117 Creative Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2024

Published On: January 15, 2020
Last Updated: February 19, 2024
117 Creative Mobile App Ideas for Startups to Launch in 2024

The mobile market is loaded with a wide variety of apps. Currently, there are more than 5 million apps present in different marketplaces, transforming the entire human experience. Mobile apps have become an integral part of our daily lives, as we use them to perform various tasks.

According to Statista, the total number of Google Play Store and Apple App Store downloads in the first quarter of 2022 was about 36.8 billion, representing approximately a two percent increment compared to the previous quarter.

Given these facts, numerous startups and businesses are eager to enter the digital space by launching mobile apps. Recognizing the benefits of mobile apps, they see an opportunity to enhance their reach and engagement with users.

However, after deciding to develop a mobile app, many businesses struggle to find the best mobile app idea that can take their business to the next level.

If you are also looking for mobile app ideas, then we have got you covered.

117 Mobile App Ideas for Startups

1. Restaurant Reservation App

The majority of times, people are not able to sit at their desired place in a restaurant. Booking a seat in a popular restaurant is a big deal nowadays. Most of the time people have to go back as all the tables are already occupied.

With the help of restaurant reservation mobile apps, they will be able to view the graphical layout of the restaurant in their region and also book a particular table for a specific time.

2. Parking Mobile App

With the increasing number of vehicles, people find it challenging to find a parking lot in their desired location.

Creating a parking mobile app is one of the good mobile app ideas to do the work of a savior. With the help of parking applications, people will check all the nearby parking lots available in the desired region and book a parking lot in advance.

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3. On-demand Fuel Delivery App

For any person who intends to fuel his/her vehicle without going to the fuel station, this app will be useful. Also, the app will be useful for any user whose car got stuck in the middle of a highway or a road due to low fuel.

A fuel delivery app allows a user to tag their location. Later, a fuel truck driver reaches the tagged location using the built-in map. He will refuel the car considering all the security measurements.

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4. Real-time Car Sharing App

A real-time car-sharing app enables users to list out their car and the destination name where they are heading. On the other hand, a user who is also heading to the same destination can enter their details and look out for cars.

They can share the car ride and divide the cost appropriately.

5. Public Transport Helper App

When visiting a new place or a city, people are unfamiliar with reaching their desired location.

In these situations, public transport-helpers will provide the most relevant options such as schedule, timing, price, etc., to the users to reach the destination with ease.

The app can also provide the most preferred transport option to the user in a particular situation.

6. Snow Removal App

Every year, snowfall occurs in different world regions, such as the US, Canada, etc. Due to this, various areas get covered with snow.

Hence, people face issues in clearing snow near their house or office.

Users will be able to book a job for removing snow in their region using this app. The service provider will come and complete the job at the desired time.

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7. Travel Suggestion App

Travelling around the world is one of those pleasures that has recently become a big trend. But a lot of people struggle to decide where they want to travel.

With a travel suggestion app, users can enter the location’s name, and the app suggests a list of all famous tourist places that they can visit in that region.

Moreover, the app can also offer suggestions regarding the best restaurants, hotels, malls, etc., in that region.

8. Tour Guide Finder App

One more good app idea for the travel industry is the tour guide finder app that allows all the travelers to check profiles of various popular tour guides in a particular city or country.

It also enables users to connect with tour guides through different mediums, hire them, and also make instant payment via the app itself.

Build a Tour Guide App that Curates Personalized Adventures

  • Interactive Maps
  • Customized Itineraries
  • Real-time Insights
  • Local Expertise

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9. Logistics App

Many times people find it challenging to find a vehicle that can deliver their item in a short amount of time.

In such a case, a logistics app can provide a list of all the goods transporters in the region along with their pricing. Users can book a service from this app, the logistics provider will collect the item and deliver it to the desired location.

10. Grocery Compare App

This app will allow a user to enter a list of all items and then compare the rates of these items at different grocery stores present in their region. The app will then list out all the awesome deals that users can grab instantly.

For instance, if you want to buy potatoes, then the app will list out all the stores where the item is available at a discounted rate. Currently, there are a wide number of grocery delivery apps available in the market, but a grocery comparison app can set you apart from all the competitors.

11. Price Compare App

Using this app, you will be able to check the price of a product on different eCommerce sites that are available on the internet.

Price compare App

Here, you just have to enter the name of the product, and the app will instantly list the price of the product on various sites.

12. Tutor Connect App

Using a tutor connect app, Students will find the best tutors online for a specific subject or a topic. Here, students can find tutors by applying different filters, such as location, experience, rating, etc.

After finding a tutor, they can understand any topic in detail. Moreover, they can post questions in the comment section. Later, the tutor will reply to their question as soon as possible.

We have developed a web-based application that connects students to tutor.

Tutor Smart

TutorSmart is a web-based application built by our developers. It is mainly
a platform that allows students to find the best tutors online, schedule sessions with
the tutor, and get reminders instantly.

13. Voice Language Translation App

Globalization and the ever-expanding reach of the Internet have joined people across the globe. Still, the language remains to be a hurdle.

For example, people traveling abroad frequently are not familiar with the language of the country and find it challenging to talk with native speakers.

An app that can translate a language with the other country’s native language and vice versa will be beneficial to these travelers.

14. Language Learning App

One more mobile app that we can help to decrease language issues around the globe is a language learning app.

It will be beneficial for anyone who wants to learn a foreign language.

The app will possess different levels of difficulty. Starting from the alphabet and essential words to highly advanced content and references that are created using text, audio, and video.

15. Virtual Interior Designer App

Decorating your home is a very challenging task. For decoration, you have to figure out different items that can be placed in your room.

To resolve this, an AR app can help. This app enables you to take a photo of a room or any other place you want to decorate.

Later, it enables you to visualize your room by placing various 3D items such as colors, objects, wall stickers, curtains, etc.

Moreover, the app also lists all the nearby places from where you can purchase these items.

16. VR Real Estate App

VR real estate app enables a user to visit a property virtually before they decide on buying or renting it. You can develop a real-estate app where realtors can display their property in 3D virtual reality.

Moreover, this app will simplify real estate agents’ work as he/she doesn’t need to take their clients on a physical tour. In short, it will save the time of both agents as well as customers.

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Develop an VR-based Real Estate App for Lifelike Property Tours

  • Virtual Property Tours
  • Interactive Floor Plans
  • Personalized Design Visualizer
  • Instant Agent Consultation

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17. Instant Reader App

It happens sometimes when we want to save something that is written on paper immediately but we could not find anything. To resolve this issue, an instant reader app can be served as a savior.

This app will read text or number that is written on the paper and store it on your device so that you can refer later.

It will not scan the image but only capture text and number that is present on the paper. Moreover, the app will also find the origin of the word or the number and expand the user’s knowledge.

18. Smart Cooking App

There are times when you want to cook something but don’t have enough ingredients; at that time, this app will do the magic.

Similar to other apps in the market, it also provides food recipes and suggestions. But, the main difference is that the app will first ask the user about the available ingredients and then provide the list of recipes that can be made from those resources.

19. Content Identification App

Another cool mobile app idea is a content identification app. A music app like Shazam with some of the advanced features can work absolutely great.

Apart from this, Amazon Prime and Netflix are consumed by people worldwide. During certain times, it is challenging for people to identify a particular movie or a TV series. So, an app that provides details via video streaming would be beneficial.

Humans like movies of different genres. Therefore, an app that lists out movies as per the genres will be beneficial for people.

Here, you also have an option to merge the above three apps and create an all-around content identification app.

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20. Brand Name Identifier App

A brand name identifier enables users to identify the details of a brand along with the name by scanning the brand logo or tag. Apart from this, the app also presents brand references & reviews from potential users to help the person.

The app utilizes machine vision technologies along with artificial intelligence to provide precise information about any product. One of the most well-known examples of brand name identifier apps is Google Lens.

21. Selfie Competition App

Selfie craze has taken the world by storm. People love to take selfies at every new place they visit.

Hence, you can take advantage of this and launch a selfie competition app where people can compete with other users of the application. Here, they will earn some points based on their likes and comments and unlock new features to improve their selfies.

22. Gift Suggestions Provider App

The app asks you to enter the social media profile of the friend. It can be your friend’s or family members on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. ID.

It fetches various details of the friend to understand the user’s interests. Based on the content your friend has posted and their likes/dislikes, the app provides the most suitable gift suggestions.

You can look after various gift suggestions and choose the best one as per your requirements.

23. Hairstyle Recommendations App

Various people globally love to change their hairstyles now and then to look fashionable and stylish.

The app asks the users to upload their selfies to understand their face and their overall appearance. It further fetches the most trending and stylish hairstyle that suits their face.

24. All-in-One Social App

Various people like to consume different social media apps at the same time. However, they find it challenging to switch between these apps.

An excellent mobile app idea would merge various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., at one platform.

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25. Social App to Buy & Sell Items

This app will work just like Facebook. However, it has an additional feature of connecting with your current friends to buy or sell items online.

The app also offers suggestions regarding different products and search & buy items as per your friend’s recommendations.

26. Social Eat-Together App

This app is best for foodies to find a perfect mate to eat food together. Considering various details that users have entered, such as location, schedule, interest, hobbies, etc. he/she will get a buddy with whom they share and enjoy their favorite dishes.

27. Profile Explorer App

It is a next-level mobile application idea which will utilize Augmented Reality (AR) to identify information regarding a person/object by just scanning them. Hence, when you scan a person or object, this app will provide the complete details about it from across the internet.

28. Musicians Finder App

This can be the ultimate job finder app for musicians. Bands who are looking for a guitarist, singer, drummer, etc. can post out their requirements. On the other hand, musicians can view the list of different bands who have posted requirements on the app and apply for their desired band.

29. Housekeeper Finder

This app will be beneficial to anyone who is looking for housekeepers. They can select a housekeeper based on different services such as cooking, washing, cleaning, etc. Moreover, this app will create opportunities for all housekeepers, which are illiterate, to earn good wages.

Develop Your Own All-in-One Home Services App

  • Customer App
  • Service Provider App
  • Admin App

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30. Food Donation App

Around one-third of the total world’s food gets wasted in the junkyard. However, a billion people in the world remain hungry daily.

In case food waste was a country, it would rank at number three in terms of carbon emissions after the United States and China.

Hence, a food donation app can help to resolve this issue across the globe. It will be highly beneficial for restaurants also. Using this app, restaurants can connect with nearby charities and NGOs. These organizations will then donate food to needy people.

31. Startup Assistance App

Out of various app creation ideas, a startup assistance app idea is unique. Basically, this app will help multiple startups to move into this high competition market.

Using this app, startups can put their questions on any topic and get advice from various other members who are using the app within 24-hours.

32. Digital Receipt App

One of the most innovative mobile app ideas is to build a digital receipt app for a retail store. Here, the app will allow retailers to send the product to the store via email or text. This will not only decrease the excessive use of paper but also help users to organize receipts with ease.

33. Instant Book Reviews App

Whenever a person wants to purchase a book from stores offline, they have to go through a lot of books from which they are unfamiliar. Hence, it is hard to pick the best books.

Hence, this cool mobile app idea could be great where a person has just to take a photo of the book cover, and the app will instantly display the book reviews of various users from across the globe.

34. Trash Giveaway App

This app will be very much useful to anyone who wants to donate their unused item to anyone who needs them. Here, a user can simply post that they want to donate these items. On the other hand, any user who wants these items can contact them.

35. Subscription Organizer App

Various users around the world are subscribed to different services such as Spotify, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and diverse other entertainment and utility apps.

A subscription organizer app will keep a record of all these subscriptions & bills and notify the user before the payment date.

Moreover, the app can also consist of a built-in payment system for automatic bill payments.

Subscription Organizer App

36. Goal Management & Sharing App

Many people globally are unable to manage their goals in different areas. Hence, you can create an app that allows users to set their life goals, track their goals, and share these goals with friends.

Moreover, they can also check who has the same goals as them, and they can support each other to finish these goals.

37. Cloud Presentation App

Various people find it challenging to prepare a team presentation. Therefore, this app will allow team members to collaborate online using a cloud API where they can create a presentation by collecting ideas and feedback constantly.

38. Refrigerator Scanner App

This app enables you to scan the refrigerator and then provide a list of all the vegetables, fruits, etc. present in it. It also offers recipes along with instructions that you can prepare from available resources.

39. Tax Management App

Tax management is really time-consuming for a lot of people. Therefore, developing a tax application is an excellent option for any startup to enter into the mobile industry.

This app will calculate the user’s tax amount considering the user’s transactions and expenses. Here, you can also integrate the online tax payment option, so that a user can instantly make a tax payment.

40. Storytelling App

This app is useful for people who love to share stories on any topic. A user can write and share their story. Later, this story will appear on their dashboard. All the other members of the app can add more lines to the same story.

Further, the person who has started the story can end it as per his/her needs and publish it on a relevant platform.

41. Disaster Alert App

Climate change has resulted in various earthquakes, tsunamis, storms, and other natural disasters. All these disasters can’t be stopped; however, we can protect ourselves from these disasters.

A disaster alert app can notify users about the disasters in their region and thus help to save their lives. The app can also provide details about how users can save their lives.

42. Warranty Expiry Alert App

Many people don’t remember the warranty period of their product. Therefore you can create an app that notifies their users a few days before their warranty period is about to expire.

The app should allow a user to enter product details and the warranty they have on the product. They can track the warranty period through the app online. By this, they can renew their product warranty on time.

43. Life Assistance App

One of the most trending mobile app ideas is to create a life assistance app. This type of app can allow a user to resolve some everyday tasks such as repairing a fan, changing a car tire, etc.

44. Compatible Food Finder App

In this app, a user has to enter details about his/her diet, and the app will instantly recommend food items and nearby restaurants where these items are available. Users can filter searches based on vegan, non-vegan, or any other food menu from the app.

45. Health Monitoring App

Everyone visits a doctor for a standard health checkup; however, no one remembers when to make appointments for it. Health monitoring is one of the best mobile app ideas for healthcare.

This app will track a user’s health and alert them whenever they require a health checkup. The app allows users to schedule appointments at a convenient time.

Besides this idea, you can also take inspiration from some of the best hospital apps available in the market.

Develop Health Monitoring App to Elevate Health Tracking

  • Real-time Vitals
  • Activity Tracking
  • Sleep Analysis
  • Personalized Insights

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healthier world together.

46. Fitness App

One of the best mobile phone app ideas is to create a fitness app. Various people are very serious about their health.

Therefore, you can develop an app that monitors all the habits of the users. To build this app, you can take help from various health coaches, nutritionists, and other experts in the same field.

The app will provide a chart in which a user can view their health statistics such as blood pressure, sugar, heart rate, etc.

Here, users will be suggested meal plans, lifestyle plans, and nutrition plans, considering the chart.

Lastly, the app can also have a chat option where a user can communicate with health experts and other members using the app.

47. Telemedicine App

At various times people have a fever, cough, headache, stomachache, etc., they find it challenging to go to the doctor. Especially when people are traveling, it becomes tough to find a doctor and reach out to them.Hence, a telemedicine app can be a savior.

You can develop a Telemedicine app that allows users to find the most suitable doctor and take video consultations online. You can integrate some features like scheduling appointments, ordering medicines, tracking medicines, etc. Also, you can include the best blogs which suggest users take care of their health.

48. Supermarket Checkout App

Nobody likes to wait in a big queue in a supermarket store to make payments. Therefore, popular brands such as Amazon are releasing self-checkout retail stores for users worldwide.

A fast checkout app will be beneficial to users in the near future. The app enables users to scan products in a supermarket store and make automated payments via different built-in options.

49. Sports Apps

People living in different parts of the world love varied sports. These include cricket, football, baseball, basketball, ruby, and more.

With sports apps, sports fanatics keep themselves updated with the latest things about their favorite sport. Moreover, they like to know about player performance, coaches, etc.

Secondly, the craze of fantasy sports apps is increasing worldwide. Using this app, people create a virtual team and predict the upcoming game. If the predictions become right, they earn money. So, it’s a really good opportunity to develop a fantasy sports app.

People also like to watch live matches of multiple sports anywhere and anytime. Hence, you can build a live streaming sports app as per your choice.

Also, check out the: best sports apps to get inspiration.

Develop Your Own Sports App to Revolutionize Sports World

  • Training Tracker App
  • Sports News Hub App
  • Virtual Coaching App
  • Sports Events App

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50. App for Refugees

A popular future application app idea is an app for refugees. This app will enable refugees to know about new cultures and languages. By doing this, users will be able to connect with the community with ease.

51. Digital Mall Navigation App

This app will store a digital map of shopping malls in a particular region, and it is beneficial to navigate to a specific mall and the directions heading towards it. Also, the app provides navigation inside the malls.

It will be especially beneficial for big malls where users can check the location of the restaurant, store, bathroom, cinema, or status in the parking lot.

52. Criminal Alert App

One can’t remember the name of a missing or wanted person’s face while looking at the TV. Besides this, there is a possibility that you meet a stranger who happens to be a criminal you are unaware of.

In such cases, the criminal alert app will be highly beneficial. It will alert the users about wanted criminals as soon as they enter the region.

The app comprises a database of criminals in an area updated by professionals. Lastly, the app allows users to press the alert button, which will instantly inform the police and also provide the user’s GPS location.

53. Virtual Clothes Shopping App

The app first scans the user’s body and then provides exact measurements of the same within a few seconds. It offers these measurements from its database.

Later, the app provides suggestions about whether the clothes that the user wants to purchase will fit them better or not.

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54. Scan and Shop Online App

Generally, a user has to type a product name to search it online for purchase. Here, you can make users’ tasks easy by allowing them to search through an image.

You can create a scan and shop app that allows users to scan any items using their smartphone. Later, the app provides relevant shopping sites where users can purchase these items.

55. Collective Shopping App

It is obvious that when you buy any item with one or a few pieces, it will cost you more. However, when you purchase items in bulk, you will get more benefits such as discounts, free delivery, etc.

To resolve this issue, you can build a collective shopping app that analyzes the total number of users in the specific area who are willing to purchase some type of products from the same supplier.

Therefore, when they order these products in bulk, they will be able to save more money.

56. Money Lending App

The app will help you to store details of people from whom you owe money and also the people who owe money from you.

It allows you to save names of users, total amount, due date, etc. The app will notify you about any due date and also enable you to make instant payments via different options.

57. Book a Barber App

One of the great android app ideas would be to create an app where users can book a barber at a scheduled time.

In this app, barbers will be able to list their saloon, and the users will be able to book the best barber by filtering on price, region, etc.

58. Instant Party Organizer App

One of the cool mobile app ideas of a person who loves to throw a party now & then is an instant party organizer. Using this app, a person can instantly plan for the party and make arrangements.

Also, he/she can send invites to chosen friends from the contact lists. Here, the invited friends will receive a text message.

59. Live Video Streaming App

Live video streaming is one of the most popular app ideas for 2024. You can create a live video streaming app for your business. In this app, you can cover various live events, interviews, the latest news, etc., related to your industry.

Users from all over the world will be able to connect with your app via Android and iOS devices. This app will allow you to increase your brand’s value.

60. Ultimate Skills App

In this new age of technology, professionals, businessmen, and other people are always looking forward to learning new things. Over the years, there is a sudden increase in the number of people learning new skills through online coaching apps.

There is not one skill that fits well with all the people. People belonging to different fields are seeking different skills.

The main purpose here is to create an app where you can learn a vast number of skills such as coding, business, teaching, software, photography, music, etc.

Examples of popular online eLearning apps include Udemy, SkillShare, MasterClass, etc.

Develop an eLearning App to Empower Learners

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Progress Tracking
  • Personalized Content
  • Collaboration Tools

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61. Goods Exchange App

As the name suggests, the app allows you to exchange goods. Using this app, you can look for offers of other users who want to trade things like mobile phones, electronic gadgets, books, clothes, etc.

Suppose you have a digital camera. Earlier, you love to take a lot of pictures of your surroundings and places you visit. However, now it is sitting idle in a storeroom. You want to have a telescope and your friend has it.

Using this app, you can exchange items with each other. It is an excellent way of getting your desired things without spending anything.

This mobile app idea is suitable for anyone who wants to start locally and then reach globally.

62. Job Finder App

It is a basic mobile application idea for applicants as well as employers looking for a work search. As of now, there are a vast number of job apps available in the market.

Currently, for getting a job, you need to post your resume/CV on different platforms. This might consume a substantial amount of time. Wouldn’t it be great if you have to post your resume only once?

The app’s primary purpose is to allow users to post their resume/CV one time only. Then the app will automatically update resume/CV on various platforms that users have specified.

Moreover, employers also have freedom, which is to post job positions and app updates everywhere.

63. EV Charging Station Finder App

The need for EV charging stations has increased with the popularity of EVs.

When these applications are released, customers can see details about the electric charging stations in their area, including the types of electric vehicles they are compatible with, pictures of the stations, how much it costs to charge, and how many charging spaces are available.

In addition, the payment processing system may be integrated with the EV charging station finder app so that users can pay ahead of time using the app to secure a charging spot.

64. NFT Marketplace App

The need for NFT markets, where NFTs created by people all over the globe may be placed for sale, has developed in tandem with the proliferation of NFTs in recent years.

If you’re looking for a way to promote the secure and efficient management of digital assets while also giving creators of intellectual property and creative items a platform to show off their work, then developing an NFT marketplace is a great alternative.

65. Defi Lending App

The popularity of decentralized lending platforms has skyrocketed in recent years, and experts expect that it will double or perhaps quadruple by the end of 2022.

The Defi lending mobile app provides a platform for cryptocurrency holders to lend their coins to one another in return for interest.

66. AI and ML-Based Astrology App

The ability to foretell the future has long piqued human interest. Astrology’s appeal has lasted through the ages, from antiquity to the modern digital world.

Many people who are well-versed in technology now choose to rely on applications on their smartphones to help them plan for the future. To this end, the concept of astrology mobile app development incorporates cutting-edge tools like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for more accurate forecasting.

67. Blockchain Medical Support App

It is anticipated that blockchain, the next era of technology, will influence many sectors, including healthcare, shortly.

The blockchain-based medical support system may make medical record sharing between patients and physicians more secure.

Those with novel proposals for healthcare apps will find fertile ground for experimentation in the blockchain-based mobile app development space.

68. Blockchain-Based Money Transfer App

With today’s modern technology, the issue isn’t making a payment online; rather, it’s protecting that money. This prompted a blockchain-based money transfer app.

Blockchain-based money transfer applications allow for a direct, safe transaction between the sender and the recipient, eliminating the need for a third party like a bank to guarantee funds transfer.

69. Suicide Prevention App

Suppose you create an app that gives those battling suicidal thoughts a feeling of security. In that case, you will not only be contributing to a worthwhile cause, but you will also be able to bring in a sizeable amount of money for your efforts.

70. Toy Exchanging App

Parents often get annoyed by their child’s demand for new toys despite there being a huge pile of old toys in their room. It would be convenient for them to have a place to sell or swap a child’s old toys for something new, and you have the opportunity to fill that gap.

71. App to Stay Up-to-Date With Current Laws

New laws are passed daily on top of hundreds of millions of preexisting statutes. You’ll need a photographic memory to keep up with the ever-changing legal landscape.

People who have problems memorizing laws will be interested in a mobile app that serves as a guide that gets updated as the new law is passed.

72. Matchmaking App

There are many matrimony apps available nowadays. Still, you can get a huge success out of it. But, How?

Building an app that connects users with a person having similar traits, interests, likes, and dislikes can be helpful to target a specific user base.

73. App to Find a Cofounder

The difficulties of starting a company from scratch and sustaining it in today’s cutthroat competition highlight the value of having a reliable and trustworthy business partner at your side.

You may locate contacts for thousands of individuals with similar entrepreneurial aspirations on this app.

74. Electric Scooter Sharing App

When you arrive at a new destination, what are your first thoughts? Ability to commute to and from work daily with a lightweight eScooter.

The development of this app will allow for the provision of simple, environment-friendly modes of transportation.

75. AR-based Jewelry Ordering App

This app offers customers the facility to virtually try on jewelry before they purchase it. They get ensured that the product suits them exactly as they expect even before purchasing.

Also, they can order it online and jewelry gets delivered to their doorstep within a click.

76. App that Helps You De-Stress

A major consideration that cannot be ignored is stress. Approximately one-third of the world’s population faces stressful situations that can hurt their physical or mental health. Wouldn’t it make sense to design a mobile app to help people relax?

77. Pregnancy Helper App

The experience of parenthood uniquely transforms each woman. There are a lot of challenges that come along with becoming a mum.

You can create a pregnancy assistance app, which would provide expecting mothers with answers to any questions about their pregnancy, as submitted by experts in the field. It may also reach a buying demographic consisting only of expectant moms.

78. Home Security App

We all appreciate the reassurance that comes with knowing our homes are secure.

Using IoT, you can create a home-monitoring app that not only alerts you in the event of an emergency but also provides valuable insights into your dwelling.

79. AI-Powered Stock Trading App

Investors have long been interested in an app automatically anticipating the stock market. Machine learning and other technologies may be used to sift through the millions of stock market data points and make the best possible bets.

80. VR-based Wedding Planning App

The metaverse has become a popular topic of conversation in the virtual world. These days, many couples are opting to have their wedding coordinated via the virtual world.

Create the VR-based wedding planning app, able to create invitation cards to let people go there from their homes to celebrate weddings of their near and dear.

81. Virtual Study Room App

If you build a virtual study room app for students to use with virtual reality technology, they will be able to construct a real-world classroom application in the same way they would in the actual world. This is equivalent to what they would do in the real world.

82. Pet Training App

After bringing a new pet into the house, the owner’s initial expectation is that the animal would do as it is told. Make an app that teaches people to educate their pets to behave in what they are told and post videos showing how it’s done.

83. Rental Housing Locator App

The landlord and renter may locate one other with the help of the rental housing locator app. Tenants using such an app will be able to identify homes that meet their needs in terms of cost and comfort. Even if the landlord takes their time, they’ll locate the perfect renter.

84. Meme Maker App

Memes provide a lot of laughs in today’s hyper-connected society. You may be surprised to find that 63 percent of American adults often communicate using memes and GIFs.

Building an app where users can make and share their memes and GIFs would most likely become a profitable business.

85. Air Quality Tracker App

Since rising levels of air pollution is a worldwide issue, several groups are taking action to lower the air population.

In this scenario, you may create an app to help individuals keep track of the air they breathe while traveling in different cities. It certainly going to be popular among health-conscious people.

86. App for Scanning Terms and Conditions

Every program we install and every agreement we sign has a set of restrictions that we must accept. Assuming this is the case, how do we know that agreeing to these terms and conditions won’t put you in danger?

The several pages of fine print might be a hassle to go through, but it may be possible to create an app that highlights any tricky sections for you.

87. App to Keep Track Of Lyrics

It often happens when we hear an instrumental or music or for instance any tune, but can’t remember the exact song.

Song lyrics monitoring comes in handy in such a case. Create an app that listens to the music, and it will identify it for you.

88. Niche Dating App

A niche dating app serves specific audiences like LGBTQ, vegans, introverts, professionals, and many more rather than serving all people. In short, you have to target users having shared interests, likes-dislikes, etc.

Also, check out the: best niche dating apps to get inspiration.

89. App for Family Status Updates

The family update app serves as a go-between for everyone in the family. Using this app, they can share their whereabouts, who they’re with when they expect to return home, and so on.

For the sake of family harmony and communication ease, you may create this app.

90. Exam Preparation App

An online platform where people from similar academic backgrounds may connect and use as a study group before a test.

Study aids, including online forums, live tutoring, comprehensive manuals, and free course materials, may all play a role in facilitating learning.

91. App for Sending Gifts and Flowers Online

You can create an app that facilitates users to send flowers or gifts to their loved ones on their special days like birthdays or anniversaries at an ease from your couch.

You can also tie up with the delivery service provider to give your user speed delivery services.

92. Automatic Phone Silent App

It often happens that we forget to mute our phone at some important places and it rings untimely which put us in an awkward situation.

You can make an app to get rid of this by developing an app that automatically silent users’ phones at their inserted locations, for instance, their office location.

93. Motivational and Productive App

An app that helps you get things done by setting reminders and inspiring you to take action on those things you’d rather not do, like working out, waking up early, reading, etc.

94. Receipt Tracker App

This app will help users organize their receipts and invoices in one central location, saving time and effort over manually tracking and filing paper copies of each.

Retailers may also have customers’ purchase receipts sent straight to their mobile apps.

95. Cab Scheduling App

These days, many people prefer to reserve cabs online. To simplify taxi service providers and their customers with the ease of ordering and paying for a cab online, you should invest in cabs app development.

96. Delivery Service Finder App

This app will recommend the cheapest and most convenient delivery service providers available in the user’s region based on the size, volume, and other factors of the product they want to send.

97. Charity App

You can create an app that brings all NGOs or organizations that are working for a good cause on a single platform and users can directly contribute to one of the organizations that they feel is worth donating to.

98. GST Returns Preparing App

An app that will track users’ earnings, company expenditures, and tax transactions and then figure out how much tax they owe for a certain time frame.

It will be a great boon to taxpayers of all stripes.

99. Note Taking App

All attendees of a lecture or seminar can take notes on the same subject and then share those notes with one another, edit them, and add their own comments.

100. App to Hire Contractors

A mobile application that facilitates the online hiring of contractors by allowing users to evaluate and choose the best service provider for their specific project requirements and financial constraints.

Users can list their needs, price range, and accessibility on the app. Freelancers may peruse the advertising, express their interest, and locate the bargain.

101. Missing Things App

An app designed to assist people in locating their misplaced belongings, such as their eyeglasses, keys, purse, stockings, and other things.

You can categorize missing things by their names or location from where it found, or in any other way you find that it will make it easier for people to search for their missing thing.

102. App for Writers’ Solitude

An app designed specifically to provide authors peace while they work by obstructing access to everything on the device except what’s required to complete the current writing assignment.

You can also provide more interactive tools to boost their efficiency.

103. All-in-One Playing Cards App

An app that incorporates every kind of card game currently in existence into a streamlined system. Also, users will be able to play online with other people all around the world.

104. App for Spreading Kindness

An app that encourages users to be kind to their coworkers, friends, and even strangers. A few examples include giving a little bit more money, being more helpful, compassionate, and courteous, and providing a little bit more of your time.

You can award points or reviews or any feedback system that helps users to please their peers.

105. In-App Notifications for Sales

An app will inform you of new discounts or special offers at local businesses, such as restaurants, stores, movie theaters, and more. Just choose those categories to get notifications for just the kind of sales that interest you.

106. DIY Motivator App

DIY Motivator app will inspire users to take on more DIY projects, follow their hobbies, and let them engage in activities that are good for their physical, mental, and monetary growth.

107. Freelancer Evaluation App

Freelancing platform and decentralized talent evaluation app where users who want to hire freelancers can take automated exams to gauge their proficiency in various areas.

108. Bike Servicing App

The goal of this technology-driven and accompanying app is to put the convenience of on-demand bike repair in the hands of two-wheeler owners by establishing an open line of communication with reliable service providers.

You can offer aided doorstep pick-up and drop, a stock management system that reduces waiting time, improved stock distribution, an order management system, and so on.

109. UPI Payment App

Nowadays, everyone wants to use the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment app. It’s a rapid method of transferring funds across financial institutions.

Using this software, you may connect several bank accounts and send or request money through account number/IFSC code, cellphone number, virtual payment address, or even QR code.

110. Scan to PDF Creator App

Instead of taking your paperwork to a service where it will be scanned and converted to pdf, you may do it on your own. You may safely save your receipts, papers, school grades, notes, etc., on your mobile device with a scan and save it to the pdf app.

With this app, you may scan many pages at once into a high-quality PDF or JPEG, which you can then save or email to others.

111. Train Tracking App

Most people living in large cities rely on trains to go where they need. If the train is running late and you need to be somewhere quickly, you may use the train tracking app to find out exactly where it is and then take other transportation, such as a bus or cab.

112. Karaoke Singing App

Even if you can’t sing a note, you still have dreams of becoming a pop sensation. Using various effects and filters, the karaoke app allows users to imitate their favorite artists’ vocal stylings. The app is useful for professional vocalists, and amateurs may also use it.

113. Useful App for Recycling

This app scans garbage and determines whether the waste is biodegradable or non-biodegradable, accordingly users can put it separately into its respective containers.

114. Water-reminder App

Most lifestyle diseases are avoided simply by increasing water intake. This app comes in handy to measure and meet the daily water intake goals of the users.

115. Data Consumption Tracking App

This app tells you the total data consumed by a particular app in a set time interval. Users can track their usage of their particular app and can restrict it if they found that something is excessive.

116. Gynec Assistance App

Sexual diseases are too awkward to discuss and eventually, it is not in favor to hide in the long run. An awareness app needs to let the users get a general awareness of these things and protect themselves.

117. Messenger App for Parents

Using an app like “school notifications” is a fantastic method for parents to know what’s happening at their child’s school. Important notifications by schools are directly shared with parents like snow/rain day holidays, grades, and school attendance.

Bottom Line

Mobile apps will be the future of a vast number of businesses. Moreover, these apps will also transform the lives of people around the world.

If you want to convert any of the mobile app ideas into reality or have a good app idea, get in touch with us.

Guru TechnoLabs offers high quality mobile app development services. Our expert team of developers can understand your mobile app idea well and provide you with the most suitable solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some categories of apps that are in demand:

  • Social Media
  • Healthcare
  • Food Delivery
  • Travel
  • Dating
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment

First and foremost, you should validate your app idea. By doing this, you can become sure whether your app idea has demand in the market or not. Moreover, it is cost-effective.

To validate your app idea, you need to follow a streamlined process:

  • Identify the Problem
  • Know Your Target Audience
  • Check the Current Market Size
  • Conduct Market Research
  • Create Landing Page
  • Build an MVP or Prototype
  • Analyze Competitor Apps
  • Share Your App on Review Sites
  • Promote the App

There is no fixed cost to develop an app. It depends on the complexity, functionalities, features, industry, developer expertise, and more. To know the estimated cost, refer to our blog on app development costs.

There are different ways you can protect your app idea.

  • Copyright your app
  • File a Trademark
  • Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement

To know more, refer to our blog on protecting an app idea.

Yes, an app can make you rich. Moreover, many entrepreneurs worldwide have become a millionaire by launching an app that can transform human lives.

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