About SBS

We have developed a ticket booking platform that allows resort owners to list their events along with packages. The users can check the different events available in the resort and book the event.






4 Months + (Ongoing)


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The client is an owner of multiple resorts and belongs to Spain. He observed that resorts are not able to increase their sales. Hence, he decided to take business online through the potential of web.

What was the main objective of the client?

The main objective of the client was to connect resorts organizing events with people loving recreational activities.

How Guru TechnoLabs helped the client to achieve the objective?

Guru TechnoLabs understood the client’s concern immediately and proposed the client to develop an event booking web application. The client agreed upon us, and thus SBS came into existence.

SBS enables the resort owners to list their resort along with the events. The users can look at the different events offering by resorts in the region and book an event.

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Key Features List

User Side

Book Event
A user can choose a resort, package, date, time, and the total number of people in the web app to book an event.

SKI Card
Every user should have a SKI Card to enter into the resort. If the user doesn’t have the Ski Card, they have to choose a No card during registration. Further, they can collect the CRC number by visiting the resort.

Multiple Payment Options
SBS offers multiple payment options to users, such as credit card or PayPal. Hence, the users can make the payment in their desired method.

Client-Side (Resort Owner)

Request Admin to Create a Web Shop
The resort owner has to make a request to the admin for creating his/her web shop. To achieve this, the client has to provide essential details like resort name, working hours, availability, events, etc.

The client can check various details in the dashboard, such as bookings confirmed, bookings cancelled, total payment, and the total visitors.

Manage Web Shop Profile
The client can modify various details of the profile such as the email, phone number, address, postal code, province, country, etc.

If the client possesses different chains of resorts, then he/she can enter those venue details. Moreover, the client can modify the details of the resorts as per the needs.

The client can decide the overall time period of all the packages listed in the web shop.

Create Profile for Agents
The client can make an agent’s profile based on their request. The agents can further manage the entire ticket booking system through the profile. They can sell tickets for different events held at different resorts and earn a specific commission for every sell they make.

Time Slots
The client can update the time slots & seat availability in a package for the specific month. The user can choose the seats and the time based on their needs.

The resort owner can decide the price of the tickets for adults and children based on the packages.

The resort owner can check all the bookings that are done in the web shop. This includes confirm and pending bookings.


SBS web app has made it easy for resort owners to list their events and people loving recreational activities to book their favorite online instantly.

Technology We Used

  • PHP

  • CodeIgniter

  • MySQL