Top 10 Flutter Advantages

Published On: July 4, 2022
Last Updated: January 6, 2023
Top Flutter Advantages

Flutter is a very commonly heard term in recent times. If you are an IT enthusiast, software developer, mobile app developer, tech lead of a company, or CTO of an organization, you are certainly acquainted with the term Flutter. It is relatively new, with about half a decade of existence in the market. However, within a short time, Flutter has gained a lot of popularity and has given stiff competition to its other counterparts. The popularity of Flutter is majorly due to the wide range of advantages it offers to businesses and software developers equally.

A Brief About Flutter

So, the major question that arises in this regard is exactly Flutter. Many are still confused or are not sure what Flutter is. For their clarification, Flutter is an open-source user interface or UI software development kit crafted by the tech giant Google. It is an extremely portable toolkit for creating great natively compiled web, mobile, and desktop apps from a single codebase. Flutter is extremely helpful in developing cross-platform apps for different platforms like iOS, Android, macOS, Google, Fuchsia, Google, and web from one codebase.

Flutter Advantages

Now, you have a fair bit of idea about what Flutter is and what its uses are. So, let us dive deeper into understanding how Flutter is advantageous for various businesses belonging to different industry verticals without wasting any more time.

1. Turnaround Time is Quick

We all know about the stiff competition in the market, and none can deny that the competition is getting tougher over time. So, everyone is looking forward to getting things done within the shortest possible period. In this regard, Flutter happens to be a very good choice since the overall turnaround time while developing apps with Flutter is readily reduced. This, in turn, proves to be advantageous since less time is taken to launch the app into the market.

The use of Flutter for business enables cross-platform development, thereby reducing the time to market. It means that the finished product is released much faster in the market and gets customer feedback regarding the product. Therefore, Flutter is advantageous for both large businesses and startups planning to launch a new product in the market. For a startup or small company, launching a new app can prove to be crucial for its continued existence. While on the other hand, for a large company or enterprise, it can bring about a high-profit margin.

2. Less Time Required to Develop Code

Flutter plays a significant role in enabling developers to create much more dynamic and quicker mobile apps. It is because the time required to code in Flutter is significantly less as compared to others. Moreover, after coding is done, the developers can make instantaneous code changes and check the app’s outcome almost immediately. Flutter comes with a special feature referred to as the ‘hot reload’ feature, which allows developers to view the applied changes with immediate effect without losing the app’s current state.

It usually takes a few milliseconds for Flutter app developers to rectify issues, add the required functionality, and experiment very quickly. Most of the code’s adjustments, modifications, or tweaks can be made very quickly using the ‘hot reload’ feature. Moreover, the developers can collaborate with the UI or testing team where adjustments can be made rapidly to improve the app, and results can be checked immediately, proving to be extremely beneficial for businesses.

3. Code is Reusable

The code written in Flutter is reusable, which happens to be a crucial benefit of using Flutter for businesses. Once the code writing is complete, it can be easily and conveniently run almost everywhere. Almost 95 percent of the code written in Flutter can be used again. Reusing code is much more convenient and efficient since Flutter comes with its widget library. Most importantly, there is nothing to worry about during app updates or fixing bugs in the existing Flutter code.

The special ‘hot reload’ feature that we discussed above takes very good care of it. With the help of this feature, Flutter takes only a few milliseconds to make the changes in the existing code and reflect the same on the app. It means changes are done and viewed in the blink of an eye. A Flutter developer can get things done for the business applications and launch them into the market in almost half the time, resources, and money compared to Android or iOS developers. So why not try Flutter?

4. Maintenance is Quite Easy

Maintenance of apps after development happens to be a major hassle among business owners. However, Flutter has the right solution in this regard since it is very easy and convenient to maintain. We all know that the release of an application is just the beginning, and maintaining it can be quite a complicated as well as challenging task. Most importantly, proper app maintenance is a time-consuming task and, at the same time, financially unprofitable as compared to developing the app from the point of view of business owners.

Flutter comes to the rescue of business owners by readily reducing the time it takes to incorporate new features into the existing apps and fixing the bugs. Another major benefit of using Flutter here is the availability of plugins and widgets. The customizability, scalability, and immense flexibility of Flutter make it easy to change the necessary functionality without any kind of additional coding, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

5. Flutter Offers Great Performance

Apps developed with Flutter are compiled into machine code with the use of the graphics and visualization engine built into C/C++. It is precisely the reason why Flutter apps are very quick and offer great performance, which is preferred by every business. Technically speaking, Flutter applications have the potential to stably deliver 60 frames per second on almost every device and about 120 frames per second on the devices supporting Flutter.

The use of Flutter for business provides a noticeable rise in terms of productivity as compared to using other available cross-platform technologies. It is undoubtedly one of the reasons for the preference of Flutter by businesses and app developers equally. Speaking about cross-platform technologies, Flutter has a notable advantage over its counterparts in visualization as well as the performance at the time of building native apps.

6. Excellent for Advanced User Interfaces

Flutter happens to be an excellent choice for advanced user interfaces. Flutter has the potential to generate the entire interface by making use of an internal graphics engine known as Skia, which is similar to the one used in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Sublime Text 3. The behavior of Flutter is very different from that of most of the other mobile app development frameworks available in the market because of its superiorly quick and well-optimized software.

The use of Flutter is comparable to developing game code. Starting with the OS or operating system, the developers encounter a blank canvas on which the program creates each element of the user interface. Flutter is just excellent where modifications in components of apps are required. It is extremely simple to develop aesthetically appealing custom user interface components that function smoothly without any kind of interruption on both Android and iOS. Therefore, the cross-platform of Flutter is perfect for building applications with highly complicated as well as customized user interfaces.

7. Scalability is Optimum in Flutter

It is understood that business needs and requirements will not remain the same forever. Therefore, scalability plays a significant role in software growth. It is certainly not a realistic choice to go for software updates now and then with the evolving needs of the business over time. Hence, scalability is undoubtedly one of the crucial factors associated with business app development. However, with Flutter, there is simply nothing to worry about since it has optimum scalability.

Flutter comes with Firebase, which is famous for its high performance and scalability. Firebase in Flutter provides scalability by linearly scaling the software according to the data size. This, in turn, allows the developed application to serve a few to a million users without needing any modification in the code. Moreover, integrating Flutter into existing apps is quite easy and convenient, which is another major benefit for businesses looking forward to integrating Flutter into their native business apps. With Flutter, there is no need to write the codes again, and it offers a very simple & smooth onboarding process with its libraries & sub modules.

8. Superior Community Support Backed By Google

The mother of Flutter is Google which is undoubtedly a great benefit. It is because we all know how the tech giant provides consistent support to the platform, technologies, and others under it. Google provides regular updates and fixes all arising issues. So, Flutter also gets the same benefit from the superior community support of Google. Most importantly, the community of Google grows day by day, which offers relentless support proving to be immensely beneficial for businesses.

The rising popularity of Flutter can be easily understood from the 25k stars on GitHub. In addition to this, Google organizes different meet-ups on a regular basis which play a vital role in assisting developers and businesses in catching up as well as discussing different bugs in Flutter, discussing new things, and learning how Flutter is beneficial for businesses, etc. Therefore, while using Flutter apps for business, there is nothing to worry about the support required by developers and other upgrades since Google is present to take care of it.

9. Access to Device Features

One of the major reasons why businesses are confused about making use of cross-platform solutions is the difficulty or challenge of accessing the native features. The points of differentiation of business apps usually include GPS, camera, haptic feedback, and a few more. However, with Flutter, all of these functionalities are available while building an application which proves to be immensely beneficial for businesses as the access to device features is pretty convenient.

It might be needed to configure iOS code or Android code in Objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin while developing an app. In this regard, Flutter has the solution. Flutter uses Dart, which happens to be the primary programming language in its building. To make the required configuration in Flutter, a specific method referred to as platform channels are used to transfer data to Dart. Flutter also has channels for the bulk of native mobile apps’ functionality so that the developers need not have to write the code for the same.

10. Extremely Cost-Effective in Nature

Another important benefit of using Flutter for business is its cost-effective nature. Flutter proves to be highly advantageous for business projects with a limited budget. The framework is extremely helpful in saving a significant amount on the development cost for businesses. Firstly, Flutter is an open-source platform which means it comes for free, and zero investment is required by businesses to buy Flutter. Secondly, Flutter supports multiple platforms as it is suitable for cross-platform development. It means that the developed applications can easily reach a larger audience at a reduced cost.

Thirdly, Flutter needs fewer working hours for the development team, which helps in direct saving of costs at the time when businesses hire developers at hourly rates. In the hourly payment model, businesses need to pay developers as per their hourly rates. Previously, two different development teams were required to create native apps for iOS and Android. However, with the use of Flutter, one development team is sufficient, which saves cost. Thus, developing a business app with Flutter needs less human, material, and financial costs, which is extremely beneficial for businesses.


After reading through the post, it is clearly understood how Flutter benefits different businesses. Therefore, as a business owner, it becomes important to understand the power of Flutter and leverage its benefits in the best possible manner for the growth & development of their business. In this regard, getting in touch with a professional Flutter App Service provider is always recommended to make the best out of Flutter for your business in 2023.

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