Abha Social App

We have designed & developed a social application known as Abha for a client in the USA. It allows individuals from all over the world to connect for friendship, spiritual relationship & marriage.

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Abha Dating App

Client’s Background

Our client is a Baha’i who was researching online and thought of an idea to connect Bahai’s from all around the globe. With the help of us, this idea was implemented to reality.

What was the main objective of the Client?

The client was looking forward to creating a platform where Bahai’s from all over the world can connect for friendship, spiritual relationship & marriage.

Abha Dating application

How Guru Technolabs helped the client to achieve this objective?

To achieve the client’s goal, Guru Technolabs developed a mobile app in the Android/iOS Platform. This app supports Bahai’s located across different parts of the world to connect for friendship, spiritual relationship & marriage.

Key Features List

Facebook Login

The user can instantly login using their Facebook ID. The app will instantly extract the user’s data from Facebook. Hence, this reduces the hustle of filling the entire profile details.

Abha User Profile

User Profile

It allows a user to check various details such as birth-date, what they do, profession, etc.

Advanced Search Filters

The app enables a user to apply different filters such as

  • Show profile from country
  • Gender
  • Age Range
Abha Advanced Search Filters
Abha Swipeable Cards

Swipeable Cards

The app allows a user to find a potential date using the swipeable card feature. A user can swipe right to like a person and left to reject a person


When two users swipe right on each other, it’s a match. This is the most essential feature of the Abha App.

Abha Match

Real-time Chat

As soon as the user finds a potential match, he/she will be able to begin a private conversation with the person.

Abha Real-time Chat
Abha Instant Push Notifications

Instant Push Notifications

The user will be able to get instant push notifications when he/she will get a new message, like or a potential match.

Super likes

The user can swipe-up to super like anyone. All the people that a user has super-liked possess a star next to their name. With the help of super like, a user can instantly show interest in a particular match without waiting for a connection to happen.

If a user opts for Abha Plus or Gold version, then he/she will get 5 Super Likes per day. While on the free version, the user will get 1 super like per day. Apart from this, any user can purchase super likes anytime by paying a nominal charge.

Abha Super likes
Abha Get Boosts

Get Boosts

Using this feature, a user can instantly boost its profile. By this, when anyone searches for new matches, the user’s profile will display on top of the list in a particular region.

This feature enables a user to get 10X more profile views. A user can purchase boosts get a nominal price.

If a user chooses to go with Abha Plus or Abha Gold, then he/she will get 1 boost per month.

Infinite Right Swipes

The user can swipe right infinite number of times if he/she purchases the Abha Plus or Abha Gold version.

Abha Infinite Right Swipes

Rewind your last swipe

If a user unknowingly left-swiped to a person that they want to date, then they get one chance to correct their mistake using this feature.

This feature is available in Abha Gold & Abha Plus version only.

Abha No advertisements

No advertisements

The user will be able to hide advertisements if they go with the Abha paid versions.

Hide Age

The user will be able to hide their age. This feature is only available in Abha paid version.

Abha Hide Age

Control Who Sees You

The app allows a user to hide their profile so that other users on the platform cannot find his/her profile.

Abha Control Who Sees You
Abha Block Users

Block Users

The user can block any of the users in the list which they find annoying. After this, they don’t get a chance to unblock them.

Color Scheme and Fonts

Different colors that we have used to build this attractive and user-friendly social application for the client.

  • #0b15d6

  • #edce10

  • #ea1130

Proxima Nova

  • Aa Regular
  • Aa Medium
  • Aa Bold

Technology We Used

Programming Language

  • Swift 4.2

  • Java


  • Xcode

  • Android Studio


  • MySQL


With the help of this platform, the client has provided a platform to all the Bahai’s of the world. It allows Bahai’s from across the globe to connect and make better relationships with each other.