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The Future of Ecommerce

Companies all over the world are trying their best to provide their customers with some value-added service that will make online shopping smoother as well as enjoyable. And in this endeavor to improve the user experience of their customers, eCommerce sites are increasingly relying on newer technological innovations.

One such innovation that has the potential to completely change the way we buy products from the online retail sites is the use of Voice assistant like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Homepod. So, let’s see what will be the future with trends of eCommerce.

Voice command

As voice command app development process is becoming more refined, different companies are using them increasingly so that they can be distinguished from their competitor’s basic e-commerce website.

Advanced ecommerce with voice assistant

Many companies are also using the AI app with voice command features to connect the customer interface with the website, people are finding it amazingly easy to order something they desire just by issuing a voice command.

Powerful voice assistants like Alexa with its easy to recognize the native language, as well as different accents, make it one of the favorite voice assistant that is slowly but steadily getting recognition worldwide for its effective uses.

Voice command integrated with mobile apps

Voice command integrated with mobile apps

If you have an e-commerce website and you are not using the power of voice command to boost your business then you are losing a big time. Nowadays, more and more people are using their smartphone as their personal shopping space.

If you want to exploit this significant number of the customer to buy your product, then the first step will be to build a voice command commerce app for the mobile devices.

Power of Alexa

As online commerce sites are relying more on the voice assistants and AI integrated chatbots, shopping has become more conversational in nature. While many companies have tried to use the power of voice command to improve their user experience, none of them quite succeeded like the new kid in the block Alexa.

The secret behind the effectiveness of this voice assistant the evolving Alexa skill development that Amazon is working on to make it one of the most popular voice assistant globally.

voice command app development

For any E-commerce site to flourish in this ever-changing world of technology, it has to adapt to newer technologies. Additionally, it has to have a much faster and create cross-channel and cross-device marketing strategies that will be able to sync seamlessly with the screen of a device and the voice assistant that will use AI to provide the customer with different solutions.

If your company already has an eCommerce mobile app through which your clients can access your products, then make sure to upgrade it and provide a voice command option in it. You can ask your mobile app developer to provide Alexa integration in e-commerce app so that you stay one step ahead of your rival in technology incorporation.

Besides, if any of your clients want to experience the power of Alexa to see the product on your e-commerce website then he will be able to do it effortlessly. This will improve the goodwill of your website in the mind of your clients.

Brand recognition

brand recognization with Amazon alexa

Voice assistants like the Alexa can also be used successfully to create brand awareness by investing in creating an audio signature tune for different brands.

This kind of development will surely improve the brand recognition. Companies are using every trick in the book to ensure that their brands to impress their targeted audience and voice induced marketing is one of the ways.

Creating content for the voice assistants

Experts are expecting a huge upsurge of contents that can leverage the power of voice assistants to provide a better experience to the viewers. Only those brands that will able to create a positive image of their products in the mind of the customer will be able to survive in this highly dynamic market.

ecommerce web optimization for voice search

This will force them to use the reach and simplicity of the voice assistant like the Alexa to the hilt and improve both their brand recognition as well as their own SEO strategy.

Selecting keywords that are popular in voice command

With the increasing use of voice assistant like the Alexa, Siri and Cortana companies are redrawing their keyword selection strategy so that they can use the new disruptor (voice search) to improve ranking.

The next stage of voice command that companies like Amazon are working on and have achieved some success is the integration of AI with voice search. This is a very powerful combination because if your e retail app has a combination of this two new technology then the virtual assistant can look at your past purchase pattern to see whether you are a serious buyer or not.

eCommerce web voice search keyword selection

In case you are a regular buyer of that eCommerce website, then the app on getting command over the voice assistant will use the AI to find out your favourite products and display those for you with special discount. This will help you to improve the customer loyalty for your eCommerce website.

For an eCommerce company, the huge data generated through their online business gives them the information of which contents are getting high volume sales. This can then be used to create a stock for them so that your website is never out of stock for these particular items.

Future trends

Future eCommerce trends of voice assistant predict that in the coming years in eCommerce app development, a customer will be able to see the product of his choice through a hologram. The virtual assistant like the Alexa will be there to explain each feature of the product in detail.

future of eCommerce websites

Many experts even predict that in the foreseeable future, the smart phone with integrated body scanner will be able to create a virtual image of yourself.

You can then put a different dress on this virtual image to see how you will look in different dresses before choosing the one that you like the most. While this future prediction looks like science fiction now, the way the technology is evolving, it will become reality sooner than later.

If you have an eCommerce company then you must adopt these technologies so that your customers are able to experience better service and have an excellent buying experience when they purchase an item from your website.

Want to Stay Ahead of Your Competitor?

Nowadays, interactive graphics design has also made a vital addition to the multimedia feature of a website. Now a visitor can paint the product in different colours and then try to figure out which one he likes the more.

For car companies, the 360-degree tour provided in their websites allow a visitor to experience the viewing of the car in a more engaging way. Similar kind of features is making an appearance on the ecommerce websites.

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