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Inspiration for Real Estate Portal Development : Benefits & Features

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The world is using the internet for all of type activities. The internet has been making the great influence on us. Most of us are using the internet at least 1 hour per day.

We don’t buy anything before reading reviews of that product on the internet. We don’t know how much we are addicted to the internet.

But it’s good! We can review the products and services by sitting at home using the internet. We don’t have to go to various shops for it. And online shopping makes our life much easier. Now, we don’t have to worry about going to market for shopping, get tired and carry the heavy bags!!!!

The internet is influencing various fields, then Why Not REAL ESTATE?

If someone is interested in buying the property, then real estate property listing portals are very helpful to them.

If you are in the REAL ESTATE industry and thinking about building the property listing portal, then it’s an awesome idea!

Let me list the benefits of property listing & real estate portals.

Before it.. . Let me define “Property Listing Portal”

They are the platforms that offer the property buyers and seller a place to get linked with others. The sellers can list their real estate property for selling and buyers can choose the property to purchase as per his requirement from the various sellers.

The benefits of Real Estate Portals are:

1. Saves the time

In this busy world, people don’t have much time to go for searching the home or other property to buy. For these people property listing portals are a boon. They can find an appropriate property as per their need using real estate portals by sitting their home. It saves a lot of time.

2. Fastest Way to Search the Property

Going out to finding the suitable property is a very time consuming process. On the other hand, online searching is the fastest way to find the property as per needs. Within a few minutes, you can see the countless properties.

3. Broad Search

You can get a list of properties from the whole world by just sitting on your PC and searching on real estate property listing site.

4. More Trustworthy

Having an online profile adds to the credibility of the builder or developer. The buyers gain more trust if you have an online profile.

5. Visibility of Online Property

If seller has listed their property on Real Estate portal, then they can get their property visible to buyers and it’s help them to sell their property easily.

6. You will become famous

If you have online buyer or seller profile, then you will get more and more visits and it increase the changes of your business growth.

Considering above benefits, we can conclude that building Real Estate Property Listing Portal is really a nice idea.


What’s your benefit, if you build the Property Listing Portal?

It’s depend upon who you are.. .:-P Yeah…. Really….

  • If you are a broker, then you can get commission form the seller or buyer or from both when some property will sell out using your portal.
  • If you are a not broker and just developed the property listing site, then you can provide paid listing and make money from it. (You can’t directly provide paid services, once your site becomes famous; you can make it paid. But in starting it’s advisable to provide free or freemium (free + paid) services).
  • You can make money from affiliate marketing and advertising also.

Just think more and you will get other ways also.

If you have made up your mind to develop it, then now it’s the question to choosing the website development platform.

The WordPress is the most recommended because it’s easy to manage the website which is developed in WordPress. No need to have much technical knowledge.

There are other platforms like Joomla, Drupal and many others; you can develop it using those also.

The awesome example of the most famous Real Estate Portals are, and

Discuss Real Estate Project with Guru Technolabs

Guru’s 2 Penny:

If you are going to build the Real Estate Property Portal, then make it clear, easy navigation and appropriate filters to search the properties.

Have a look at our project Thailand which we have developed for company inSKY Creative, Thailand.

Real Estate Development Project by Guru Technolabs

Want to visit it? Open:

The Feature Which we had provided in our Thailand Project are:

  • The seller can sign up for an account to upload the property and can upload the images and details.
  • The buyers search for the properties and they can filter the properties by location, builder, Status, Price, Project Sale and details.
  • Buyers can save the property for future viewing.
  • Buyer can send the property to a friend.
  • Newsletter Available to get information about new listings.
  • Decent Website Design and Navigation.
  • Language Translation Feature is also available.
  • User Friendly and SEO friendly Website Design

Do you like this portal and want to develop like it? Or want Custom Real Estate Portal?

Experts at Guru Technolabs, India can build it for you.

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