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Web Scraping Guide For Beginners!


Today we cannot imagine the world without data. With new sources of information and constantly improving technology, gathering business intelligence data via web scraping is becoming easier.

Scraping data from around the web is only the first step in increasing your business intelligence.

The Internet is large, complex and also ever-evolving. Almost 90% of all the data in the world has been generated over the last two years.

Data itself cannot be copyrighted, though the form in which a representation of data (like the database) can be subject to copyright.

But when the data is used to create a new representation, like as an info-graph, there is possibly no copyright discord.

What Is Web Scraping?

Extracting data from other websites is known as Web Scraping or Web Harvesting. This is also called like Screen Scraping and Web Data Extraction.

This data can be in the format of HTML, PDF, Excel, CSV etc.

We can extract only those data which is displayed on the website.

Is Web Scraping Important?

Yes , of course, the utilization of the web scraping like e-commerce store are for the web research, website data integration, pricing comparisons on the internet, content integration, website change detection, information and data monitoring and much more.

Web extracting may be used for converting contents which are not structured into the well-formatted contents.

This can be used to extract the product descriptions, data of online e-commerce shopping websites, contact details, and email addresses, financial details as possible as all the other details available online.

How Web Scraping Beneficial For Business?

Your Business data will be transformed into a structured format for easy analysis and to be stored in your database. You can easily understand and analyze more prospects and opportunities faster and more accurately, without the guesswork.

Improve your decision-making system and process- After scraping you have the right data at the right time.

Web scraping services can let you get all the information you will need quickly, so you can reduce the time it takes to analyze them.

You can monitor your competition. This Service can boost your business.

Your business can always have access to the best information in real-time

Is Web Scraping Legal?

In our opinion, most websites have their own claims on data application for example Amazon Website. Therefore, if you violate their rules, they would force you to stop. Therefore some sites wish not to be scraped.

Everybody wants to protect the data so this fear will never go away.

Which is good manually scraping or software tool?

Now a day, there are many web data scraping software available in the market. The software is beneficial but they have their limitation and also drawbacks.

Some websites are created entirely in flash.

For example, like content grabber is a scraping tool. This tool can only work with HTML content; therefore it can only scrap the flash file.

The software tool is so time-consuming. And it could take too much time to load and scrap data from millions of web pages. Flipkart.com website is the best example.

Software tool has the difficulty like difficult to analyze, data analysis, takes too much time, speed and protection problem

So choose the manual way that means developers can give the best result of any type of data scraping work.

So Why Will You Choose Only Guru Technolabs Company for Your Complex Data Scraping Work?

Guru Technolabs Company is successful in web data scraping services in many countries like India, Uk, USA, European Countries, Australia, Germany and much more.

You can ask our expert data scraper for any kind of data scraping work and you can solve your problems.


Guru Technolabs Web Scraping Service Like:

Web Information Extraction

Social Media Profile and Details Extraction

Extract Data from Amazon, Craigslist, Yellow Pages, eBay and much more.

Business Directory Details & Contact Lists

Data Extraction from University Website.

Extract Real Estate Listings

Extract Images from Websites

Extract Details from Coupon Images

And all type of extracting services as per Client’s Requirements

We offer:

  • 100% Satisfaction work
  • Timely & Fastest Result
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Strictly follow legal formalities and privacy laws of data extraction

Who Can Use Web Scraping Services?

Web data scraping service can be generally used by any industry or business like:

1. E-commerce and retail industry
2. Automobile
3. Marketing And Business
4. Media And Entertainment
5. Government Organizations
6. Real Estate and Etc.


You can scrap any data in a legal way. It will not come out any issue in the future. You can progress with your data in safe. Our suggestion is that if you want to scrap any type of data then must visit our developers. The Reason is that it is manually process. We don’t use any kind of software.

For More Information Visit Our Web Scraping Services Page

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