Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2019

Everything Apple announced at WWDC 2019

WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference which is Apple’s annual conference and where developers can interact with over a huge number of Apple engineers, near about 1000 in number.

WWDC 2019 event took place in San Jose, California from 3rd June to 7th June. Each and every year this conference takes place near Apple’s Cupertino campus located in California.

In the past years, this conference used to take place at Moscone Centre in San Francisco but from 2017 it started to be held at the McEnery Convention Center situated in San Jose, California.

This conference includes sessions on software development and valuable workshops. This year’s first-day keynote of this conference was to introduce upcoming new hardware and software of Apple.

Here in this article all the things which Apple has declared in their conference including Homekit, MacOS Catalina, iOS 13, WatchOS, iPadOS, Mac Pro Display XDR, the brand-new Pro and so on discussed below.

HomeKit- update your security protocols

Apple has been struggling since the last few years to get into smart home space and which is why HomeKit is getting updated.

In this conference, it has been declared that Apple is going to introduce a HomeKit video service in coming months where security and privacy are the only concerns to look after.

Thus, one can easily buy a HomeKit video camera from Arlo or Logitech and the camera video data will go directly to an iCloud account which is completely secured. You can also access it through Wi-Fi routers.

Here you are with the awaited updates on iOS 13

Apple includes iOS 13 with a brand-new look. Those devices have some dark modes with some features of excellent editing software, the new map navigation to explore the world and to log in to the websites.

Here you are with the awaited updates on iOS

This operating system is more advanced where face ID lock works quicker, downloading the apps in lesser size.

The public can get this system from July onwards. Here is a quick update:

  • Messages are enabled here with a simple swipe-able texting.
  • You get the suggestions for your frequently contacted persons.
  • The dark mode is now official with the iOS update
  • Memojis are now available in lyricsmode and is much a real time.
  • Not, to forget the personalized memojis.
  • Three hundred sixty degrees view surely is to make the difference in the way you enjoy your pics.

Moreover, for the developers, the beta version is available and will be public from this July. You can get the final version by this fall.

MacOS Catalina 10.15- Next gen for iTunes

The recent update in Apple’s operating system is MacOS Catalina which Apple launched for their desktops and laptops.

MacOS’s next generation MacOS 10.15 unveiled at WWDC 2019. The main aim is to work in a single app either via the touch screen or via mouse be it run in on iOS or MacOS.

This provides the users with a variety of features such as voice interactions where volume can be adjustable, and users can also utilize their iPad as a 2nd display. This is also known as SideCar.

Moreover, the iTunes apps will be at a halt and will be turned into three apps, Tv, Podcasts and Music.

This MacOS update comes with project Catalyst, by which the developers are a part of the Mac and the iPad apps.

The age-old iTunes will now be replaced with a three media streaming app combination which will include Apple Music, Apple Podcast and Apple TV. Users of course, will still be able to access the iTunes stores and their music library.

There will be a change in the sync options when an iPod or iPhone is plugged into a Mac. It will now be in Mac’s Finder App on the sidebar.

SwiftUI – Make way for developers

Apple is making workflows easier so that developers can add tools to move towards low code. A new UI update has come to Swift.

It is an interactive framework which will help the Apple developers to design and develop for both MacOs, tvOS and iOS.

It offers more and more exciting features to the users and also adds some SwiftUI framework to develop iPhone applications. If APL is accessible, then this framework can be found on and Facebook’s platforms.

The framework comes with an option to relish its unique features such as the features of the Touch Bar, speed acceleration with the Trackpad and Mouse.

This is sure to bring in a tough competition to the Googles Flutter UI framework and Facebook’s Native Reach across the industry.

WatchOS 6- makes way to its own App store

Apple has launched a latest version Apple watch with a totally new face. With this latest WatchOS 6 update, it has made its way to its own app store. Various types of new applications such as a calculator, voice memos, and audiobooks can be found in this latest version.

Moreover, a new voice memo app is also added to make recordings. Not only these, but WatchOS 6 also brings up with health and fitness updates.

As per its announcement made in WWDC 2019 the Health App is being revamped to give a comparative data of how you are progressing on your healthy lifestyle for a period of 90 days to 365 days. You can check your fitness level as time passes.

With all the data that will be collected the Overhauled Health App can now suggest a tailor-made diet and exercise plan to keep you healthy. It is almost like you will have a personal trainer and dietician on hand ready anytime to give you the calculated advice. Interestingly, it can also show your alerts on the upcoming menstrual cycle periods for the females in the Watch. So, no more marking on calendars or trying to remember dates you can track it with the new WatchOS App.

Feedback Assistant- Keep a track of your reports

Another announcement made this year at the WWDC was that the Bug Reporter feature will be discontinued, and it will now be replaced with the Feedback Assistant.

This new feature will be available in the Mac, iPhone, and iPad where users can report issues that they come across.

It will allow users to keep a track of their report and track the status as it gets worked on to be resolved.

Screen Time- Every parent would love!

Now, this is a feature that most kids will not like and will definitely be loved by parents who want to keep a track of how much time their children are spending busy with computers.

The new Screen Time feature allows the users to keep a track of the time that has been spent on their devices and which application has been used the most.

This is a family-friendly feature especially aimed to keep a track of children and their Digital activities.

Of course, this is a good way for health-conscious people to track their usage of these devices.

Apple Arcade- For game lovers

Gamers have reasons to be exuberant! Apple has announced a whole bunch of new additions to the gaming features.

It is the first mobile gaming subscription that will allow you to access the most brilliantly made games and digital gaming platform from your mobile phone, desktops, and iPads.

Apple Arcade- For game lovers

This will be an experience at a new level. Slated to be launched by the fall of 2019 it will be made available in 150 countries.

The games available in Apple Arcade will not be available in any other platform. It is also designed to recommend different games that would suit you and the rest of your family members.

Memoji: Personified!

Apple announced its Memoji last year and this year it has announced an addition to its already loved Memoji.

Until now Memoji allowed the use of awesome stickers, hairstyles, jewelry, and makeup. With the new addition, users can turn themselves into cartoons, an objective that Apple had been trying to introduce since quite some time.

Memoji: Personified

It is a new touch to the emoji concept where instead of the smiley face it is the user’s face that can be used to create awesome emojis.

This is definitely a new approach and is sure to be liked by the younger generation.

Find My

This is a location plus a tracking feature that was until now limited to only the iPhone but now has been extended to the Mac devices and iPads as well.

This can help find the devices even if it is offline or is in the sleep mode. So, you can now easily track the whereabouts of your Apple devices with ease.

In addition to this, the Activation Lock Feature makes it difficult for anyone else to have access to the stolen Apple device. So, it is now easier to track and even safer than before.

Video Editing

Picture editing feature has been a part of the Apple devices, but it was not extended to the videos until now. Apple had announced this time that it has introduced newer features that will allow a smoother and seamless video editing option at par with all the features that were available for photos.

So now you not only look great in your photos but in your videos as well! This is great news for videographers and video editors making it possible to edit in their iPhone or Mac devices with ease.

So, thus to conclude, the above were the declarations which were made by Apple on its WWDC 2019 event. Stay tuned till you use and experience these new updated features in your daily life!

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