How To Create A Dating Website From Scratch [Features & Cost]

Published On: October 22, 2020
Last Updated: September 16, 2022
How to Create a Dating Website from Scratch

The internet has removed the barrier of communication by allowing people to socialize with other people without any geographical boundaries. Various people utilize the internet to make friends and also find their partners.

Numerous online dating websites have been released over the last two decades. These sites allow users to make excellent relationships, friendships, and more. Moreover, these sites play a vital role in the success of the dating industry.

Various new-age entrepreneurs and businesses are constantly taking benefit of this industry by launching trending dating websites.

Now the question is, Why should you create a dating website?

A dating website is a gateway to enter into the online dating industry. According to GrandViewResearch, the online dating industry revenue will reach $8 billion in 2022. It will further grow at a CAGR of 5.5% for the next eight years. That will lead it to $12.25 billion in 2030 by forecasting.

So these are some awesome figures that are enough to tempt you to create your own site to make money. But you might be wondering how to create a dating website from scratch in the right way?

In order to create a dating website that allows your target audience to satisfy their needs, you should follow a streamlined process.

As a leading dating website/app development company, we will use our experience and research to provide essential points. You should follow these points to create a feature-rich dating website.

Before we look at the step-by-step process to create a dating website from scratch, we will walk you through the essential pages & features you must include in a dating website.

Which pages to include on your dating website?

A dating website works somewhat similarly to a social media platform. Its core purpose is to connect people with similar interests. Before creating a dating website, you should become familiar with the key ingredients. Here, we are talking about the pages you should include on your dating website.

Pages Details
Homepage A welcome page with essential features like signup and search features. It should have links to navigate to the entire website, attractive images, and effective branding.
Signup A signup page is essential for users to register on the dating website and access the dating website in the future.
User Profile It showcases the digital representation of a user’s identity. In addition, a user can modify the details according to their needs.
Matches A user can view all the matches and shortlist them as per the list. Moreover, users get profile recommendations based on their profile preferences.
Inbox It is yet another crucial page in a dating website where a user can view chats and undelivered messages. A user can also get notifications regarding missed calls or video calls.
Subscriptions On this page, a user can view details about any active subscription plans and also get any of the subscription plans.
About Us It is a page where you can share the history of your company. You can also share why you started, for whom, and explain how your dating website differs from other players in the industry.
Support A page providing different options for users to connect with your dating website is necessary. It could be a contact number, email, or a contact form.
Blog A blog is one of the essential pages on a dating website to promote various services, publish the latest updates about the dating industry, share client testimonials, and more.

These are the most common pages that you should include on your website.

Want to add more custom pages based on your requirements? Share your project details and get a free quote!

After discussing the must-have pages in a dating website, here we will provide you with the crucial features without which your dating website does not function properly.

So, let us start.

Features that your Dating website Should Have

Here are some essential features that you should include in a dating website.

Features Details
Sign Up using Third-Party Services Most users do not like to waste time signing up for a platform. Hence, you should enable users to sign up for your dating website using the leading social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.
Profile Maker Your website should be incredibly user-friendly when it comes to your members’ online profiles. You should enable users to establish a profile quickly by adding information, photos, and other items.
Instant Chatting The most significant part of a dating service is its communication features. A user on finding a match should be able to chat with another person. You can also include features, such as private chat rooms, video chat, etc.
Advanced Filters People like to find a partner with similar interests. You can integrate a feature that allows a user to find a partner by applying different filters like the place, age, distance, occupation, height, and more.
Date Tracker Many users of online dating websites do not have any record of the people they have dated. A date tracker feature enables users to identify matches they would like to date again or give red flags to avoid people.
Multi-Language Support If you want to reach a wider audience across the globe, you must invest in delivering your dating website in various languages.
Safety Features When it comes to internet dating, the most crucial consideration is privacy. Many dangerous people out there are capitalizing on internet daters’ weaknesses. For the safety of the users, you should offer them reporting and blocking options.
Online Support When navigating the dating site, internet daters may require a little extra assistance, attention, or assurance. For the same, you should integrate an FAQ section on your dating website. Besides this, you should also allow users to contact you via email.

Apart from it, you can add more features based on your requirements.

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How to Create a Dating Website from Scratch

Here is the streamlined process of dating website development.

1. Choose a Proper Niche

The first step is the niche selection of your dating website. Working on a dating website without defining the target audience is not a good idea. Why? Because there are popular websites in the market, such as Eharmony, Match, OkCupid, etc., from which you may face fierce competition.

Moreover, some of the possible reasons for targeting any audience is not effective are as follows:

  • Users find it challenging to make new friends
  • Possibility of more fake accounts
  • Low traffic

From this, we can say that defining your niche is crucial. This thing will increase the possibility of your success in the long run. Moreover, you will not face tough competition from the market.

You can further narrow your niche to a particular audience and enhance your chances of moving quickly in the dating industry.

For instance, if you make a dating website for teenagers, you must make some sample dating profiles. From this, you will get an in-depth idea about what kind of users are interested in your dating website.

Some of the permutations and combinations of niche dating sites are as follows:

  • Create a dating website for the LGBTQ community
  • Make a dating website for millionaires
  • Create a dating website for people above 50 years
  • Build a dating website for professionals
  • Create a dating website for vegan or non-vegan people
  • Create a dating website for black people, etc.

It is not the end. You can choose any popular niche dating idea for creating your dating website.

2. Define & Validate Your Idea

After choosing a proper niche, the next most essential thing is deciding on a dating app idea.

If you are unable to come up with an idea, you should conduct proper market research & also understand the latest trends in the dating industry.

Here, it would help if you found answers to some questions to carry out effective market research:

  • What kind of dating websites are well-known in your niche?
  • What are the most common features of online dating websites?

After finding answers to these questions, you clearly understand what is working in the dating industry. Hence, you can create a dating website accordingly.

3. Choose Domain & Hosting

A domain name is another crucial thing for a website. Hence, ensure that your domain name is short, quick to remember, and resonates well with your brand. Here, you should check out different domain names available online and purchase the most suitable ones according to your needs.

Apart from the domain, you should purchase hosting to store your website data and make it live. Here are some of the essential factors for buying a suitable hosting for your website.

  • Depending on the project complexity, you should purchase managed or unmanaged hosting. Managed hosting consists of a hardware server, which further has an operating system and different software to operate websites. As managed hosting offers control over many things, it is costly. On the contrary, unmanaged hosting consists of a server with an operating system without any extra services.
  • Define the total traffic you will get from the website.
  • Choose a suitable type of hosting server. Presently, shared, dedicated and VPS are highly popular.

4. Choose a Business Model

In this stage, you need to choose a suitable business model that aligns well with your business idea.

Here are some common business models that different dating websites use worldwide.

In this model, users can access your website for free. You can show relevant ads to the users and earn money from them. By creating this type of site, you can gain a wider audience. Moreover, you cannot generate enough money through it.

By keeping your website paid, you will find it challenging to attract users. But, all the users who will pay for your site will be genuine. Hence, there will be a more number of active users.

One of the drawbacks of paid sites is that users do not agree to pay if there is no audience. Therefore, in the beginning, you have to build an audience. For this, you should keep the site free for some time and then make it paid.

In this business model, you offer some of the basic features of the dating website for free and charge users for extra features.

One popular site that follows this model is Tinder. It offers some features in its basic version and charges from users in Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Version. To know more, read our detailed blog on Tinder Business Model.

In this business model, all things are straightforward. You provide a specific set of advanced features to users at a fixed cost for a particular time. Users can purchase a subscription and access these features to increase their chances of getting a match.

In-App Purchases
It is a well-known monetization model used by various dating websites worldwide. In this model, you allow users to access a feature by paying a certain amount.

You can launch your site’s affiliate programs. Here, you can earn commissions for every purchase user makes on the affiliate site. Various leading dating websites like Match, Elitesingles, etc., are running affiliate programs and earning a lot of money.

Unable to decide on a business model? Let us know your requirement and get note-worthy suggestions.

5. Create a Simple UI/UX Prototype of the Website

To create an effective dating website, you should start with a prototype. For building an attractive and scalable prototype, you should conduct user research. For the same, you should consider the following things.

Personas: Highlight the type of users that will visit the website with their demographics and behavior.

Storyboards: It helps you to imagine what steps users will take and in which environment.

Journey Map: It consists of a diagram that explains the necessary steps a user will take on the website to complete an action.

Depending on the research & analysis, you should create a prototype. Ensure that the prototype clearly represents the location of all the design & UI elements. It should also display the color scheme of the website. By creating a prototype of the website, you can understand how things will work on the website.

6. Develop Your MVP Dating Website

After creating a UI/UX design prototype, you should move ahead with development.

To create an MVP version of your dating website, you should first decide on the suitable technologies and tools. A proper selection of technology allows you to create dating websites efficiently.

Generally, the technology stack for creating a dating website is as follows.

Front-end: It ensures that your website is visible to every device. For front-end development, mainly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are enough. To enhance development, developers also prefer to use front-end frameworks.

Backend: It consists of four things: programming language, database, caching system, and a web server. Here, PHP is widely used as a programming language with the MYSQL database.

7. Test & Launch Your Dating Website

After your website is developed, it is time to make it live. Before that, it is essential to carry out various tests to ensure it runs efficiently.

A QA tester conducts different types of tests on the website to detect various errors. These are as follows.

  • Site Speed
  • Web Forms
  • Live URLs
  • Title Tags/Meta Data
  • Context
  • Browser Compatibility
  • Site Navigation
  • Map all old pages to new
  • Stress Testing

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Dating Website?

The cost of building a dating website is not fixed. The dating website development cost is dependent on several important factors. The primary factors include complexity, size, the database used, design style, and content management system (CMS).

After considering all these factors, the cost of building a basic-level dating website will range between $5,000 to $8,000.

However, as the complexity of the site increases, so does the cost of creating the website. It will range from $10,000 to $15,000 for a moderate dating website.

If you want to create a highly-advanced dating website, it will cost more than $15,000.

Want to know the cost to build a website in detail?

Final Thoughts

We hope that by following the streamlined process mentioned above, you have an answer to the question, How to create a dating website from scratch.

If you have a unique dating idea and want to create a website, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

We are a leading dating website design & development company with years of experience building innovative and highly-scalable dating websites for clients across the globe. You can check our website development services and reach us for any requirement to get a free quote.

FAQs on Dating Website Development

Can you make money creating a dating site?

Yes. You can make money creating a dating site using different methods. These include advertisements, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and more.

How many hours does it take to create a dating website?

The time required to create a dating website is about 300 hours to 600 hours. This difference in hours depends on various factors like complexity, development approach, features & functionalities, developer location & experience, and more.

Is creating a dating site profitable?

The craze of online dating is increasing every year, and more & more users rely on online dating sites to find a match for relationships, friendships, or more. Due to this, the online dating industry revenue is increasing every year. Hence, creating a dating site is profitable.

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