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On Demand Food Delivery App Development and Solutions

The world is changing very fast and what used to work in the past will not work so efficiently in the future.

One of such changes that have come into the domain of business is the dedicated mobile apps to improve the delivery service of a business.

Mobile apps have become very important for businesses that wish to expand their range of operation and improve their customer satisfaction.

One such business where a dedicated app works wonderfully is the food delivery business.

Earlier, food delivery was conducted through a phone call or going to the delivery joint and ordering it personally.

Subsequently, with the advent of online business opportunities, people begin to order food through the dedicated websites of the restaurants.

However, of late businesses have started investing in a native mobile app for their businesses so that their services can be accessed in a better way.

The mobile app helps you to connect directly to the customer

The mobile app helps you to connect directly to the customer

The advantages of using a mobile app for the food delivery is that it allows you to provide your customer with a better experience compared to ordering on the phone.

The mobile food app ensures that your client can very easily look at the menu, select the item that they find interesting and then check out the price of the dish that they have selected.

Once they have made up their mind, theycan order it online and pay for it through Internet banking, debit/credit card, any mobile wallet or even choose cash on delivery option.

In short, a mobile food app allows you to order, pay and get the food delivered right up to your doorstep in an intuitive and hassle-free way.

Ordering through a mobile app is both attractive as well as time-saving

If we look at the latest research regarding people and how they use their smartphone, we will come to realize that most of the smartphone users use applications for various services.

The reason for the widespread use of the application is due to the range of advantages they provide, which any other mode of business communication cannot compete with.

Unlike a website, a mobile app can be personalised as per the requirement and taste of the customer.

For example, you can add filters to the app that will allow the client to choose only vegetarian or non-vegetarian items.

You can also include filters that will allow your clients in order for a dish that has a different grade of hotness (amount of chillies).

In similar ways, you can add any number of filters, which will help your customers to choose a dish, which they like and in the quantity which they require.

If the same thing is done through a phone call, then it will take a long time to explain and the customer will not be able to see the dish, which they can on a mobile app if you have integrated such services.

Another important factor that makes the mobile app so popular amongst the young generation is that it allows them to track their order in real time.

This is a great feature, which wherein the customer can give advance booking on their app and look when their order is going to be executed and how much time later, it would reach their doorstep.

You can use these apps to improve the business outreach?

You can use these apps to improve the business outreach?

The great thing about using the mobile app for businesses that it can be used by anyone.

The size, your overall operation, whether you are a single store or a franchise does not matter.

A dedicated app can help your business equally well to connect with your customers.

Many start-ups, single restaurants or MNCs like Dominos, Macdonald and Subway have their own apps that allow them to not only control their business in a more efficient way but also reach out to their customer swiftly.

What is the process involved in developing a mobile app for food delivery?

If you are planning to develop a mobile app for your restaurant or takeaway joint, then you have to follow the following steps.

It all starts with an agreement

when you are looking to build an app for your business, then you need to look at a good app development company that has huge experience in building such apps.

You have to spell out what kind of features you will need in the app to the app developers of that company.

You have to negotiate with them about what kind of price, they will charge for their services and how much time will they require to develop the app for your company.

Once they have understood your requirement, they will build a test app for your review,
After you have found out that the app meets all your requirements, then you can give the go-ahead to build the app as per the mockup specifications that they have sent for your approval.

In most cases, you have to pay 50% of the cost upfront when you have given the go-ahead for developing the app.

Once the app is created and tested, then you can pay the rest of the amount when it performs as per your needs.

Customisation and branding of your mobile app

For the customisation, the app developing team will be in regular contact with you and seek your advice regarding the colour, placement of different elements, fonts, features and so on.

The regular interaction will give you a detailed idea upfront how the final product will look like.

And as you are contacted for your suggestion in each and every step of the app development process, you will find that the final product looks exactly the same, which you have thought about.

While developing a mobile app is very important, equally important is to market it in a more effective manner.

You need to understand that your customers will download your app only when they are aware of its existence, and what kind of service it provides to them.

To ensure that information regarding your app reaches the targeted audience, you need to invest in a good marketing strategy with a digital marketing agency.

Creating the requisite infrastructure and launch of the app

The next part that you need to do is to launch the app in the market and build the infrastructure around.

For that, you need to set up your server and test the app on it. Once you find that everything is going on smoothly, then you can make a formal launch of your app.

However, you also need to take permission for different app stores like Google’s App Store and the Apple App Store for android food delivery app and ios food delivery app respectively.

Only when you have the requisite permission, then you can launch your app on these stores from where your target audience can download and use it to order fresh food from your restaurant.

Support and maintenance

Developing and launching an app for your restaurant is one part of the job, the second part is to ensure that it keeps running smoothly.

For this, if you have your own technical team, then there is no issue, but if you don’t have any expertise in this matter, then it would be wise to take the services of the app development team to maintain the app.

You should give them a contract to look after the functioning of the app and the server so that the app keeps running smoothly.

And if anything goes wrong, then they can fix it immediately so that you do not lose any customer.

What features to be included

Different clients need different kinds of features for their business.

A food delivery app can have a lot of features depending on who is accessing the app.

Here we will give you the most common features that should be there for different users of the food delivery app to make it a success.

Customer App

Customer App

An app for food delivery can have a large number of features that will help the customer choose the dishes of their choice and also compare the prices with other similar restaurants. –

Here we will give you an example of some features that you can include in your restaurant app to give maximum satisfaction to your targeted audience.

  • You must provide a customer registration section so that you can track individual customer’s preference and order mode so that you can provide them with personalized service through the app.
  • The food delivery app should have a selection mode through which the customer can select a food joint based on the location of the cuisine (Mughlai, South Indian, Chinese, or Continental)
  • The app should have a schedule delivery option, which will allow the customer to pre-book an order and have it delivered to a particular location on a particular day and time of their choosing.
  • You can link the app with social media so that any individual who is on these platforms can directly access your app by logging into their account. They don’t have to make any separate login into their dedicated food delivery app.
  • You can introduce addresses of nearby restaurants so that the customer can find the one that is closest to him/her.
  • It is important to introduce the restaurant menu in the app itself so that the customer can choose the dishes and compare their prices.
  • You can also add push notification system to attract the customer through an attractive offer.
  • Provide online tracking mode for any dish that the customer has ordered through the app.
  • You can also place a favorite section, wherein the earlier choice out dishes that the customer has made is displayed. This allows the customer an easy way to find out about them later and reorder it.
  • A feedback section is important if you wish to improve the services of your food delivery app.
  • In-app payment is a must if you wish to succeed in the targeting the highly mobile customers.
  • Rating and review section will help the customer to either show his/her appreciation by giving a good review or point out some shortcoming in the services that the owner can rectify.

There are 3 major parts of a complete food delivery app. We have mentioned each part with its description below.

Driver App (Delivery Person App)

Driver App
  • It should have a section that shows all the orders placed through the app and their location. This will help you to manage the orders in a more systematic and efficient way.
  • There should be a real-time tracking option of all orders that are either dispatched or in the process. This will help you to ensure that customers get their orders on time and not a single order is missed.
  • There should be an in-app notification option of a new order placed so that you can quickly dispatch it to the customer.
  • Availability setting will allow you to see whether any particular dish is available at the time when the order is placed. It is important that the customer is told about the non-availability of a particular dish before he/she places his/her order instead of notifying him/her later after he/she has placed the order.
  • The owner of the app should be aware of any new order on a real-time basis. This will help a delivery person to organize his/her dispatch process in such a way that all the clients get their orders on
  • There should be an order and payment history included in the app, which will allow the owner to go through the past history of the client and payment mode. It will ensure that the owner can quickly find out whether the client owes the restaurant any money for any past service.
  • There should be a delivery notification section which will tell the owner when the delivery is made. This will help the owner to better organize his/her manpower and keep track of the delivery mechanism of the company. This constant check will help the owner to run a tight ship and give an excellent service to the customers.
  • Help and support section is also a must as it will allow you to reach out to any affected party and ensure that their concern regarding the service or the quality of the food taken care of at the earliest.

Admin panel

Admin panel

The admin section of the food delivery app is markedly different from that of the customer section as it deals with the backroom services. The major features that should be included in the admin section are as follows.

  • There should be a backup and restore the database feature in the admin app section. This will allow the admin to restore the data in case the data gets corrupted due to any virus attack.
  • There should be a location management feature that will allow the admin to track the movement of all the delivery boys on a real-time It will ensure that the company utilises its manpower to the optimum level.
  • There should be a messaging feature that will inform the customer at what time their delivery will arrive and the price of the food.
  • There should be an in the app advertisement management system. This is to ensure that you can keep track of all the traffic that comes to your app through different advertisement channels. This will help you to focus on those channels that give you the maximum ROI.
  • The admin should have a complete control over the management system. This is to ensure that the admin can place, delete or edit any content that will improve the attractiveness or efficiency of the app.
  • There should be a category management system integrated into the mobile app for the admin section. This is important for the admin to keep track of different processes of the business to improve efficiency.
  • Change password system is also an important feature to ensure the safety and security of that database from any unauthorised access.
  • You should have a complete database of all your clients, suppliers and other business associates available to you in the app so that you may send personalised email for promotional as well as business purpose.

Restaurant Panel

Restaurant Panel

For the restaurant panel, you need those features that you can change with the changing scenario, the taste of the customer or the seats available at a particular time. Some of these features are as follows.

  • It should have the option of selecting a new menu that should reflect the changing demands of the customers.
  • There should be a feature to inform the customers about the opening and closing timing of the food app service. It should be flexible and give the admin the right to change the timing to suit the need of the business.
  • You should have a feature of customer order status. This will ensure that the owners can see which order is taking too long to prepare and can intervene to speed up the process for better customer service.
  • The food delivery app should have an area of the operation section, which the owner can expand with respect to his/her manpower and another logistical system
  • It should have a messaging option wherein, the owner can directly notify the customer regarding the acceptance of the order, the time of delivery of the order and the price of the order.
  • It should have multiple payment gateways so that the customer is not forced to choose only one It could be Internet banking, credit/debit card, mobile wallets, Paytm or COD.
  • If you are using artificial intelligence integrated with your food delivery app, then you could include services in different languages so that your app can target different sections of the society.
  • There should be a loyalty program integrated into the app. In this feature, a coupon to be generated for a customer made an ordered through the mobile app. The customer can encash the coupon against our subsequent order. This will ensure that you get repeat customer through your food delivery app.
  • There should be a social engagement section wherein you can engage with your target audience on the social media through blogs, pictures or even small videos.

These are some of the features that you need to take into account when you are developing a food delivery app for any restaurant or takeaway joint.

You need to understand that more features you want to include in the app, the costlier it will become.

Therefore, calculate your budget and choose only those features which are essential for your business.

As technology improves, you will be able to provide even better services.

Therefore, you should be always on the lookout for any new features that are available in other such apps and try to include them on your own to improve your customer satisfaction.

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