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App Description

Floating Stickies is one of the most trusted and powerful sticky note that is best for managing the essential notes as well as reminders. It can be the best solution to handle the important notes for individual and business personals. In the time you get an open new thought or essential work to do, you can easily and as quickly as adjoin it utilizing the – Floating Stickies, and the application will make you remember about your important work. This app runs smoothly on Android platform, a battery saver mobile app. It is no other than an easy as well as useful application that helps you keep the notes on important things that you may forget, but they are essential for your day-to-day life or business activities.

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Floating notes app features

App Features

Using this app, you can easily add notes; you can quickly resize them and also reduce or delete it very easily.

  • Add your essential sticky notes
  • View the list of all notes for future use
  • Change the background color and text size
  • Copy and share the Stickies
  • You can add widget and use the Stickies as widget
  • You can easily drag the notes from anywhere on the screen you need
  • All the Stickies can be saved for the event of power off or reboot
  • It is simple to use

Challenges & Solutions

We face a challenge when we come to know that our client is about to offer a Phone booster mobile app, which we have gone through earlier in different projects, but have not developed solely, but we did it with full enthusiasm and clarity because of our strong application development team.

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