11 Real Estate App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Published On: October 4, 2018
Last Updated: June 8, 2023
11 Real Estate App Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

In today’s digital era, mobile applications have become the driving force behind revolutionizing the way real estate businesses operate. Building a well-designed and feature-rich real estate app can be a game-changer for businesses, providing convenience, efficiency, and an opportunity to stay relevant in a fast-paced market.

If you are a real estate agent, property dealer, or entrepreneur with a vision, stay ahead of the curve and explore the vast possibilities by developing an app. An app allows your clients to browse property listings and view high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and virtual tours.

You can incorporate cutting-edge technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) to create immersive property experiences, allowing potential buyers to visualize themselves in their dream homes.

In this blog, we will explore real estate app ideas that can transform your business and empower you to thrive in today’s digital realm.

So, let’s get started.

11 Real Estate App Ideas

1. Property Information App

A wide number of people are in a quest to know about the new & old properties in their neighborhood or a specific location.

You can target this market through a dedicated real estate app by providing information about properties.

This app should provide a comprehensive database of all the properties available in different neighborhoods in a particular locality, state, or country to respective users.

Here, you should ensure that all the information regarding the property is provided in a lucid and easy to understand way. In short, complete information should be transparent.

2. Property Listing App

A property listing is one of the leading real estate app ideas being widely adopted by the real estate industry over the years.

Property Listing App

Generally, the property listing apps consist of three parts:

  • Properties that are available for rent.
  • Listing of property for sale & rent.
  • Listing of property for sale only.

Here, you can create a comprehensive property listing app that allows the property owners to create an account and list their properties with the desired information.

Moreover, the app must enable people to view various properties and finalize the deal online. On each successful deal, the app takes a commission from the property owner.

3. Property Investment App

You can develop a real estate app that offers essential information to investors and assists them in making correct investment decisions in the property market.

You can integrate a chat feature that accepts the queries of users about investment in real estate.

The app should have an in-house expert with experience and knowledge in real estate property. He/She should answer the users’ queries and give them good investment options and solutions to their problems.

This professional should mention regions where an investor can get the best return on their investment. The reason behind this is that the property market is always fluctuating based on demand and supply.

Besides this, you can also include an expert section in your real estate app, which provides information regarding what is happening in the property market on a real-time basis.

This will give the information regarding when the investor should invest or liquidate their assets to get the maximum returns.

Moreover, you can also provide a comprehensive analysis of property on the small screen. Here, a user has to tap on the screen, and he/she will get a detailed analysis of the property.
This consists of things like price trends in that specific market, the demand-supply situations, the mortgage value of the property in that area, and so on.

This detailed analysis of the property will give a 360-degree view of the property market to users. So, they will be able to make a qualified decision relating to an investment in real estate properties.

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4. Locality View App

New projects are being introduced into the real estate sector every year, and people are investing heavily in the projects. However, one element that is often missed by real estate businesses is locality.

Locality View App

The locality has a massive impact on the property’s overall price and its likely price increase in the future.

You can provide very comprehensive detail about the cost of living in that particular area and infrastructure conditions in that place. This includes various things in the locality, such as hospitals, banks, schools, parks, restaurants, etc.

You can also include information regarding the rate of crime, the living standard of the people in the neighborhood (is there a slum nearby), and other things.

By doing this, users have an option to compare it with other places. They will also get an idea about how a property looks compared to other such properties in the market.

5. Calculator App

Mainly two types of calculator apps are widely used in the real estate industry.

Mortgage App

Most commercial properties come with mortgage agreements. This results in a slow process as the mortgage calculations are quite complex.

Mortgage App

To avoid this issue, you can create a mortgage calculator app. This app should allow users to get accurate information regarding how much they have to pay on mortgages if they take a particular property.

A mortgage calculator will also give app users information regarding the payment options, depending upon various parameters.

Repair Estimates

Many real estate properties are available at a drop-down price as they are in a crumbling condition.

Repair Estimates

Anyone who wants to invest in real estate by purchasing such a property always knows how much it would cost for further repairs.

This is essential, as one doesn’t have to worry about the huge repair bill after purchasing a property. Moreover, a client can convert the property in good condition and sell it at a higher price to earn a profit.

An app that offers a complete breakdown of the repair cost to the clients would be highly beneficial.

To make the app more useful, you can also provide information about builders, electricians, maintenance persons, etc., to the clients. By this, clients will get an accurate picture of where they have to spend on the property.

6. Real Estate AR/VR App

VR/AR technology has been implemented in the real estate business over the last few years. These technologies help real estate businesses to save time & money, which they can invest in other things.

Mainly, virtual reality and augmented reality technology allow people to visit the property from the comfort of their location. Hence, you can develop a real estate app that will give a virtual tour of a property registered there using AR to the user.

Real Estate AR/VR App

The augmented reality app should also provide a virtual tour of the surrounding areas of the property so that the app user can get a good idea of what the property looks like.

7. Document Management App

Property selling is a big process where a real estate agent has to check many things of a client. But before the agent checks, the client needs to ensure that all the documents are available such as bank details, personal contact number, etc.

If there is a mistake in the documents, then the agent has to bear the loss. In order to avoid this, document management is one of the fantastic real estate app ideas.

Using this application, all the real estate businesses can store details of the clients in one place and categorize them as per the need. Hence, an agent can instantly share the document with the client, verify all the documents, and get e-verified signatures.

Lastly, a document management application allows a real estate business to provide better services to the customers and get ahead of the competition.

8. Lead Management App

Most of the real estate businesses find it boring to look after the leads and organize them properly. Here, real estate businesses have to manage the new leads and send emails and follow-ups. Besides this, they have to look after their current clients.

To handle all of these things effectively, you need to consider building a lead management app.

Moreover, many real estate organizations have started using a lead management app to capture leads for selling or lending property. Using a lead management app, you can collect details of clients and approach them effectively.

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9. Property Rental App

The rental business is one of the fastest-growing businesses. People love to shift from one place to another. This can also be defined as renting stays. Hence, you can consider this incredible real estate app idea to jump on the real estate bandwagon.

Here, you have to form a brokerage model for the new real estate business. Also, you need to develop a digital marketplace where all the property owners can sign up for renting any of their available properties.

The digital rental business is useful for the entire real estate community. It’s much better compared to the classical model of renting.

Using this model, property owners can rent their properties. On the other side, buyers can look at all the details of the property, choose a property, and pay rent online.

In the end, you earn a commission every time someone purchases from your digital rental space.

10. Online Real-estate Auction App

An auction is an excellent place for investors as well as the real estate businesses to increase sales and double their wealth. It is also considered an online real estate business strategy.

However, what is the best way to obtain details about any auction happening in a region? Simple, by taking the support of an online real estate auction app.

Online auction is a significant part of any real estate business. There are three parts of an online auction: sellers, buyers, and the online auction manager.

Realtors, property owners, asset managers, etc., come under the sellers.

While, buyers can be people looking for new houses, real estate investors looking to purchase properties, or brokers who want to buy property for buyers.

An online auction manager has to look after the entire auction. Now here, as you are the auction manager, your main task is to ensure that many people take part in auctions, and maximum properties get sold from the app.

11. Construction Management App

A significant amount of money is invested in a construction project. When a considerable sum of money is involved, it becomes vital to effectively oversee the project’s construction. Investors must guarantee that the builders are carrying out all management procedures consistently.

One way to keep track of management activities is to create a construction management app. This allows the investor’s appointed engineer to keep track of the project’s start date, ensure high-quality quality, develop plans, make decisions based on daily reports, correct errors, and run the operation smoothly.

The following are some of the features of a construction management app:

  • Produce daily work reports
  • Keep track of critical documents.
  • To ensure a smooth operation, keep track of employee attendance and assign daily duties.

Wrapping Up

Here we conclude the list of some of the best real estate app ideas for agencies, agents, and investors.

All the people involved in the real estate industry love to use digital real estate platforms to carry out their daily tasks.

If you are running a real estate business, this is the correct time to join the digital real estate space by creating a real estate app. If you want to convert any of the above real estate app ideas into reality, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At GuruTechnoLabs, a real estate app development company, we possess a highly talented team of professionals. Our team understands your real estate app idea and then provides you with the best real estate app solution as per your requirements and specifications.

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