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As a professional mobile app design company, we follow a human-centric approach to create a user-friendly, responsible and scalable app design that blends well with your industry trends and helps you get exponential customer engagement on various devices.

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How do we design the UI/UX of an app differently?

Here are some of the most crucial aspects that we consider while designing any mobile app:

1. App Design Research

Our designers research the visuals and necessary design elements needed for your industry. After doing research, we design a futuristic UI/UX app design that sets you apart from the competitors.

2. End-User Design

We create your app design by keeping the end-users in mind. Our designers utilize modern tools & experience to design an app that your customers fall in love with.

3. Conversion-Focused

We follow a streamlined process to design a modern and high-engaging app. Our designers focus on building a funnel that gives output in fewer steps and gives a great UX for better conversions.

4. Integrate Design Trends

Our app design experts keep themselves updated with the latest app design trends. We further integrate the latest trends to create an eye-catchy and intuitive design of your mobile app.

5. Design Guidelines

Our designers create app designs according to the design guidelines given by Apple and Android. We keep evolving ourselves by building attractive, reliable, and scalable app designs.

Our Ideas Process of Mobile App Design

As a well-known mobile app design agency, we follow a unique approach to deliver exclusive design solutions for every business. We invest enough time in the process to create a personalized app design. Here is our ideal app design process:

1. Define Requirements of Project

Each project begins with requirement gathering. We list out all the business goals and then build a roadmap suitable for the industry and business.

3. Ideation of Project

Based on the research, our designers create a rough structure and list down design ideas that resolve users’ issues and help to achieve business goals.

5. Testing and Evaluation

We lastly conduct usability testing and UX assessment to evaluate the interaction of the design. We then create an engaging UI/UX design for your app.

2. Conduct Research

We carry out thorough research to analyze potential audience, competitors, & overall business. It helps us to discover the best possible design solutions.

4. Wireframing and Prototyping

Our team creates wireframes and mockups to get a visual experience of the design. Further, the team then builds a clickable prototype to understand the app design thoroughly.

Our Recent Mobile App Design Projects

We have created various user-friendly, attractive, and modern mobile app designs for clients worldwide. Have a look at some of the latest designs we have made for our clients:

Abha Social App
Quick Invoice Maker
ZoMate App

Tools We Use to Create Modern UI/UX Design

Building an attractive UI/UX design requires various tools. Here are some of the most popular tools we use to deliver intuitive and user-friendly app design for Android and iOS platforms.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • After Effects

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you sign an NDA agreement for my project?

Yes, we sign an NDA with every client before initiating the project.

Q: How long does it take to design an app?

There is no fixed time to design an app. It involves a lot of things. Generally, the estimated time for app design is calculated based on the complexity, type of app, industry, business, and designer experience.

Q: How much does mobile app design cost?

There is no standard cost for designing a mobile app. The app design cost relies heavily on the complexity, type of app, prototype, wireframe, developer location & experience, and more.

Q: How much does an app designer cost?

The cost of an app designer starts from $15/ hour, and it can go up to $100/hr. It varies based on the app designer’s location and experience.

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