunity to convert this latest trend into a web application. Here, you can allow users to instantly share memes and GIFs from your web app to different social media platforms.

Also, you can integrate an editor in your web app, which allows users to edit memes and GIFs. Besides this, you can also enable users to upload their memes & GIFs on the web app and earn money.

22. Startup Club

By reading this web app idea, LinkedIn might come into your mind. Please remember that LinkedIn is a general platform used by professionals, freelancers, businesses, CEOs, etc. However, here we are talking about a superior platform focused on entrepreneurs and investors.

Moreover, this web app will consist of features like bidding on business ideas posted on the platform, check the portfolio of every member, etc.

In the modern era, people love personalization, and that’s why creating a startup club web app for investors, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers would be beneficial.

Besides this, most of these people are busy, and they would like to access things on-the-go on any device. Hence, using the startup club web app, they can achieve the same.

23. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a business model that is popular for a long time. It is one of the popular web app ideas for startups who want to make money with less investment. Moreover, the trend of drop shipping has remained constant:


In this model, you have to list products on your web application and leave the rest of the things for a drop shipper. Here, whenever a customer places an order, it will be shipped from a third-party to a customer. You will earn a commission whenever a product gets sold from your web app.

24. Buy & Sell Web Application

Before a long time ago, people follow a barter system, where they used to exchange items with each other. Then comes the era where people love to rent and exchange stuff with other people to save money.

However, in the modern age, a new marketplace is started where people buy and sell online. Moreover, the industry is gaining a lot of traction among startups and businesses. Have a look at the Google trends:

Buy & Sell Web Application

Hence, you can develop a buy and sell web application. This web app can connect two people for buying and selling stuff.

25. Event Management Web App

Various people in the world find it challenging to organize an event effectively. Hence, they are looking for event management services that can handle their entire task easily. Moreover, the trend of event management is evergreen.

Event Management Web App

Therefore, if you are looking for simple app ideas that make money, then develop an event management web application. Here, you can create a platform where event planners can post their business along with their rates and services.

On the flip side, any user looking for an event planner can visit the web app and hire them. As a result, you earn a commission whenever someone books an event planner.


We hope that you loved the list of most trending web app ideas for businesses. You can consider any of these web app ideas to enter into the web app industry.

Are planning to develop a web app for your business, then you can contact us. We are a leading web app development company having years of experience in building web apps.

Lastly, if you have made up your mind to develop a web app, but unable to decide the budget, then feel free to reach us anytime. We will provide you with an estimated budget & timeline.

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