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Future of retail industry with mobile commerce app development

We are living in very exciting times, wherein we can see how mobile commerce development is acting as a great technology disruptor for shopping.

Mobile commerce app development has completely revolutionized the online shopping experience and experts believe that in the next 3 to 5 years we will see amazing changes that will make online shopping an altogether different experience.

Artificial intelligence will make engagement through eCommerce mobile apps more natural:

Artificial intelligence has developed into a very potent force that will improve the interaction through mobile apps tremendously.

Here we will like to share with you some of the important parts that AI will play in eCommerce storefront application development.

Global AI in Retail Market Size through 2016 to 2026 (in Billion)

a). AI is immensely helpful in offering better predictions and recommendations to the customers who are using your app.

Virtual Assistants like SIRI will help you understand how important AI has become to interact with your customers in a more personalized way thereby increasing the conversion rate dramatically.

b). You can use AI effectively to not only retain your existing customer base but also improve the sales figure through strategic data mining.

AI can scour through the customer data and analyze the buying pattern of an individual customer so that it can automatically provide push notification and emails of any new offer on a product which might interest them.

c). To engage with the customers on a real-time basis, retail owners are increasingly investing in a retailer’s app with chatbot integration.

The interesting part when you use chat bot integration in your eCommerce app is that it can provide the customer with a highly personalized service without human supervision any time of the day.

This will very useful to you if you want to target those customers who want to shop late at night due to their paucity of time in regular business hours.

d). To improve the engagement quality with your customers, you can even synchronize your chat box with different messaging options like Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp and others.

This integration with social messengers not only improves your reach but also helps you to gather the online data of your target audience which will help you design your business model in a more effective manner so that you get more profit.

Augmented reality will completely change the shopping experiences through mobile commerce apps:

Augmented Reality has an immense potential to make the shopping experience more real for the customers and profitable for the retail store owners.

The amazing progress of Augmented Reality applications has enabled mobile commerce app developers to introduce certain buying experience which was earlier not possible.

Augmented Reality in Retail Industry

a). AR is rapidly obliterating the distinction between online retail store and mortar store through real-life experience that enhances the online shopping experience of the buyer.

b). AR is allowing the consumers to use the product which they want to buy virtually to see how good it would look in real life before they make any decision whether to buy it or not.

For example, if you are selling paints through your online app then you can add a feature which allows the customer to take photos of all the walls of his room and apply the paints available in your online store virtually on them to see how they look in real life. This will allow them to have more informed decision-making capabilities.

c). AR allows you to provide your consumer with a more immersive online retail store experience.

AR can use 3D imaging technology to ensure that the individual who is using your app will feel like he is in a real store (the only thing missing will be the tactile experience).

d). As an online retail store owner, you can add AR to your eCommerce app to have an effective advertising campaign for attracting more traffic to your website.

Where is your market located?

Location of the market has a very important impact on the platform you have to choose to reach out to the majority of your audience.

If your market is situated in Africa, Asia or Latin America then you must focus on the Android platform as this platform is very popular in these markets.

As the Android platform is available on both baseline, mid-level to high-level smartphones, you will find that most of your audience is in these emerging markets use this OS to access the Internet.

If your market is in the first world countries like in Western Europe or America, then you have to focus on the iOS platform for eCommerce mobile application development to reach out to your targeted audience.

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One click ordering integrated with your mobile commerce app development:

The new form of one-click ordering in mcommerce shopping cart is replacing the current cart system in many online stores.

In this method, your customer can include information in their one-click setting like their bank details, shipping addresses, email etc.

Once they click on a particular product displayed in your online store to buy, then the algorithm within the app will automatically use the saved setting data and connect with their bank account.

Once they make the payment, the product will be shipped to the saved address in their one-click setting and then an email will be sent to their account which they have already saved in the app setting.

This will eliminate the problem of cart abandonment and increase your sales significantly.

Use omnichannel experience in retail mobile app development:

While using the mobile app to buy something online has many advantages it does not give you the satisfaction of holding the product in your hand as well as instant gratification.

You can give your customers this experience by blending your brick and mortar store with your retailer app.

omnichannel experience in retail mobile app development

Your customer can use the dedicated app of your company to find out if there are any new products or discounts available in your WooCommerce, BigCommerce or any other store and then go to your store to look for those products which they want to buy and avail any discount available on it.

Omnichannel allows you to use the onboard GPS of your customer’s smartphone to find their location, and if they are near your brick and mortar store then send push messages of any interesting products available in your store which they may find attractive.

This will help you to improve traffic to your brick and mortar store thereby increasing your sale.

Provide highly personalized sales pitch through your mobile commerce app:

Latest trends in the retail mobile commerce app are veering towards the idea that the customer is the best judge of what is good for him.

This is allowing the online retail store to offer a personalized shopping experience through their mobile app.

through your mobile commerce app

This will help your business significantly as you will offer your customer the chance to design an item (through online options available in the app itself) that will satisfy his needs with those features that he finds important.

This type of custom design of products will help you to attract new customers and get repeat orders through your mobile app.

Make use of automation in mobile commerce development solutions:

If you look at the latest technological changes in the world online retail industry, then you will see that automation is going to be a big element in mobile commerce application development in the coming years.

automation in mobile commerce development solutions

Automation can help you gather business intelligence regarding the buying habits of your customers, create product reviews and also conduct a customer loyalty program to reward your repeat customers.

M-Commerce app automation will help you to run your online business with less manpower (thereby reducing costs) but with highly effective service to attract even more customers to your online business.

Use product tagging to improve customer engagement through the retailers app:

If you have many products in your online retail shop inventory list, then sometimes it becomes harder for your customer to find the product of their choice easily.

To overcome this challenge, mobile app developers use the tagging method with keywords for select products so that people can easily find them through the search button.

Tagging is one of the most important elements that can help the customer in searching for a product in your store. If you want your customers to find the item of their choice quickly without any hassle then you can adopt this method.

This will improve your ROI considerably as well as help you in retaining the existing customer base through improved buying experience.

Increase in cloud-based e-commerce mobile application for an enhanced experience:

Mobile app developers are relying more and more on cloud-based application to improve the online buying experience of the customers.

Increase in cloud-based e-commerce mobile application

If you have a small brick and mortar store then you can invest in m-commerce mobile app development by using cloud computing to improve your marketing as well as the selling process.

Cloud computing not only helps a business to use their dedicated app to sell their products to a large audience but also ensures that the user get required information very fast in-app.

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The high-growth in the retail sector through a dedicated mobile app is going to grow stronger in the coming years.

If you want to use this channel to help your business grow by improving the customers experience then contacting a mobile app development company for building a retailers app is the right way to go.

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