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The Ultimate Guide – How To WhatsApp Marketing

What Is WhatsApp Marketing?

In the high competitive market, there is one most effective direct marketing tool of today’s era is WhatsApp.

Now a day, it is necessary for all the business persons to use the most creative marketing tools and methods. These are useful to endorse their respective business. Business owners can effortlessly promote their products and services with the help of advanced marketing strategies. They can establish new business contacts and also change the prospects for faithful clients and customers. According to the current market situations, many businesses are utilizing the direct marketing methods that let their businesses to communicate a straight way to their customers via multiple purposes of advertising.

So now WhatsApp can link to the customers directly, endorse their services, and craft a strong business relationship with them. Tips To Improve SEO With Social Media

Main Objective of WhatsApp:

Its main objective is to connect people strongly across the world. Huge numbers of people are utilizing the latest and the trendiest messaging service nationally and internationally, they communicate and are in touch with their friends and family on free bases via WhatApp. In today’s world, Whatsapp is a free and suitable messaging service tool. Business Marketers are using this easy app WhatsApp that allows interacting with their valuable clients directly on their smartphones only.


How is WhatsApp Beneficial for a Business?

Mentioned below are few unique facts to understand easily how WhatsApp can be an excellent tool for your business expansion.

1. WhatsApp For Better Customer Engagement :

WhatsApp can offer direct communication between customers and business agent through short but helpful messages. By including WhatsApp into your marketing plan, you can respond as fast as to all the important queries of your faithful clients in no time. You have a chance to send interesting images and videos by building your full marketing campaign exciting and engaging too.

2. Utilizing WhatsApp You Can Do Promotions And Advertisings :

WhatsApp is an effective tool for endorsing new varieties of your products or offers that are available on affordable & discounted prices. You can send Innovative short details along with images or videos of your products including directions concerning the product use. You can grab the attention of your clients by changing your status and exhibiting images for promotion sake of any specific services.

3. Marketing Survey Along With WhatsApp :

You can conduct group discussions along with your customers, employees, clients or focused audience on WhatsApp for receiving many suggestions and feedbacks through such activities.

4. Building Of Team :

For having effective communication, your employees can share new ideas, thoughts, problems, or even team building activities that can assist your business to expand greatly.

5. Positioning Your Brand :

As a famous brand, you can superbly present your customers and clients that you are really concerned about them. When you reply your client’s queries, they will be excited that you answer their questions in real time, as they consider you as real people.

6. Assist In Making The Best Use Of Mobile CRM :

You can make the best use of mobile CRM by applying the simple and quick message service. You can share your vital information such as product prices, customer demands, and other moral feedbacks for flourishing conversion, and lead management.

Dos & Don’ts of WhatsApp Marketing:


• Publish your WhatsApp Contact Details on your website and other social sharing platforms.
• Utilize your WhatsApp only when you have established relationships with your clients even though it is not made compulsory.
• Although WhatsApp is an informal platform, Always maintain decency while speaking to your clients.
• Respond quickly to queries. Timely Conversation is necessary for any business.
• Post Pictures and Videos of your products.
• Visual Messages have a high appropriate.
• Include some fun element in your texts.
• If you are not present all the time. Mention that you meet on a specific day at a specific time period.
• Select your feasibilities carefully.
• Sharing a product offer on Facebook and follow up on WhatsApp is the key point to targeted communication.


• Don’t send messages to all the phone numbers that you get your hands on.
• Don’t send messages too frequently.
• An overdose of information is not good for your brand image.
• Don’t avoid your customer feedback or queries.
• Customers may tend to lose interest in your business brand.
• Update your profile regularly. If you will keep your profile inactive so it may also send a sign that you are not keen on promoting your brand.
• Avoid groups of unknown people.

Steps For Bulk SMS:

1. Open WhatsApp
2. Tap The Menu Button To Open The Main Menu
3. Select New Broadcast
4. Tap On The Plus Sign (+) and Choose Contacts Whom You Need To Send The Mass Message.
5. Tap On Done
6. Tap On Create


2016 WhatsApp Report:


At last, anyone can market their product / services via WhatsApp with a phone number saved in his mobile phone. WhatsApp marketing must be a part of our well-integrated market plan. Ignoring or fearing the extra attempts will only let you lose extra benefits.

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