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Advantages of eCommerce Mobile Apps over Physical Stores

If you look at the market trend of the last decade, you will find irrefutable proof of the declining popularity of brick and mortar store in favor of online mobile stores. There are many reasons behind this gradual shift of people towards the online stores.

If we just look at the past year’s statistics we will find that in 2016 the total number of online shoppers in the US alone was more than 209 million which increased to 215 million in 2017 and is likely to hit the 225 million marks in 2020.

In the Asia Pacific region, this figure is going to cross the magic 1 billion mark out of which Indian shoppers will account for nearly 100 million.

If you are an online retailer, then us explain through a few points of how this situation is going to pan out in the future so that you get a better perspective about the situation to exploit it to your benefit.

As online shopping increases, so will the use of mobile apps related to this field. If you know how this market will behave in the future, you will be in a better position to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

A sound investment in mobile apps for your business will help you provide a better user experience to your customers and at the same time increasing the profitability of your company.

The evolving technology is fuelling the craze of online mobile stores

If we look at this data carefully and try to analyse what is driving the online retail shopping, then the biggest factor that is pushing this growth is evolving technology.

We have listed some of these factors below for your ready reference.

Using online advisors to sell products online :

Earlier, when you used to visit online retail sites or mobile applications, you have to look up everything. Compared to this, a brick and mortar store gave you the experience of personal touch in the form of their salespeople.

However, thanks to the immense progress in artificial intelligence, you will get digital advisors in the online retail stores that will guide you to the best possible deal and help you select the trendiest product that will suit you.

Using online advisors to sell products online

The use of chatbots and voice added assistance to improve your online experience

Nowadays, online retails are increasingly using chatbots and voice aided assistants to sell products online. These tools allow the mobile app to provide an interactive guidance that can answer any question related to its field of expertise any time of the day and night.

High level of customization used in eCommerce mobile apps

High level of customization used in eCommerce mobile apps

Online retail companies make use of massive data that is generated through every transaction. Their team analyses these data very thoroughly to tell what sort of products people are looking for. This will give the companies to provide those products through the retail stores to garner a bigger slice of the market.

The emergence of 3D technology in improving the retail experience :

While earlier it was difficult to experience what a product really looks like in the real life, the efficient usage of 3D technology by a mobile application for online store has ensured that you can get the almost real-life experience when you look at the 3D rendered images of different products.

Prompt delivery and return policy :

This is one of the most important factors in the popularity of online shopping. Nowadays, you get delivery within a few days of placing an order and if you find some problem with the product then you got the option of replacing them. You can also pay them online through different methods like internet banking, PayPal, credit & debit cards and through the most popular COD method.

Mobile phones are acting as a catalyst to increase the number of online retail buyers

Mobile phones are acting as a catalyst to increase the number of online retail buyers

Globally, the user base of smartphone users has exploded and the prices of the data packs have hit a rock bottom incentivizing people to access the market through their smartphones. And thanks to the development of responsive website designs, there are now many developers who are seriously working to create readymade eCommerce mobile app for customer conveniences. As more and more companies look to sell their products through the online platforms the need for app developers, website developers and online marketing companies are only going to increase spectacularly in the coming years.

Steps required to create your own eCommerce mobile application

As this phenomenon of online retail is destined to grow bigger and bigger in the coming years, it is time to enter this market and make good money through the right kind of strategies.

Using online advisors to sell products online
  • Do a thorough research of the market for which you wish to develop the mobile app.
  • Find out the emerging requirement of mobile application for online mobile stores.
  • You have to look out how to monetize the app you have developed.
  • Focus on creating a high-powered marketing campaign to put your app in the focus of the market.
  • As an e-commerce android app developer or an e-commerce iPhone app developer, you have to focus on app store optimization.
  • Provide better security to the companies or individuals who are likely to use your app.

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