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Not Upgraded Your iOS apps yet? Means You are losing your entire audience

Hey, everyone! Are you aware of the Apple’s announcement WWDC 2017 updates? No?

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WWDC – WorldWide Developers Conference keynote was Apple’s biggest and important event in the year 2017. This event which has declared really important things such as iOS 11, macOS High Sierra, and watchOS 4, new iPad Pro models, new MacBooks, new MacBook Pro Models, and new iMacs.

This event had held on Monday, June 5th through Friday, June 9th at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

So Now…

We will come to our main point that means Apple has declared to stop support for 32-bit apps. And we believe that the future of iOS is 64-bit only.

So why 64-bit and not 32-bit, in simple terms, it refers to the amount of data a processor can handle.

You receive faster performance and more data at a time with a 64-bit processor than a 32-bit processor.

What exact means to you…

If you are a user of an older device, you will not be able to upgrade to the next major version of iOS.

Apple’s iOS 11 announcement is likely to be made during WWDC-WorldWide Developer Conference -2017 this summer.

It’s a Really Massive Change!

But there is a question in everyone’s mind …Is it really necessary to update 32-bit into 64-bit iOS?

Yes, it’s necessary.

Since iOS 10.1, there were many signals showing that 32-bit iOS apps would no longer be supported by the upcoming OS. This has been already confirmed with the release of iOS 11 beta launch.

Apple has totally updated the pop-up warning message in the iOS 10.3 beta to convey that the 32-bit app you are using “will not work with future version of iOS.” That shows clearly that there is a warning message goes on to say that the “developer of this app needs to update it to improve its compatibility.”

When anyone uses a 32-bit iOS app on a new Apple device, There is popup warning message conveying that “the app may slow down the device until the developer updates it to improve its compatibility.”

Here a warning message in this image:

Once the iOS 11 rolls out publically this fall, all 32-bit apps will deny launching when running on iOS 11 devices, it is absolutely sure that if you try to launch a 32-bit, then it is necessary that you upgrade it to 64-bit and test app thoroughly with latest Apple devices.

The Benefits of Converting Your iOS app from32-bit into 64-bit to support iOS 11 Devices:

If you are launching your own iOS app on Apple App Store, then a couple of questions will arise in your mind about the latest version of iOS 11 and we are sure & positive for that questions.

So now, you have to know about iOS 11 update that is latest Apple devices will not work any of the available 32-bit iOS apps.

In point of fact, Apple already has been indicating these signals since iOS 10.1 that 32-bit apps would no longer be supported in the new OS. And it’s finally confirmed with the release of the first iOS 11 beta launch.

As you know that the Apple App Store in iOS 11 is totally redesigned. The new Apple App Store makes it a lot flexible for end users to find new apps for Games, Apps, and Popular Apps, etc.

So, if you are app owner who has not updated your app yet for a long time, then this is the right chance to cross all your competitors and obtain to the top position.

So first you have to improve UX of your app.

If you want to drive audience then the option is only that to upgrade your iOS 32-bit app into 64-bit makes complete sense.

Assuredly, that is not possible for everyone an in-house team of creative designers or innovative smart developers, for example like Amazon who has a possibility to upgrade from 32 bit to 64 bit app. So there is other better option such as hire mobile app UI / UX designer to assist you to enhance your app’s UI / UX.

Don’t worry You can freely approach the best app development company to assist you to convert your app 32-bit into 64-bit with better UX enhancement and re-launch it to the Apple app store.

After upgrading your 32-bit app into 64-bit, it can become surprisingly more appealing to use. Another additional benefit, the battery consumption can also be reduced. It means the device can last longer and continuous working mode.

And one more thing is that On Apple app store, title and content part are more important to drive maximum audience’ attention in the new Apple App Store. So chances are increased for app owners to redesign their apps’ UX.

How we  can mentor you to obtain massive audience

Do you know? Tim Cook has told in an advance that the adoption ratio for iOS 11 will be over 87% in this year than the iOS 10 was over 85% worldwide

So Don’t think more, if you upgrade you 32-bit OS app into-64 bit, then you will get a large audience.

And for driving this large audience we have confidence that we Guru Technolabs Mobile apps design and development Team are really capable of offering a perfect solution.

Also, we assist you to relaunch your iOS app on Apple App Store with the latest configuration.

If you have any query about an upgrade for 32-bit into 64-bit you are free to contact us at

Guru Technolabs.

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