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80 Strategies To Drive Blog Traffic Which You Can Use Right Now!

Traffic is very necessary key to achieving the success of every webmaster and blogger person. By driving traffic doesn’t mean only getting more and more visitors. First, make sure you set your goals.

For example, if you are building traffic for your client website, you need to take care of demographics.

If you are not getting targeted traffic from search engines or from referral sites, your conversion rate and CTR will be too low.

Do you want to increase blog traffic? Follow these blogging strategies:

Must Read 80 Strategies:

This post is listing about 80 strategies by which you can Drive Blog Traffic.

So let’s begin with my huge list of blog traffic formula for your blog.

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1. Write your quality post

2. Comment on other blogs

3. Guest post on other blogs

4. Optimize blog for search engines

5. Take part in forums and put a link to your blog in your signature

6. Using trackback on copy blogger will send unique visitors

7. Build top 10 posts

8. Build 80 list posts like this

9. Write about how to drive traffic to blog

10. Making your mailing list

11. Write for tutorial sites, for example, Tutorialized.com, these types of sites can send you thousands of visitors per article

12. Work on getting covered by the media

13. Build link-bait posts

14. Join blogging communities

15. Join secret bloggers club where they do retweet and promote each other’s post

16. Blog pinging: Always ping your blog after writing blog posts, for example, Pingomatic

17. Submit your blog to blog carnivals

18. Start a contest

19. Make cool videos related to your niche and mass distribute it to all famous video sites.

20. Use blog URL as signature in your email

21. Submit blog to feed directories

22. Publicize blog using Google Adwords

23. Publicize Blog using Facebook Ads

24. Publicize blog on local television station

25. Publicize blog on local radio station

26. Publicize blog on local newspaper

27. Publicize blog on online yellow pages

28. Increase followers and start tweeting your blog post with #hashtags in professional twitter account

29. Add social buttons to your blog at the end of all posts

30. Submit blog to blog directories

31. Submit blog to website directories

32. Be very careful with starting of debatable topic, So that you won’t regret your action

33. Always submit posts to StumbleUpon

34. Use tags in posts

35. Share your content with your followers

36. Answer question on yahoo answers and use blog as the source

37. Build a post featuring the top influencers

38. Contact many bloggers and ask them the same questions, collect all their answers into a post-They will retweet it

39. Contact the top bloggers in your niche-They will retweet it and also they might include end up linking to it on their blog

40. Be the first to cover top news, for example, Techcrunch will cover it and link to you as the source

41. Get listed in Google news

42. Build a post containing images only

43. Make video posts

44. Build posts in relation to celebrities

45. Build great, Killer, eye-catching headlines

46. Do something that has never been done

47. Submit blog posts to niche social bookmarking sites

48. Look for a top or medium blogger in your niche and agree or disagree strongly with one of their posts- they will include end up linking to you

49. Publicize blog on craigslist

50. Try and review products in relation to your niche on Alexa and try to link back to your site in the review

51. Submit posts to Digg – try to look at which type of post goes famously there, also submit its type will help get similar results

52. Contact blogging friends and ask them to help you share and vote blog post on social bookmarking sites

53. Contact many top people in your niche at a time

54. Compare some top bloggers in your niche

55. Celebrity that has a lot of fans and writes a post on why the fellow is not to have any fans

56. Make sure your readers subscribe to your feed, this will increase about more repeat visitors

57. Try to be a social media powerful user

58. Make influencers and friends

59. Translate the content on your blog – this boosts you gain more international visitors

60. Proofread blog post regularly

61. Start a very creative product, company, website – many big blogs would like to write about you

62. Make the news, people will find for your name in Google and then land on your website

63. Sponsor charities and give them a link to your blog, they will be very happy to link to you, therefore, leading to more traffic

64. Make a very useful tool, for example, a Seo tool – this will give to more link to website and more traffic also

65. Join a blog webring also

66. Add a forum to blog

67. Guest post on your blog – high traffic posts are from guest authors

68. Display your blog on billboards and flyers offline – offline marketing also can assist

69. Make a custom T-shirt with your logo, name on it

70. Write great post that starts with “Plz Don’t Read” or “Don’t Click” – people are always eager and will want to read or click, therefore sharing your great post

71. Make plan for the free seminar as a chance to advertise your blog

72. Sponsor blog contest

73. Be a friend of all top bloggers

74. Write this type of sentence “Ultimate Guide” to something – this leads to more retweets, shares, and traffic

75. Make a survey about a famous subject and publish the result for the public to see – this will bring to backlinks and traffic

76. Build a post that ranks people, things, place – for example, “The top 10 blogs in the world”

77. Create infographics regularly

78. Make business visiting card

79. Do you have a custom design for your blog under a top framework? No? then build and tell the developers to showcase your blog in their gallery

80. Always do keyword research before you write your posts – many people are losing a lot of search engine traffic of this reason

Cheers! Guru Technolabs Creative Bloggers

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