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YouTube Video Tips & Tricks!


Video become an integral part of Internet users’ online experience. And YouTube is the home of the video.
The term for a video that spreads quickly to a huge audience on the Internet.

If you aren’t doing something on YouTube, You are missing a HUGE opportunity. So you can place your videos on YouTube and can get traffic a huge scale.

In these days Video is easy. You actually have to go out of your way to screw things up.
You have no necessary to go through some video editing guru to get something done- and you don’t need to spend much money to get going.

YouTube Tips & Tricks

1.Create memorable Content

Make sure your video should be are really memorable. This leads right along with finding a unique voice and personally for your YouTube channel. Put a Fun spin on useful content, and make it really memorable.

2.Use Great Video Title

When you upload your YouTube vlogs, don’t give them generic titles; give them really great, eye-catchy title that will catch your viewers’ attention.

When you use a great title that both catches viewers’ attention and uses the keywords that help search engines find your videos, you will be setting yourself up for success.

3.YouTube Thumbnails Images Are Necessary

Along with a great title, though, you will also to take benefit of the visual aspect of the search process and result. YouTube will automatically default to a frame in your video and utilize that as your thumbnail image, but you can change your YouTube thumbnail image to any still from your video when you upload or edit it.

You desire to do this because viewers are more likely to choose your video from the top ranks of their searches if they see an image that clearly shows them that they have found what they have looking for.

4.Know what your format is, and maintain a regular schedule

Nice pointed out that with a few exceptions, pretty much everyone on YouTube whose succeeding has developed basic concepts for shows that they post repeatedly.

5.If you have a separate website for your show, consider hosting options aside from YouTube.

Sticking with one platform does keep all the views in one place if that’s important to you.

6.Being super-active could help with your placement in search results

The algorithm is based on who gets a combination of the most likes, views, comments, favourites, video responses, and views outside of YouTube to a smaller degree. YouTube does not display how much power each of these has in terms of helping the content creators climb the YouTube lists more than others. The more you get of each of these, the better the chances of getting higher on the lists.

7.Music videos are great promotional devices.

If you are interested in promoting the music video then you can also upload it. It becomes a great promotional device.

8.Facebook and Twitter are essential

Facebook and Twitter are also essential for your online popularity. Here you can get feedback, fans for their content.

9.Reach out to communities that are relevant to your videos.

Put your content where people wants from the famous platform relevant content

10.Use Your words, not on-screen text

Telling people in a video to check out a new account or show is more impressive than YouTube annotations.

11.Get specific with your tags, especially if you’re new.

New videos are likely to get buried in the search results.

12.Support Your Most Prolific Supporters.

If you notice that someone is continuously responding to you, following up with videos, sharing resources with you, etc.-give credit where credit is due.

Your supporters will continue to recommend your efforts, helping your growth and viability.

13.Complete Your Profile.

Tell visitors about yourself. Why would someone want to subscribe to you? Ask Yourself. Remember, be honest yourself. Your complete profile leads you more like.

14.“Favorite” Video That Your Community Makes.

This action will also show people that you are really interested in what they have to share, potentially bringing you more viewers and visitors.

15.Make Playlists

These will help you link your related content together, and make it easier for your community or group to find videos on specific topics. This will also help them stay on your YouTube page, and increase your video views.

16.Publish With Regularity.

Don’t need to stick to a daily, weekly, or monthly routine-but if you let too much time between videos; your community will lose interest and forget about you. Stay on their minds.

17.Short Is Good

Make a video around 10 minutes or less. 6 to 7-minute video is very good.

18.Value added

Please make sure your video should be value added. What are you doing that’s different from everybody else?

19.Give People A Reason To Send Your Video Links To Their Friends.

Many people don’t use YouTube’s search tool but rely on the opinions of others so if someone comes across your video and friends it interesting, helpful, or funny, your chances of having them send it to someone they know increases. Share your creations with their friends via instant messages or email.

20.Ask questions of your audience.

You can present a call-to-action in every video. Ask for feedback.


In this competitive digital era, Video is the best thing to take traffics in the website. Everyone likes video or live things. So you have to be updated in your marketing area.

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