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With our comprehensive mobile app porting services, now port your app to the desired platform to reach a wider audience and generate higher revenue.

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Port Android to iOS

Port Android to iOS

Our mobile app developers analyze your Android app and identify which sections can be reused. Further, we create native components using the iOS-based tech stack & following the human interface guidelines of the platform. Lastly, we port the Android app to the iOS app without affecting its performance.

Convert iOS to Android

Convert iOS to Android

Our team is familiar with the design specifics of the Android platform. We know inside-out the concept & architecture of your iOS app. Then, our app porting specialists use existing code and integrate new Android components to convert the app from iOS to Android by keeping the design & functionality the same.

Porting Cross-Platform Apps

Porting Cross-Platform Apps

With the increasing benefits of cross-platform apps, businesses are going crazy to port their native apps to cross-platform technology. Our highly-skilled team of developers ports your app to cross-platform framework without affecting its features, functionalities, design, structure, and performance.

Website to Mobile App

Website to Mobile App

Mobile apps have become the go-to source for users to conduct various tasks. Also, mobile apps have helped businesses reach a wider audience, provide better reliability, etc. We convert your website into an app following the best tech stack and help you establish a new platform for your business.

Tech Stack Intraporting

Tech Stack Intraporting

Porting apps to a proper tech stack enables you to enhance the app’s performance and improve business operations. If your existing language or framework is not enough to fulfill the growing needs of your app, it’s time to port it. We Intra port codebase from Objective-C to Swift (and vice versa) or Java to Kotlin (and vice versa) to integrate new features & enhance performance.

Port Mobile Apps to Smart Technology

Port Mobile Apps to Smart Technology

A well-known mobile app development trend is converting apps to smart technologies like wearable or smart TV apps. Our team has expertise in building an ecosystem of connected devices from an existing app and using smart data processing algorithms. They can convert any app present in Android, iOS, or cross-platform into specific smart technology.

Do You Really Need Mobile App Porting?

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Advantages of Porting Your App

  • Multiple platforms help you to generate higher revenue for your app
  • Make your services available on different devices and operating systems
  • Ability to attract a wide number of users across the globe
  • Refine UI/UX of the application
  • You get an opportunity to add more features and enhance the app's performance while porting your app to leading platforms (Android or iOS)
Advantages of Porting Your App

Our App Porting Process

Guru TechnoLabs follows a streamlined process to port your app into the
desired platform without any hassle.

01 Old App Review

First of all we will review the old app

02 Requirements

1. Introduction
2. Perceiving Requirements
3. Advising Solution

03 Design

1. Creating Wireframes/Prototype
2. Designing the Application

04 Development

1. Programming the app
2. Delivering updates
3. Implementing feedback

05 Testing

1. Testing the app
2. Solving the errors
3. Approval from Client

06 Deploy

1. Deploy to App Stores
2. Deliver Source code
3. How to Use Training

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your target audience is present on the platform you have decided to port, then you should go for it. Before porting, ensure that you have a comprehensive understanding of the platform and a strategic plan to attract users to the new platform. Moreover, by porting an app you can integrate new features.

By keeping your app on two different platforms, you can reach a wider audience.

If your purpose is to reach a lot of users, then go with Android. Here, you can earn through ads. If your goal is to earn instantly from the users, then go for iOS.

If you have enough money and want to reach more users, then port your app to multiple platforms.

No. Porting an app from one platform to another is similar to custom mobile app development. The one difference is that a sufficient amount of code could be used again. It saves a lot of time and cost.
Absolutely. Your existing business along with screens, design, content, etc., would be transferred to the new platform. With the availability of the latest technology, tools, cross-platform frameworks, etc., you won't find any change in the current app and the new app.

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