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Web Description

Your ticket box is a finest and handy ticket booking site helps both customers and event organizers at the same time. This highly efficient manageable ticket booking platforms is good for event organizers who like to add to their event tickets online for sale to their prospective customers, and people like to attend the event, the event can be of many types, can book their tickets, see price of the tickets, see and download the payment details if needed. They can select the event, select the event date and time slot available and choose the rate for the event. On the other hand, event organizers have access to the admin portal to see the number of customers apply for the ticket, rates or the tickets, time slot and other details of the events.

Online Ticket Booking Portal

Online Ticket Booking Portal

Web Features

Your ticket box is a quick and easy manageable ticket booking portal. It is good for customers to book the events and time slot of the events. Through this portal event organizers can sell the event tickets showing the ticket fare and event time in a lucid manner. It helps them sell a ticket online. They can easily track the customer online ticket booking portal volume and prices with the help of customized admin panel. It is a bridge of booking and selling ticket via your ticket box portal between customers and sellers.

  • Customized admin panel for event organizers
  • Tracking ticket booking and ticket price by the event organizers
  • Tracking status of the booking event and price by the customers
  • Downloading the entries quick and easy
  • Selecting the place, event, date, timeslot, and rates

Challenges & Solutions

We are a trusted online event booking website Development Company in India. We have made this portal with special care for the client, because of one big reason. The project has already completed by other service provider earlier, but not in full, but was incomplete. One of the biggest challenges we have faced is we had to understand the entire coding, design and theme to accelerate the project. The site was not a small one, so finding the coding and designing part was a bit time consuming task. Albeit, we have done it properly, because we had taken our project challenge seriously and came up with successful solutions.

Event Ticket Booking


What our client says

Our client was a bit unsure whether we would be able to complete the project in time, because of its incompleteness. But, at the end of the project, he was very happy and appreciated our work. He told that Guru TechnoLabs did their work quite seriously with full dedication. They had strong developing and designing team who made this project and came up with an easy solution that deserves appreciation.

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