Have a Mobile App Idea? 5 Things You Should Decide Before Getting Started.

Have a Mobile App Idea? 5 Things You Should Decide Before Getting Started.

By increasing trends of smartphones and tablets, all the business from start-ups to small business and enterprises understand the importance of having the mobile app for their business or making money by developing an amazing mobile app.

Let’s take one look at some latest statistics:

As per Statista, more than 204 billion mobile apps were downloaded in the year 2019 and this is going to increase in the upcoming years.

Based on BusinessofApps research, Mobile users spend 77% of their time on top 3 apps.

According to Leanplum, mobile apps 100-300% more conversation as compared to websites.

The above statistics prove the importance of mobile apps in this digital world and we assume that you might also have made plans to develop a mobile application for your business.

Decide Following Things Before Starting the Development of Mobile App

Decide Following Things Before Starting the Development of Mobile App

Do you want to make an app to promote your business or want to make an app to earn money?

App for Your Business:

Do you want your app to be the promotional tool for your existing business? Yes, it’s possible. Are you a local restaurant, pub, gift shop and want a beautiful mobile app which will help you to increase customer engagement, then hire a mobile app development companyto develop it for you. Just tell them about your business idea and they will make it for you.

If you want your app to get maximum downloads then keep it free. Once your app is live, tell about it to your customers; promote it on social media and other mediums.

App for Making Money:

Do you want to develop an app to make money? Then your app idea should be solid so that you can earn more money from it. If you are an app developer then you can do it on your own.

But if you are a non-developer and have an awesome app idea then by developing the app, you can earn a lot of money. Contact the mobile app development company, discuss your app idea, prepare the mobile app strategy and get your dream app developed.

You can earn money from the app in many ways like you can keep your app paid, enable in-app purchase and add advertising in the app and many others. If you want to generate more revenue, then you should integrate attractive features in your mobile app.

What will be your Development platform? Android? iOS? Or Both?

Selecting the development platform is a challenging task because both Android and iOS apps are earning millions in revenue.

If you develop your app for both Android and iOS platforms then the question will be automatically solved! It’s a really good option if you have enough money.

But, if you want to reduce development cost then you have to choose one of these two.

As per my suggestion, do not follow blindly the herd; just conduct the survey on which platform your targetted audience is present.

If you alone unable to take the decision then you can take the help of digital marketers to select the right platform for your app! Because they are an expert in analyzing market needs by research and using powerful analytics tools.

You can read discussions on the same topic on quora. It’s an old discussion but helpful.

Find out why People will download your app

If you are going to build a unique app, then it’s awesome! People always love new concepts. But, what if you’re developing the same app like another app already available in the app store?

You must think that why people download your app?
It’s hard to always find the new app idea because there are millions of apps are available on the App Store. Don’t worry! People are developing the same apps as other apps and their Apps also get billions of downloads.

What you have to do is make your app attractive that people will love to download your app.

Make an outstanding icon, stunning screenshots, choose the most appropriate category, write a precise description, acquire good ratings/review(It’s not on your hand, but you can provide good responses and good services to acquire positive reviews). It will surely help you to get a ton of downloads.

Should the app be free? Paid? Or Freemium?

Pricing is the most important factor which directly affects app downloads. No one likes to pay!! Especially free apps are the most famous in games and entertainment. If you want to generate more downloads, then you have to provide the free version. Then, what about making money from the app?

Here are some options:

• Provide free version for a limited time then make it paid.

• Include in-app purchase (provide free app but user have to pay if they want advanced features).

• You can integrate ads into the app from AdMob, RevMob, etc to app for making money from advertisements.

If you want to make your app successful then your app must have some unique feature so that people love to pay to get that features. But as per my suggestion, the safest way is to provide freemium version.

First, you need to provide your app for free. If people like and find your app useful for them, then they will happily pay for it.

But if you provide a paid version from starting then, then people hesitate to pay for it because they fear if their money will be wasted.

And yes, if you want to make your app paid, then again you have to answer another question, i.e. what will be the price? Again, conduct the survey, do competitor analysis (if have), do market research and compare all to finalize the app price.

What will be your app marketing strategy? How will you engage with new customers?

Just developing an app is not enough. You must prepare a marketing strategy before starting the app development. You need an outstanding marketing strategy to make your app viral.

By publishing the new app, you will get many new users and you have to then sustain your users. Consider App Store Optimization, if you want high rankings on app stores.

Guru’s 2 Penny:

Don’t your app get developed before considering all aspects? First research that how strong your app idea is? How much all app development and marketing costs? How much will you earn from that app?

Think about all factors, take the expert advice, consult the app development company and then finalize your app idea and strategy.

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