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How to make money through dating app (12 Unique Ways)?

Nowadays the use of dating app is getting very higher. Every person is using the best dating app for finding a perfect match especially youths. In countries like the US and European Union people love to use Dating app for finding their Soulmate.

Now people residing in India and other countries also started use of dating apps. Increasing use of dating app makes curious to use this app. As we know that Dating app is used for finding a perfect partner. Dating apps have solved the issues from customers side and make it more Reliable and more useful.

Developing a dating app requires a lot of time, money, effort and skills that is why the special focus should be made to find ways to monetize it. If you have followed the right strategy, then it gives you return very fast which is a lot more than your investment. You must contact an experienced dating app development company for making a perfect dating app.

If you want to create a dating app like tinder, then you should pay attention on how to make it economically viable. To make your dating app economically viable, you need to find how do dating apps make money and what kind of revenue stream you wish for your dating app.

To make your dating app economically viable, you need to first identify what kind of revenue stream you wish for your dating app.

At present, there are numerous channels through which the revenue can be generated for an app similar to tinder app. You have to decide how many of these channels you should incorporate in your dating app, so that it can generate maximum revenue for you.

Ensuring financially viability of your dating app

If you have a dating app and you are looking to monetize it, then go through the points given below to find out how to monetize the app so that you get the profit that you deserve.

There are different ways through which you can generate revenue through your dating app. Let us try to understand each of these revenue channels to understand how they are important to generate profit through the dating app development.

Here, we have listed some of the revenue channels that you can incorporate in your app to get very good results.


This should be the primary revenue generating path for your dating app.

Any registered user who wishes to avail the services of the dating app must pay a subscription which could be monthly, quarterly or annual.

You can categories the subscription in such a way that when the individual pays a premium amount, then he/she can use more filters to select the right candidate as a soul mate or contact them through the chat option.


You can also offer a premium subscription option, where the registered user will get some extra services.

Some of the services that the premium subscription holder can get may include sending unlimited friend requests with video message which service is not available for ordinary members who can only send limited requests to other individuals.

You can also limit the number of search results displays for profile matching. Free members can see up to 5 records (let’s say) and paid members can see all records.

Affiliate marketing

In this type of revenue generating activity, the app developer asks other service providers like restaurant owners, jewelry store, gift store, bar, and florist to sell their product or services through the dating app.

Affiliate marketing

This allows the affiliate service to target the users of the app and the app developer, in turn, gets a commission for every sale that the affiliate services proves make through the dating app.

Affiliate marketing also helps to boost engagement of a dating app.

Sending gifts

If you are developing an dating app like tinder, then you can add a service for selecting and sending gifts through your app.

This will allow you to generate some revenue by selling gift items through the dating app.

For this, you can open an online gift shop of your own and provide its link on the dating app.

Run Ad Sense advertisements

You can run Ad Sense advertisements through your dating app service subject to some restrictions on the content of your app.

You can use Ad Sense advertisement with your dating app provided there is no adult content in your service menu.

Run Ad Sense advertisements

You must take care that when you are using affiliate marketing as well as trying to target Ad Sense advertisement, the affiliate service should not contain any adult content because it is strictly against the internal policy of Ad Sense.

Use the services of BuySellAds

The Buy& Sell Ads is a service provider that connects advertisers with the publishers.

Through this service, you can advertise about your dating app, which will allow interested advertisers to find out more about your app and contact you to learn about the terms and payment slabs for posting an advertisement on your app.

This will allow you to bypass all traditional methods of looking for advertisers and you will be able to connect with the advertiser directly and negotiate your own price with them.

Promote sponsored posts on your app

To improve your revenue through the dating app, you should follow a policy of allowing sponsored post in your app.

Allow those companies that sell products that are relevant for dating services to post their content in your dating app.

In this way, you not only will provide better services to your app users, but also get more revenue from those companies that are posting sponsored contents on your dating service app.

This type of services can make the app successful. You can get profit as well as popularity for your dating app.

Provide premium advice coaching service

There are several people who are a bit hesitant in approaching the opposite sex confidently and converse with them freely.

Provide premium advice coaching service

You can offer a specialized service that includes tips on proper grooming, how to communicate with another person, and so on.

For these services, you can charge a fixed amount of commission from the service provider.

You can integrate the marketplace into your free dating app and earn commission on each successful transaction.

Make a paid survey

There are many companies who are interested to know about the market demand regarding those services or products that people who use the best dating app wants.

Make a paid survey

You can make use of this demand by conducting paid surveys among your registered users.

Your registered users are the perfect target audience for such surveys and there are many companies who are willing to pay a premium to know the result.

Sponsor Events for Increase Client Base

You can organize social events to popularize your dating app amongst the youth. You have to manage your business online that will help you to gain more customers & increase client base.

For this, you don’t need to hire a big venue, but you can do it on the social media also.

As more and more people will come to know about your app, they will like to download and use it, which will, in turn, get you more subscribers.

People who download dating app are more likely to use the application to find their soul mate. This ensures that the conversion remains significantly high.

And since it’s a paid service, more registered users mean more subscription fee.

Sell your Expertise and Skills

If you have a popular dating app, then you can offer your services for a fixed charge to advise others how to make money on dating app.

There are many advertisers who are keen to use different niche market to sell their products. You can offer your expertise in advising them how to use dating app services to sell their products to the targeted audience.


So, you have seen that there are many ways to earn money through dating app services. You should find the way which is most suitable for your app and audience, and then contact a dating app development company to integrate the monetization method into your dating app.

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