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11 Reasons Why You Should Redesign Your Website

In this internet era, the business website is the most important for every business. If you can use your business website properly for marketing, then it can become the best tool for attracting new clients.

Nowadays, online presence is almost mandatory for all type of businesses. But just having a website is not enough. Some businesses are having websites but just for the having shake. They are not aware of the importance of the business website.

The business website represents your brand or business. So it must be up to date. People don’t like and also don’t trust on outdated websites.

How do you know that there is an extreme need to redesign your website? Below are several questions that you need to ask yourself and you will get the perfect idea whether you need a website redesign or not.

1. Is your website able to catch the attention of visitors?

In this fast era of technology, people don’t have time to stay on old looking website or the website which are not attractive. Your website must be attractive and professional looking to stick the visitors on it.

The awesome looking websites can force visitors to spend more time on it.

So if you have an ugly looking unprofessional website then you need to redesign your website and get the advanced website.

2. Is your website has difficult navigation?

The website must have easy navigation. If people are unable to find what they are looking for, they will leave your website and go to the other websites. No one is free to solve the puzzle of navigation to find the information they want. Because other are providing same information or services easily.

And there is another reason that some people are not intelligent enough to handle the complex navigation to find what they want. So they will leave your site and find the alternative.

So, if your website doesn’t have easy navigation, then website redesign is good for you.

3. Is your website looks good in Mobile & Tablets?

It is the most important point that how your website looks on all screen sizes. Just don’t be satisfied with the good desktop look. It must be mobile and tablet responsive.

You may have a question in mind that why should you give importance to mobiles and tablets. But as we all know, mobiles and tablets are handier than PCs. We use our mobiles for quick surfing. And if any website looks awkward in mobile, then we used to leave that side and switch to another site which is mobile friendly.

So, if your site is not responsive, then you lose most of your mobile or tablet visitors. And believe me, it’s a big number.

The conclusion is, consider this point prior and make your website mobile friendly to get more traffic from mobiles and tablets. The Google is also considering mobile friendliness as one of the ranking signals. They already rolled out mobile friendliness algorithm and continuously telling us about important of it.

4. Is it becomes hard to manage your website?

Many times, it happens that you want to keep your website updated but you don’t have much time to understand the website architecture of the website and update it.

Are you among them who want their website to be updated? But…..

  • It’s very time-consuming process.
  • You are unable to understand the flow of website
  • Your website is not well coded
  • You have very complex website with many pages
  • It’s a static website and need high programming knowledge for updating it

It’s easy for the people who have programming knowledge or who have a team for maintaining the website. But it’s not possible for all. Because the all have not enough budget for hiring individual or team for website management.

What if you want to manage your own website easily without having programming knowledge?

The best option is, redesign your website and build it using CMS. The CMS based websites are very easy to manage and don’t require programming knowledge(But if you have basic or intermediate knowledge of programming, then it’s a plus point). Using the CMS, you can manage and update your content very easily.

The WordPress is the easiest CMS among all. Even a non-technical person can set up the WordPress website.

The other famous CMSes are Joomla and Drupal and for eCommerce, the Magento and WooCommerce are the famous CMSes.

And all these CMS are SEO friendly so also helpful in creating SEO friendly website.

Don’t wait, must think about redesigning your website if it is hard to manage.

5. Are there many unnecessary features and functions which are no longer used?

Do your website contains many extra features which are not used? Then you need to clean up your website.

It’s good if you have cleared the unwanted code. But if there are many features to be removed, then you can consider it for redesigning. Sometimes, redesigning is easier than understanding the messy code.

6. Is your website is very slow to load?


In this technological era, there is no space for slower websites. Because busy people can’t wait more than 5 seconds to load the website.

They like to switch the other faster website rather than waiting for the slower website to load. The website with slower loading speed results in bad user experience.

Redesign it for making it light-weight to make it faster.

7. Is your website has complex navigation?

If your website has complex navigation which can’t be easily understandable, then it can be for visitors for leaving your site.

Your website should have clean navigation that everyone can easily understand the flow of your website.

If your website has a complex website and you can’t fix it, then you can consider it for the redesign.

8. Are some functionalities of your website not working properly?

If some functionalities of your website are not working, then either remove them or correct them and make it working properly.

The error in your website creates a bad impression on websites.

Let’s take an example,

If your website has some application form for applying and the captcha code is compulsory for submitting the form. And there is an error in your coding or plugin of captcha code, and then visitors can’t submit that form.

It really irritates the users.

No needs to redesign only for this reason you can fix the errors.  But if you have many functionalities are not working and it’s hard to solve all of them, then you can take the decision of redesigning of your website.

9. Is your website SEO Optimized & has updated content?

If you want to generate leads or sales from your website, then your website must be SEO friendly and need great content.

If your website is not optimized for SEO and doesn’t have the latest content related your services or products you offer, then must redesign your website with SEO friendly site structure. Keep in mind that website architecture is the part of SEO.

10. Is bounce rate of your website is high & losing visitors over time?


First of all, what is the Bounce rate?

It’s the rate of visitors who are leaving your website by just visiting only one page.

If your website is losing visitors over the time, it means that visitors losing interest from your website. There could be many reasons like

  • They don’t find your website helpful for them
  • They don’t have trust on your content as it looks out-dated
  • Your website looks(Design) super out-dated

And many others. But the conclusion is, you need to redesign your website to delight your visitors.

11. Is your website helping in generating the leads?

Some of you might be having the business from many years, but ever you notice that your business website helped you to get new customers. In short, have you ever get any inquiry or client from your website?

If your answer is YES, then it is really great. (But numbers matter! I mean how many inquiries you get from your website.) If you are receiving enough inquiries, then it’s fine, you can just optimize it for getting more and more inquiries.

If your answer is NO, and you are interested in getting leads from your website, then you need to focus on your website and consider it for redesigning.

Final Thought:

Think on above 12 points and if your site unable to fulfill any 6 among these, then take the website redesigning as the prior point for your business.

Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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