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Guidelines to make best eCommerce website

As more and more companies are joining the Internet platform to sell their product, they must focus on their websites to make it both attractive as well as engaging.

Here we are going to give you some guidelines for building best eCommerce website, which if you follow, will improve the user experience of your customers when they visit your website resulting in better conversion.

While implementing these points you must understand that the requirements of building a good and interesting website keep changing and you must engage the services of an eCommerce expert in this field to nail the idea correctly.

Select memorable domain for website

Get a good domain name for your website

When you are building a website to launch your eCommerce business make sure to get a good domain name for your website.

A custom domain will give your website better brand recognition and will also be helpful in your SEO strategies.

Choose the platform

If you want to target those audiences who use laptops or desktops to browse the internet, then it makes sense to develop the website.

However, if you want to connect with the mobile audiences, then you should choose between the Android or iOS platform (Mostly used platforms). However, we will suggest that while the initial investment would be on the higher side, it makes sense to pay extra and ask the mobile app developer to design the app targeting all the three popular platforms; Windows, Android and iOS.

eCommerce development platform selection
Attractive product discount

Make your website conducive for buying products

If you have an attractive looking website with great graphic designs but if it is not geared for selling products then it will fail in its attempt to get more customers. By gearing to sell product means, the website is not properly designed so that the products could be displayed in a better fashion and the buy button is not placed in a prominent position.

When you are designing the website make it a point to instruct the website designer that the design should be such that it is easy for the customer to look for any object of his choice and it must be mobile responsive. If the company is selling several products, then put the products into different categories and sections. Additionally, you should also regularly provide discounts and special offers to attract more customers to the website. You can also provide free shipping and installation (in case of electronics items) to get their attention faster.

You should have a clear logo of your company

The logo of a company is a reassuring presence for the buyers that tells them that the website is genuine and they will get the best deal here. Business runs on perception and the eCommerce website that you want to promote will get a great push if you are able to convince the visitor about the quality and commitment of your company. And in this effort, the logo of a company plays a great help in improving the brand recognition of your company.

design a clear company logo

Provide your customer latest news and deals

Provide latest product news to customers

To improve the brand image of your eCommerce company in the eyes of your customer, you should always try to provide them with the latest offerings. It is important that you should share with them the news of an upcoming product; it’s likely price and features. This will make your customer becoming interested in that product and you will get a customer by just posting the news of upcoming gadget news on your website. For doing this, you will need to instruct an eCommerce development company to allocate space for this section in your website.

Set your branded products on the first page itself

If you are planning to create an online store selling several products, then always put the branded products on the first page itself. Most first-time customers are not so sure about what kind of product they should buy. For such buyers when you put the branded products upfront, then they find it easy to make a decision in selecting a product of their choice from the known brands.

Always put featured products in first page

Put the shopping cart, login and search feature

eCommerce website must have features

Make sure that the eCommerce website developer you have hired to build your website puts the login, search and cart features. These are the essential elements in any successful eCommerce website and your eCommerce website should have them. A login box will help you to get the email and other information about your customers and also aid you to analyze their buying patterns. The shopping cart will help your customer to put and track multiple products in their cart.

The search box will assist them to quickly go to that portion of the website where the product they are looking for is displayed.

Clear and prominent looking payment icons

When your clients have selected their products, then the next stage is to pay for them. Here you have to be extra careful and ask the website development company to provide all the popular mode of payments that most eCommerce stores have like credit/debit cards, gift vouchers, cash on delivery, online banking, PayPal and others. Always keep the payment option safe with integrated SSL for secure payment handling. You can add firewalls and OTP options to ensure that hackers do not get protected information of your customers.

eCommerce website payment integration

Importance of AI and VR in eCommerce website

eCommerce enhancement with AI and VR

As the development in Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality scale new heights, it is no surprise that website designers are increasingly using these twin forces in combination to provide a fantastic experience to the retail shoppers. New powerful and affordable devices are helping eCommerce websites to use AI and AR to provide a real-world experience to the customers.

Many eCommerce websites are experimenting with the idea providing a new feature of ‘trying before purchasing’ in their store. One such example in the eCommerce stores is that it allows the customer to try some outfit to see how they look in it and purchase it only if they are satisfied with the looks. This will go a great length in minimizing return of goods wherein the customers do not like the product after trying it on in their homes.

Use automation for greater ROI

An eCommerce website is open 24x7. It is impossible for a company to have a human oversight of their operations round the clock. To help them tackle this issue, they can ask the eCommerce website developer to use automation technique. Increased use of automation not only makes the entire eCommerce operation smoother, but also provide the customer with uniformly high-quality service at all times.

Automation implementation in eCommerce website

Use Machine learning to increase your conversion rate

Integration of machine learning in eCommerce

Among the latest features that website developers use to create an eCommerce website, machine language is getting much prominence. Machine language is used by developers to improve the efficiency of the virtual assistant of your website. The advantage of using machine language for providing better customer service is that it has the ability to evolves with time. Machine language can look at the buying pattern of an individual over a few months and deduce what are the items that he looks at when he comes online to buy a product.

It can then use the information to send a personalised email to that buyer asking whether he wish to reorder those items. This personalised touch goes a long way in improving the brand loyalty of an eCommerce website.

Targeting mobile users to improve traffic

Several studies done on the shopping profile of people suggest that most youngsters use their smartphones to shop online. It is therefore important that online retail stores use responsive design and voice search option to attract more buyers. It is a big challenge for the eCommerce website developer to provide optimum experience to the buyers on the small display of their smartphones. You can also use the voice assistant to rely the information about the product so that your client does not have to squint to read all the lengthy information on the small screen.

Mobile responsive eCommerce development

Similarly, you can configure your eCommerce site with the latest in voice assistants called Alexa. It will give your client the flexibility to not only look for different products but also order them online through voice commands.

Role of blockchain and crypto currency in eCommerce

Blockchain and cryptocurrency

It is always a wise choice to provide more payment options to your buyers. And one of the hottest modes of payments that most retailers are cashing on these days is the cryptocurrencies. Many world renowned online retailers accept payment in bitcoins and even the customers find paying through bitcoins more rewarding. Bitcoins are a more secure mode of payment and they have no transaction fees associated with them. Thus, you should have the bitcoin payment option included in your eCommerce website.

More delivery options

If you are selling multiple products, then you should also have different delivery options for them. The reason being that there are some special items that are required to be kept at a specific temperature and needs special handling like flowers, medicines and other objects. Similarly, valuable items like jewellery require secure home delivery. Thus, if you are looking to increase your product portfolio, then you should also focus on increasing the shipment options.

Flexible delivery options in eCommerce

Storefront apps to focus on the buyers on the go

eCommerce mobile app development

Instead of relying on the traditional website, you can also develop a storefront app for your business. It has been observed that any individual who takes time and effort to download an app is more likely to use it to buy goods and services through it. Therefore, you should hire the services of a mobile app developer to build a dedicated app for your online retail site.The app will allow you to provide customized service to your customers besides giving you the option to mount a highly focused marketing campaign to woo them to buy any new product or inform them about any deals that you are providing.

These are some of the essential elements of any successful eCommerce website. If you include them in your online retail site, it will improve the user experience and attract more traffic to your website. However, the design and function of websites do not remain static and you have to be always on the lookout for any new feature that will help you to improve the buyers experience tremendously.

Use social media platforms

Research in purchase pattern of different buyers have shown that many of them have visited different eCommerce websites by clicking on the links provided on the social media platforms. It is important that you first try to find out those social media platforms where your targeted audiences go and then put the link to your website on those social media platforms.

Influence of social media in eCommerce

Want to start with an ecommerce website for your business?

Google analytics integration in eCommerce website

Use Google analytics to improve your SEO strategy

You should also make full use of the Google Analytic tool to find out which features of your websites are accessed by the buyers the most. This will give you the chance to look at those features which are not used optimally and try to make some changes in them so that the viewers should also make use of them. This will improve your SEO strategy thereby improving the ranking of your website.

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