Why Outsource Your IT Projects to India?

Published On: January 15, 2016
Last Updated: July 5, 2022
Why Outsource Your IT Projects to India?

Over the years, various businesses and brands across the globe have understood the importance of outsourcing.

Moreover, there is a sudden increase in the demand for Outsourcing IT projects to India. Also, various companies located in the United States and other regions of the world love to outsource their IT projects to India.

Let’s quickly look after outsourcing statistics, which prove the same.

Outsourcing to India statistics

  • As per one of the recent surveys, 80% of European and US outsourcing firms prefer India for their outsourcing work. Moreover, Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, CISCO, IBM have outsourced their projects to India.
  • According to one research, India stands at 1st position in outsourcing in terms of cost, availability, skills, and business environment.

Now, if you are planning to outsource your work to India, then one question might appear in your mind, Why outsourcing to India?

The main reason to outsource your project to India is cost. Apart from this, there are various potential reasons for outsourcing your work to India.

Without further ado, let’s discuss all of them.

Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Here is the list of effective reasons that prove why outsourcing to India is great:

1. Largest Pool of Technical and Professional Talent

India remains unparalleled when we talk about the pool of young talents in every sector. It is one of the fastest-growing software development hubs around the world.

A vast number of students, entrepreneurs, and technology enthusiasts love to become web and mobile app developers to serve the nation & the world.

Largest Pool of Technical and Professional Talent

As per C SharpCorner, India will become the biggest hub of software developers across the globe in 2023. The majority of developers will possess essential knowledge, skills & abilities, and will assist you to reach new heights in your business.

2. Outsourcing to India is Cost-Effective

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important benefits of outsourcing India is significant cost-saving.


The cost of living in the US is more as compared to the cost of living in India. This results in a decrease in the development cost by 30-35% as compared to the USA and Europe.

Another reason is currency difference; the Indian currency value is less as compared to leading currencies across the world such as Dollar, Pound, Euro, etc.

Due to this, you have to pay a fraction of the cost of what you pay to a developer in the USA. Ideally, the average cost of developers in India is $20-40/hour, while the average cost of developers in the USA is around $100-150/hour.

Also, you can save a lot of startup costs on the infrastructure, hardware, and software because the outsourcing company possesses all these resources.

Outsourcing companies in India work as per the fixed cost and hourly model to deliver web and mobile app development projects, so you can choose the model accordingly.

To know more, check out this hiring business model.

3. Reliability & High-Quality Services

According to the National Outsourcing Association (NOA), reduced cost is just one reason why India is the best choice by companies for offshore outsourcing. While, speed and quality are the other two reasons, due to which companies choose outsourcing to India repetitively.

Moreover, the Indian outsource service providers deliver the best quality work in the desired technology by following the latest industry standards. This includes Capability Maturing Model(CMM), ISO 9000, Six Sigma Quality Certification, etc.

4. Efficient Communication

Communication is the most vital thing when it comes to establishing, maintaining, and growing a strong relationship with the firm. Because, flawless communication can deliver desired results and solve problems.

Various Indians can speak fluent or native-level English because the medium of instruction in higher education is in English. As per a study, India holds 5th position in Asia in terms of fluency in English.

Also, according to Wikipedia, more than 12% of the population of India can speak English.

Moreover, outsource development teams in India utilize leading tools such as Skype, Slake, etc. for efficient communication with the clients.

This proves that communication wouldn’t be a major issue while outsourcing your projects to India.

5. Best-in-Class Infrastructure and Technology

This is one of the most essential reasons why outsourcing to India would be beneficial.

For those who don’t know, India is one of the fastest-growing economies worldwide. Majority of cities in India are equipped with top-class infrastructure in terms of telecom, ISP, and cellular networks.

Along with infrastructure, the outsource development companies in India utilize the trending tools and technologies to deliver web and mobile app solutions to clients belonging to different industries. This includes eCommerce, Travel, Health, Real-Estate, Education, Dating, and many more.

6. Time Zone Advantage

One of the significant benefits of outsourcing to India is the time-zone difference. Various outsource development companies in India provide round the clock service to various firms in the US and western countries.

For example, when you are not working in the US, a remote development team in India is working on your project.

This round the clock service enhances productivity of developers and they can deliver projects on or before time.

Due to this 12-hour time-zone difference, your productivity and efficiency will increase and you will be able to focus on the more critical tasks of your business.

Time zone difference is also the reason why India has become standard for various service-related tasks such as 24*7 customer support, helpdesk services, etc.

7. Stable Indian Government & Supportive IT Policies

The IT sector holds a major portion of the Indian Economy. It offers employment to the majority of young people in India. Due to this, the Indian government has made policies more supportive for the IT industry.

Along with the Economy, the Indian government also supports GDP growth, taxation, power, telecom, industrial parks, and special zones for enhancing the overall infrastructure and communication systems.

The Indian government also provides tax and other benefits under the IT Act. This act favors electronic contracts and Indian cyber law that looks after cybercrime so that outsource service providers can deliver streamlined services to clients across the globe.

Words for the Wise

Over the last 2 decades, IT outsourcing companies in India have integrated all the essential things required to deliver top-notch services. Moreover, the above reasons indicate why India is one of the best destinations for outsourcing IT projects.

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