9 Innovative Travel App Ideas for Startups in 2022

Published On: December 16, 2021
Last Updated: October 6, 2022
Best Travel App Ideas

Travel apps are helpful for both novices as well as experienced travelers to ensure that their journey stays smooth. Over the years, the travel app industry has been continuously growing with the launch of unique and feature-rich travel apps.

If you belong to the travel industry and want to take it online, then you can develop a travel app.

Moreover, there are various benefits of making a mobile app for the travel industry. These include reaching a wider audience, offering better support, increasing loyalty, etc.

Now, if you are interested in building travel apps and looking for inspiration regarding new ideas, then you have reached the right place.

We have been delivering mobile apps for various startups and businesses across the globe. Hence, we know what it requires to develop a travel app.

Here we have put together a list of the top 7 innovative travel app ideas that would be a big hit with your target audience. So, let us dive in!

Awesome Travel Apps Ideas for Inspiration

Here are some travel app ideas that you can consider to provide better service to users than the competitors.

1. App for Cost-Effective Trip Planning

Budget is one of the most challenging parts of planning a trip. To help the traveler, you can build an app that offers easy tips to users to plan a cost-saving trip and stick to it.

You can include multiple features in this app that suggest alternate routes, various time-saving journeys they can consider to make the journey cheaper.

2. App for City Tour Guide

You can create a highly interactive city tour guide mobile app. The app should be designed to offer the user a detailed map of different cities all over the world. Such a map would be excellent for a traveler who is new to a place and is looking for good hotels, restaurants, information regarding the history of the ancient places, the local transportation, etc.

3. Foreign Language Translation App

When you are visiting a new place, one of the problems you are likely to face is conversing with locals in their language. The conversation is necessary when you are looking for a restaurant, a hotel, or any new place to visit.

You should create a mobile app that would scan the text messages or take photos of a sign and translate it into a language you understand. You can further add a feature that allows the app to translate your speech into an audio message in the language that the locals understand.

4. An App that Helps in Packaging

Many inexperienced travelers find packaging a big hassle. Novice travelers frequently forget to pack some essential items that they have to buy now.

You can make an app that assists users in packing bags. Due to this, the users would carry all the essential things for their perfect vacation. The app should have features that would allow suggestions for short vacations, long vacations, vacations in different seasons, etc.

Once a user adds all the data in the app and enters the number of days going on vacation, the app will give suggestions regarding the things a user needs to pack.

5. Social Media App for Travel Enthusiasts

You can create an app for travelers in which they can read blog posts by other travelers. Such a social platform built exclusively for travelers would let them stay in touch with one another and share their experiences while traveling to different places. They can use this platform to ask questions, share images, provide information, write reviews of places they visit, etc.

If you want to provide better personalization, then you can make the travel app a social platform for some niche traveling like adventure traveling, tracking, river rafting group, parasailing group, etc. This feature would make the groups in the platform more cohesive as they share similar interests.

6. Travel Payment App

When you are traveling to a new place, taking a lot of cash with you could be risky and inconvenient. You can make a highly secure prepaid travel card app that lets users make mobile payments by connecting it with their bank accounts.

The prepaid travel card app allows users to add money to their accounts. Further, access the app to book accommodation, rides, and even pay for their meals.

7. App to Access Local Transport

When users travel to a new place with a packed schedule, they will be on the roads frequently. If they don’t know the fare, then the local operators may cheat them by charging more.

Local public transportation is one of the best travel app ideas to consider to overcome the situation. The app provides various modes of transport available in that city with their fare. Also, the app would allow you to book your seat in them.

8. Accommodation Booking App

When planning a trip, travelers’ first concern is to find the ideal hotel so that they can enjoy their stay and create some beautiful memories with their family and loved ones.

This travel app proves to be beneficial to travelers. In a nutshell, the travel app makes traveling more convenient. It allows people to find out the place to rest their heads after long hours of transportation with ease. This type of app helps travelers to book a hotel or home-like stays and Airbnb-style accommodations.

Travels may search for hotels, motels, and vacation rentals from a wide choice of properties using the top accommodation booking app. They will also be able to see and use the special deals and discounts.

9. App for Finding Travel new Destinations

Before going on a trip, everybody who wants to go off the destination path does a lot of research on hidden attractions. Naturally, a travel app that shows lesser-known activities and destinations may likely attract travelers’ attention.

It is good to invest in travel apps that assist passengers to discover new places and attractions in a tourist destination. Travelers can use this type of app to identify places for hanging out, good cafes, restaurants to eat, and other things that would be difficult to find on their own.

The app also incorporates recommendations from other app users and experts, making it easier for app users to choose interesting locations. A travel app like this makes it simple for travelers to discover new places without exerting too much effort.

Summing Up

There are innumerable travel apps available in the market, and it becomes difficult to find a new app idea that would make a new app attractive to the target audience. The ideas that we have shared with you will help you develop something new that would be highly useful to travelers.

Always remember that the best ideas are also the simplest. Therefore, make sure that the app you have created has more enhanced features than your competitors and has something new that makes it stand out from the crowd.

If you have decided to convert your travel idea into reality, you can reach out to us.

Guru TechnoLabs is a well-known travel app development company. We can understand your travel business idea and provide the most suitable solution that your target audience loves, and your company reaches new heights.

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