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TutorSmart is a powerful social network website, which assists to bring the students and teachers/tutors together under an umbrella. One of the special things for this tutor finder portal is, students can easily get assistance from other students, who want to provide tutoring and interact with them for further studies on any subject they need. TutorSmart helps setting up profiles to help students advertising their skills. This way students, who need assistance can easily and quickly search for a best tutor that matches their criteria. Whether students who register in the educational portal and are under the age of 18 years, they need parental supervision to keep all information safe, this way the site has been structured.

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Web Features

TutorSmart is a educational marketplace that helps both students and teachers at the same time. The site has build in a unique way that students can interact with other students and tutors at the same time, safe, easy and as quickly as possible.

  • It is a powerful social network site helps students and tutors interaction with each other for studies.
  • It has an extensive feature of registering under 18 students with parental supervision.
  • It is safe, quick and easy to register for tutors and students for communication purpose regarding studies.
  • The site provides a calendar that sets up to show when teachers are available to give lesson to their students.
  • This site helps to ensure the conform booking between students and tutors, in accordance with the availability.
  • After the lesson taken, you can initiate the payment on the application and your students will pay you as quickly as possible.

Challenges & Solutions

We believe every project has certain challenges; sometimes the challenges increase and sometimes decrease. We had interacted with our client different times while doing the project, to make it better, easier and as quicker as possible. We tried to do the project understanding their industry need, so that we could give them better project solution. One of the biggest challenges we did face while doing this project is making the payment connection smooth and easy, and making the connection between students and tutors easy, so that both can rely on the network in regards to studies.

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What Our Client Says

Client has said Guru TechnoLabs did out of the ordinary job building this tutor-student marketplace portal, showing their unparalleled expertise with the project. They did the project with utmost sincerity and clarity. We are happy about the work done by Guru TechnoLabs, making the project beyond our expectation. This was not only a network site but also a through understand to meet the demand of connecting efficient tutors and students through the website.

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