AWS Mobile App Development

AWS Mobile App Development

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, has a variety of services regarding cloud computing. AWS mobile development is quite an essential factor in this day and age, especially if you’re a business owner wanting to expand your online presence.

With AWS services, you can get secure cloud computing through a subscription method. This will help your customers get access to your products and services, facilitating sales and helping in the company’s growth.

Right now, AWS services are among the top providers of public cloud services today, and with good reasons. There are over a hundred such services comprising about nineteen categories.

Wondering what these are and why you need them?

Let’s touch upon a few below:


AWS Lambda is a way for companies to go ‘serverless.’ This doesn’t mean that we don’t need servers anymore, but that companies may not be responsible for managing them anymore.

With this service, you may run your code with the relevant events without any server provisioning. Upload your lines, and Lambda will handle the scalability and any other issues.

After the uploading process, the Lambda function (or the code), also starts working with the configuration information.

These include the resource requirements and function name. You may set the function to run the code automatically when certain events take place.

With this service, it’s possible to build customized back-end services in order to make updates or changes easily. This will reduce the battery drain on user’s phones along with triggering backend applications when they’re in demand.

The best part about Lambda is that it doesn’t require a company to learn any new language, bring in additional tools, or develop more frameworks. This saves the company developers a lot of time as they can utilize third-party libraries as well.

Amazon DynamoDB

DynamoDB is compatible with well-known programming languages such as Python, Javascript, Java, NET, and Ruby.

It’s a cloud database service that’s managed by NoSQL, making it helpful for storing and retrieving large amounts of data at any time. The service is extremely quick, giving you consistent latency in less than 10 milliseconds on average.

This service is ideal for those companies who work in the gaming industry or something with similar requirements. This is because it’s perfect for scalability or any kind of product/service that requires volume, growth, and data.

These include technology, advertising, IoT, and several other sectors. Since there are so many programming languages that are compatible with DynamoDB, you can choose whatever you’re most comfortable with beforehand.

With the full encryption under control, you won’t have to experience all those hassles and difficulties in sorting or saving important sensitive data.

You’ll be able to get complete backups and easy restoration with this service. Besides carrying out load testing, you can use this service for ensuring fast performance of the app.

If you’re not sure how it contributes to monitoring app performance, you can take a closer look at load testing by Stackify so you can easily decide which service to choose.

Amazon Cognito

Cognito is a synchronization service that benefits the users of your app while ensuring security.

This will hopefully raise your reputation as a company. With this service, you’ll be able to create unique profiles for each user, thus enabling a secure authentication for your app.

It’ll allow your developers to add users, sign them in, and give them access control for both mobile and web apps.

With the secure directory of users this service generates, any company can scale up to several million users at a time.

Each user will get their own authentication token, so you’ll be able to assure your audience that their accounts are private and safe.

The app users will be able to sign in using common social identity providers such as Facebook and Google. This means that there shouldn’t be many compatibility issues.

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Wrapping Up

AWS services can be beneficial to build secure, strong, and stable mobile applications for small to big businesses. To develop a mobile application based on AWS, you can reach out to a mobile app development company.

We at GuruTechnoLabs, a professional mobile app development company, can build the mobile app utilizing AWS, considering your business needs and future goals.

You are welcome to share your project details with us, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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