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There is plenty of Apps are available on Google Play Store, Apple Store, Amazon Store and many other market places. Among them, many apps have same features.

Even though they have the same features, some apps lead to great success and some don’t even get a little exposure. What is the reason? Why are some apps not getting exposure?

What makes my app great?

Is it necessary to have a totally unique idea to develop an app?

Have a lot of questions? Don’t worry!

We all know that every time it’s not possible to develop an android app with the totally unique idea. People are developing an app with some major or small changes in available apps on play stores or app stores.

Check for one app, you will get a long list of apps with same features.

If you are a developer and want to develop apps which type of apps are already in the  market, then how you develop an app so that people will download your app.

There are many challenges if you are developing an app which types of apps are already available.

You have to beat many competitors to get your app downloaded by people.

So, what you think? What makes your app special from other apps?

App Name

The app name displays the uniqueness of your app. Even if your app is not unique, your app name should be unique to create curiosity among people. While creating unique app title, don’t forget that your app title should also be informative.

After hearing the name of the App, one should get the idea of what the app is about.

Yeah. It’s very difficult to search catchy as well as informative titles. But harder you work better exposure your app will get.

App Icon

The App icon is the second important factor which will prevent or help your app to get great success.

Make a clean and unique icon which will differentiate your app from other same like apps.

Look… GUI.. .

The first impression of your app is generated by its GUI. As a first impression of people is judged by their appearance and dressing, the impression of your mobile apps based on its user interface.

Decent look represent the quality of your application!

So, make an awesome GUI so that you can beat giant competitors. Don’t make it so complex to understand how to use it.

These three are the primary, but most important requirements to develop an app which generates great revenue.

Obviously, additions of new features in app create nice impact but if you don’t concentrate on above primary concepts, you can’t able to create great apps.

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Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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