Top 10 Real Estate Portals in USA: Benefits of Real Estate Portal Development

Published On: January 21, 2016
Last Updated: July 8, 2022
Top 10 Real Estate Portals in USA: Benefits of Real Estate Portal Development

According to the National Association of REALTORS, around 93% of people visit websites while searching for homes. Also, 52% of people have purchased their home on the internet.

Besides home, people now look forward to the best property websites for buying, selling, or renting properties.

The above statistics indicate that the demand for real estate websites is increasing worldwide.

Over the years, a vast number of real estate portals and websites have launched globally. Hence, people get confused about choosing the best real estate portals and websites that serve their needs.

Also, buying and selling properties is not an easy task. You need to invest a lot of time in research, and if you don’t know which property portals to consider, it’s a bit frustrating.

To make your task easy, we have reviewed top real estate websites and portals according to their performance, core features & functionalities, ease of use, and costs. Further, we have curated the list of best real estate websites for agents and buyers.

So, let’s start:

Top 10 Real Estate Portals in USA

The list of top 10 real estate portals in the USA is as follows:

#1 Realtor


Realtor is licensed by the National Association of Realtors and consists of listing homes, lands, and rentals. It is one of the best property listing websites.

It is beneficial for buyers, sellers, and renters to find agents & mortgage lenders.

It collects all the details from the multi-listing services (MLSs), that’s a database of listings assembled by the real estate professionals. It provides sellers & buyers to calculate home’s worth using financial calculators.

#2 Trulia

Trulia is a popular real estate portal that offers various features such as calculating mortgage rates, finding local agents, etc. Buyers can use a lot of filters to discover their potential home.

Besides this, It allows buyers to check the details about the people living in their neighborhood. They can also check the price of houses sold previously in their neighborhood.

#3 Zillow

Zillow consists of the most extensive database of more than 110 million properties. This real estate website offers various tools for buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, etc. It also has invented the term estimate to find out the estimated value of the property.

A user who wants to list their property on Zillow gets various benefits like a sales proceeds calculator, their home’s estimated value, a local news feed, and tools to keep prices effectively.

#4 RedFin

RedFin is a popular real estate website suitable for buyers, sellers, and for finding agents. It allows a user to find homes by applying various filters and connecting with the highest-rated agents.

It also offers things like affordability calculator, home buying guides, and even references to staggers & handymen. Here, a seller gets benefits based on the amount of listing fee they agree to pay.

#5 Century21

Century21 is a leading real estate website with more than 6000+ brokerage offices globally. Here the property listing consists of various things like purchase/ lease opportunities, demographic data, commuter details, etc.

In general, a home sale consists of a long process; however, It allows a seller to find a suitable agent that helps their in every step of selling and buying the property.



RE/MAX is one of the leading real estate websites with 100,000+ agents across the globe. Here, the portal allows users to discover their desired home based on the property and listing types.

Anyone looking to sell their home or expand their real estate, RE/MAX is the right choice.

#7 LoopNet


LoopNet is one of the leading commercial real estate search engines with 25 million+ property listings. The portal links up buyers with the commercial properties for sale and lease.

Users can find properties based on several filters, such as office, industrial, retail, etc. Besides this, It allows its users to be more geographic-specific, where users have the option to indicate the desired area in a map by drawing a radius or freehand draw.

#8 RealtyTrac


RealtyTrac is a real estate property search engine with over 120 million listings. in the USA. It particularly consists of foreclosure listing and bank-owned homes. Besides this, it also consists of neighborhood data, real estate trend reports & house auctions.

The portal provides complete details about any property via different graphs and charts.

#9 is a popular apartment listing portal with more than 10 million units for rent. It also consists of houses, condos, and townhouses. Its main purpose is to connect people looking for a rental property to all the people who are rental property owners.

#10 Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker

Coldwell Banker is a popular real estate website that is running its services in 40 countries. It enables buyers to look out for properties, agents, and offices as per the location.

Moreover, it also allows users to find agents as per particular market, language, professional qualifications, etc.

want to create a real estate portal for your business

After going through top real estate websites, you might have a basic idea about the online real estate business.

If you are a real estate agent, investor, or agency and planning to start an online estate business, then you can also check these excellent real estate mobile app development ideas.

Now, if you have doubts about why to develop a real estate website or portal? Then we will walk you through some essential advantages of building a real estate portal or website.

So, without waiting much, let’s get started:

Benefits of Developing a Real Estate Website or Portal

Here is the list of benefits your real estate business can obtain by establishing an online real estate portal or website:

Huge Database of customers

By establishing a real estate portal or website, you will have an extensive database of the customers. You can also provide services to the buyers as well as the sellers. Moreover, you also have the freedom to dive deep into the database of your customers.

With the help of your real estate site, buyers and sellers will be able to communicate with each other regardless of the location and the time.

Verified Listings

By integrating significant functionality, you have the option to verify all the properties listed on your real estate portal.

Verified Listings

Hence, your real estate portal will have less fake profiles and your authenticity will increase in the real estate industry.

Effective Way to Manage Properties

With the help of a fully functional real estate website along with proper management software, you can effectively manage all back-end options. Here, you can create, modify, or remove listings as per your needs.

Customized Services

By launching a real estate website, you have the option to provide customized services to all the buyers and the sellers.

By providing customized services, more and more users will be attracted to your portal. Also, they will remain hooked to your portal.

Centralized operations

When you possess a real estate website or portal for your business, all the buyers and sellers can contact you online instantly.

Moreover, you don’t need to establish a wide number of offices at different locations in the country; all the operations can be handled from one centralized location. It will save a lot of your time.

On the other side, various people are busy nowadays, and they don’t have time to search for real estate properties offline. All these people would consider visiting real estate sites. They can look for any new property or rental property from the comfort of their home.

Establish yourself as Authority

A real estate agent or broker always desires to establish himself/herself as an authority in a specific region or location and that is possible with the help of a real estate portal.

Establish yourself as Authority

When you launch your portal, people will remember your name in a particular region and try to connect with you. In short, whenever users want to buy or sell any property, they will think of your portal.

Lead Acquisition

Earlier, real estate agents used to invest a lot of money on yellow pages and advertisements and then wishing prospective buyers to call their office.

However, now the scenario has been completely changed; people are looking for information online.

Therefore, building a real estate portal would be beneficial. But, having a portal is not enough to convert leads to clients and crack the deal.

Therefore, using your website, you have an opportunity to collect leads passively.

By launching a portal, you aren’t required to call your clients now and then or send emails continuously, you have to maintain an attractive design and integrate a contact form on your homepage.

If any visitor desires to get more information about any property, ask them to fill out their contact details via the form, this is the most suitable method to collect warm leads for free.

Now, you have to approach the lead in the most impactful manner and crack the deal.

Search Engine Visibility

With the help of an online real estate website, you will be able to list a vast number of properties in different categories and then drive traffic through it.

By listing properties in one place, numerous people will be drawn to it and thus, your visibility will increase.

For example, a website will help all the real estate agents and brokers as they can list properties of any region. Later, buyers can look out for properties and purchase them.

Track your customers

You can track the actions of your customers and check what customers like and what they don’t like on your real estate website.

You can also collect what kind of features and functionalities they are looking for and then integrate them into your website.


We hope that now you have understood the importance of having a real estate website or portal for your real estate business.

Now, if you have decided to develop a real estate portal or website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to share your ideas. We will stand by your idea and help you bring it to life.

We at Guru TechnoLabs, a leading real estate portal development company, have years of experience in building real estate portals for clients across the globe.

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