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Mobile App Marketing Company

App Marketing Services We Offer

We have wide experience in offering mobile app marketing for Startups to Enterprises.
We Deliver End-To-End Mobile App Marketing Services.

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

Mobile App Marketing Strategy

We understand your target audience and create a tailor-made mobile app marketing strategy that helps you achieve good benchmarks for your brand.

Mobile App Store Optimization

Mobile App Store Optimization

We optimize your app according to the specific app store’s standards so that it ranks higher on the search results and helps in conversion optimization.

App User Engagement & Retention

App User Engagement & Retention

We build a powerful post-launch app marketing campaign that includes efficient onboarding, push notifications, in-app purchases, etc., that helps in user engagement and retention.

App Monetization

App Monetization

We integrate both free & paid monetization methods as per the need so that you can leverage the best out of the audience to generate revenue from your respective app.

Mobile App Analytics

Mobile App Analytics

We provide in-depth mobile app analytics for your mobile app using the best tools. It covers how users access the app, their way of interaction, and taking action in the app.

Scope Based Maintenance

Pre Launch App Campaign

We conduct thorough research of your target audience and competitors first. We then design a solid pre launch app marketing campaign that creates buzz for your app on different mediums.

Common App Marketing Challenges We Look After

Even if you have developed a modern app, you are not getting desired results.
Here are some of the challenges we can help you down the line.

Monitoring Your Results

We can monitor all the results that you have got by doing app marketing until now.

Outcomes With a Best ROI

All the app installs don’t help you generate equal revenue. We find out the installs with better ROI and help you reach similar kinds of users.

Tracking Your Ad Assets

Even though Google Ad Campaign doesn’t have keywords, they affect your app rankings. We can monitor your ad assets regularly.


We can set up a remarketing campaign for your app so that it reaches the potential audience.

Bidding & Budgeting

We ensure that your bid and budget parallelly assist the campaign you have set for your mobile app.

Why Should You Do Mobile App Marketing?

Why App Marketing Is Essential For App Success?
  • Smartphone users spend 90% of their time on different mobile apps. Hence, by doing mobile marketing, you will be able to reach a vast number of users.
  • According to Statista, there are about 3.48 million users on Google Play Store and 2.22 million apps on App Store. It means that there is fierce competition; hence, you should consider mobile app marketing.
  • It allows any business to reach its potential customers and retain them for a long time.
  • It helps any business to become a brand and increase its recognition.
  • App marketing allows any business to generate more revenue.
  • It is very much crucial to increase the visibility of a business on the relevant app stores.
  • You can enhance your app engagement by doing mobile app marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does an app marketer do?

A mobile app marketing agency follows an effective app marketing strategy that helps your app reach a broader audience and generate revenue.

Q: How do I make my app go viral?

To make your app go viral, you need to promote the app regularly in different ways on multiple platforms.

Q: How do you increase engagement on my app?

We implement some of the best actionable strategies to increase engagement in the app. These include efficient onboarding, enhancing the sign-in process, adding push notifications, in-app messaging, etc.

Q: Why mobile marketing is considered as future of marketing?

Using the latest mobile technologies, businesses owners get a pool of data that they can utilize to influence spending habits. Moreover, the mobile app provides a higher amount of ROI than any other form of traditional marketing. Hence, mobile marketing is considered as the future of marketing.

Q: How do you effectively market an app?

We understand all the ins & outs of a business. Based on the research, we plan a future-proof mobile app marketing strategy. We then start marketing your mobile app accordingly to get the desired results.

Q: How much does it cost to promote an app?

There is no fixed cost to promote an app. It depends on the type of app and the budget you have set for marketing. In general, the cost to promote an app starts from $1,000.

Q: Do you sign an NDA for my project?

Yes, we are ready to sign an NDA with the client before starting the project.

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