Advantages and Features of Tourism Apps

Published On: October 4, 2018
Last Updated: June 16, 2023
Advantages and Features of Tourism Apps

Benefits of Tourism Apps for Travel Businesses

Here are some of the advantages of tourism apps for travel & tourism businesses:

  • Tourism apps allow tour or travel agents to understand the customers effectively.
  • Travel agents can provide customized services to the users with the help of a tourism application.
  • Due to tourism apps, agents can have efficient communication with the customers.
  • Tourism industries can offer instant payments to various locations from their app.
  • Using a tourism app, travel agencies can provide all kinds of bookings, such as hotels, cabs, events, etc., at one place.
  • By developing a tourism app, travel agencies can reduce the paperwork and allow travelers to store various documents in the app.

Apart from this, there are various other benefits that a travel or tour business can get by building a mobile app.

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Key Features of Tourism Apps

A tourism app consists of many features. Here we have curated the most important features that you should consider while developing a tourism app.

Travel Itinerary Generator

It is one of the most essential and highly-demanded tourism app features. Using this feature, the users can enter the destination’s name, and the app will instantly plan the entire journey.

Here an app admin continuously includes new tourist spots or custom landmarks and integrates travel plans accordingly.

To provide this feature, you need to incorporate a complex algorithm in your tourism app, and it’s somewhat challenging. Hence, you can approach a travel app development agency, and they will provide you with the best solution.


The second most important thing users want after the travel itinerary is the bookings. After deciding the destination, the user will look for their travel tickets and accommodation for the location. Here, they are looking for something affordable, secure, and reliable.

Hence, you can integrate a booking system in your tourism app that allows users to compare prices, set reminders, and get reminders about any hotel deals and discounts.

Booking Feature in Tourism App

One of the most important things about the tourism mobile app booking feature is that it must be effortless to use. If users find it challenging to use, then you won’t get bookings & your app might get uninstalled.

You can also collaborate with various hotels and flight companies to provide exclusive deals and offers to the users.

Apart from this, you can also provide a referral bonus and other related offers to users. The main purpose here is to attract a vast number of users, along with providing better service.

We have developed Looney Trips, a travel booking app for our client.

Looney Trips

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After reaching the desired destination, a user is generally looking for a hotel, cafe, or any nearby place for relaxation. Hence, you need to integrate the geolocation feature.

It is essential as it allows users to know their current location and discover various nearby locations. Here, they don’t require any local guide or tour services.

Geo-Tracking Feature in Tourism App

This feature also allows users to find various public transport facilities available in their area quickly. Hence, they can reach their destination with ease.

To integrate this feature, you can go with Google Maps SDK, which is available for Android and iOS devices.

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Weather Forecasting

When tourists book their tickets, they are also worried about the weather of the particular place.

Due to any climatic change, tourists are forced to change their plans for the trip. So, if you provide a real-time weather feature, then that will become the biggest plus point of your tourism mobile app.

One of the most popular weather forecast apps is Accuweather; it allows users to check the weather of any place.

If you integrate this tourism app feature, users will not have to install any other app. This feature will not only allow users to check the weather of their destination in advance but also help them to plan the trip accordingly. It must also enable users to check various things like wind speed, humidity, etc.

Language Translator

Language translator will be one of the most challenging tourism app features to integrate into your travel application. However, if you add this feature to your tourism app, users will get hooked to your app.

Language Translator Feature in Tourism App

Most users who are traveling to the destination don’t have an understanding of the local language of the location. Due to this, there is a communication gap between app users and localities.

By adding the language translator feature, users will also be able to scan texts for visual translation, real-time voice translation, and any text. Also, this will help you to improve the user experience.

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Digital wallet

Carrying cash while traveling may not always be a good idea considering the exchange hassle and of course, the possibility of theft or losing the luggage or wallet.

This additional feature facilitating digital payments allows for a comfortable mode of transaction and ensures a safe trip. Users can shop and make their payment using digital modes of payment. For instance, they can make payments for hotel reservations and travel online.

Tourists prefer to pay online. So, if your tourism app has features of online payment, it will give your customers a rich experience. Online payment is not only time saving, but it’s also very secure.

Security is the biggest question in this digitized world for online transactions; however, today’s technology has removed this fear from everyone’s mind.

Moreover, all mobile app development companies are using the latest encryption technology for encrypting information so that it can’t get hacked by anyone.

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Social Travelling

This new trend is catching on; it allows the traveler to share plans for travel with another traveler having similar travel interests. It provides the traveler with a travel buddy and allows sharing the travel cost making it an economical way to travel.

In other words, this feature can connect the traveler with the local users of the app so that they can have an enhanced experience of the visit.

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Currency Converter

Currency is one of the best tourism app features that you shouldn’t forget to include in your app.

Currency Converter Feature in Tourism App

Various users face issues when it comes to exchanging currencies. When you include this feature in your tourism app, users can instantly know the exchange currency rates. Also, it should allow users to track the present and the earlier variations of the currency rate.

World Clock Time Converter

Due to crossing time, various users face difficulty in checking the exact changes in the clock times. It is a crucial feature that allows users to know the accurate time of two different time zones across the globe.

World Clock Time Converter

Moreover, when you provide a world clock time converter, tourists will not look out for any other time converting apps.

Washroom Finder

Finding a suitable washroom in case of emergency is the basic need of any traveler. Various users have gone through this condition and suffered too. Therefore, including the washroom finder feature would be highly beneficial for the app users.

Cab Service Integration

Vehicle services are highly crucial for any tourism application. For example, most users look for cab service to reach their hotel or visit any of the attractions in the city.

Hence, integrating the cab service feature in your tourism app will attract more users and enhance their travel experience.

Location based Emergency Services

Emergencies can arise anywhere and anytime; hence, location-based emergency services are a necessary element for your tourism app.

When you are developing your tourism app from travel app developers, ensure that they include emergency phone numbers & locations as per the category and area/region. Due to this, users can instantly get the desired service.

Reviews and Ratings

Rating and reviews have become one of the most integral parts of any tourism application. New-age travelers love to read reviews about any place before they plan to visit that place.

According to TripAdvisor, 80% of their users spend four weeks reading reviews of various users on the platform. This indicates the importance of reviews on a tourism app.

Therefore, you should make sure that there are reviews of various places on your app. By this, users will view reviews and ratings about any place and then decide to book a place.

On the other side, you should allow the app users to share their experiences in the form of reviews & ratings and connect with other fellow travelers.

This will increase awareness about your app and assist various hotels, cars, etc. in improving themselves.

Wrapping Up

We hope you have understood the key benefits and features of the tourism apps. So, if you are running your tourism business offline, this is the time to take it online.

Investing in a tourism app is an investment in the future of your travel and tourism business. It allows you to connect with travelers on a deeper level, cater to their unique preferences, and provide them with unforgettable experiences that will keep them coming back for more.

If you want to develop a tourism app for your business, reach out to us now.

GuruTechnoLabs is a leading travel app development company. We possess a dedicated team of developers who have years of experience in building the best tourism apps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. How do mobile apps benefit the travel and tourism industry?

The main benefit of mobile apps is that it makes the booking smooth and reduces the paperwork. Using gadgets, people can save their flights, hotel, and other bookings online. It reduces a lot of hassle.

Q 2. What do people want in a travel app?

People want to make their trip as smooth as possible. Hence, they look for many services in a travel app like hotels, restaurants, places to visit, rental services, and more.

Q 3. What is the purpose of a travel app?

The primary purpose of a travel app is to allow users to book and manage their travel while moving anywhere in the world.

Q 4. What makes a good travel app?

A good travel app provides solutions to the users’ problems instantly. The app’s interface should be such that users can access all essential things effectively.

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