Why should you invest in real estate app development?

Published On: September 27, 2018
Last Updated: March 16, 2023
Why should you invest in real estate app development?

There are a great many things happening in the real estate sector, thanks to the changing technology and taste of people.

One of the changes that have taken real estate by storm is the use of the Internet to connect with a large number of people at a more personal level, which was not possible earlier.

Talking about personalized experience, companies have discovered that a website (however well-crafted it is) does not give the customer a highly customized experience that a mobile app can provide.

That is why many companies are investing heavily to create their own dedicated real estate app.

Now, as you know, developing apps like Zillow can cost you a huge sum of money.

Therefore, it is important that you should be very clear whether your company needs a real estate app that will help your company to improve its brand image.

For this, you need to make a cost benefit analysis, whether the actual cost of developing a real estate app improves the profit margin for your company or not.

In this article, we will give you some points that will help you to make up your mind whether it is a prudent investment decision to build a real estate app.

Enable People to Find Property Easily

People are increasingly using the mobile app to look for any property for investment options.

If you look at the recent data, then you will find that people, especially in the cities use online research through real estate apps about any property before making an investment decision.

Even when they have to get engaged with the services of an important real estate agent to buy some property, they use various real estate portals or apps that are dedicated to providing accurate information regarding the properties or even about brokerage agents.

Therefore, whether as the owner of a property who is looking for real estate marketing or as a broker who wants to connect to the targeted audience, you need a mobile app for your business efficiency and productivity.

Helps the real estate agents

Nowadays, many agents who deal with real estate properties use the real estate investing app to find out those deals in the market that will help them to get a neat profit.

Google analytics also shows that searches regarding real estate have risen by four times, which leads us to the conclusion that there is a great demand for real estate apps.
Hence, if you want to target these customers, then you need to develop property apps.

Real estate apps for agents are also attracting much attention from brokerage firms, as they allow the agents to conduct their business more effectively.

Helps the real estate agents

The major advantages that a real estate agent gets when he/she uses a dedicated real estate app are as follows.

  • It allows them to communicate more effectively with their clients.
  • Real estate apps allow them to post pictures of any property by using the built smartphone camera and post it on the app so that the customers can get a better idea of the property.
  • It allows them to provide news relating to real estate in real-time.
  • Real estate app also gives the agent an opportunity to manage documents related to different properties, which he/she wants to sell.
  • The real estate app helps the agents to create a personal relationship with his/her client that is not possible through a website.
  • Such an app is important for the real estate agent, as it allows them to get feedback from the clients, which gives them the opportunity to evaluate his/her own performance and make any changes if he/she finds any shortcoming.

Allows to connect with the mobile audience

People, especially youngsters are spending a huge amount of time on their smartphones.

If you want to connect with these people, then it is important that you build your own real estate app.

Matching people based on some laid down criteria

Youngsters nowadays, who are gainfully employed, do not have the patience or inclination to go through the newspaper advertisements.

They like all the information to be available on their smartphone. To cater to this need, you have to invest in a real estate app and provide them with all the information they require for making any investment decision regarding any property.

Businesses can improve their brand presence online

A mobile app will go a long way toward helping you with real estate marketing on the online platform.

The amazing thing about the Internet is that it allows you to target individuals who are looking for products/services and sell properties more accurately than through any traditional methods.

If you integrate social media with your real estate mobile app, then it will allow your app users to connect with their friends and share the app with them.

This, in turn, will increase the number of app users, resulting in more conversion.
Additionally, tech-savvy people look at those companies or agents positively if they find that they have an online presence.

Therefore, through your dedicated online apps, you can target tech-savvy, upwardly mobile young crowds.

Provide superior experience to users

One of the great advantages of creating a real estate app for your business is that it allows you to offer top-notch experience to your audience.

A superbly designed app provides technical information about properties, their legal status, images, information about neighborhoods.

This comprehensive information will help the user to make an informed decision that will be financially beneficial to him/her.

If you integrate push notification in your app, then it will enable you to inform your app users about any latest news concerning any real estate that might interest you.

Helps to simplify transactions related to property sale

A mobile app can be a really helpful guide for those people who are entering the real estate market for the first time.

It will help simplify transactions related to property sale

There are numerous forms to fill and a large number of information to be assimilated.

Your mobile app can become a personalized guide to the app user helping him/her pass through the buying process, explaining the steps in an easy to understand way.

Close deals more quickly & effectively

There are many technical terms related to the real estate market, which are sometimes difficult to explain to a lay person who has no prior experience of investing in real estate.

This can include technical terms related to mortgage deal, interest rate (fixed or floating), EMI, and so on.

Explaining these terms to a lay person can take a lot of time, which slows down the process.
A real estate app,on the other hand, can do the same job effectively through simple animation, graphics, videos, or even examples from real-life.

This will help to fasten the process and thereby help you to close more deals in a short period of time.

These were some of the strong points due to which you should make an investment in real estate app development. Moreover, the app plays a crucial element in your overall marketing strategy.

Real estate market is an ever-changing scene where if you want to succeed and outshine your competitors, you have to take help from emerging technologies.

And one such technology that will help you in this regard is the mobile app that will allow you to connect with your target audience in a more personalized way and help get more clients to buy/rent/mortgage properties.


We hope that you have understood the reasons why investing in retail estate app development would be beneficial.

Now that you have decided to build a real estate app, reach out to a real estate app development company with good experience developing real estate apps.

We at GuruTechnoLabs, a professional real estate app development company, have built some of the best real estate apps for clients across the globe. Therefore, we can understand your business requirements and provide you with a feasible solution.

You are welcome to share your details with us, and we will provide you with a free quote.

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