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Staff Management System


Staff management is one type of management of subordinates in an organization. Staff managers include people who lead revenue consuming departments, like accounting, customer service, or human resources. They provide the line managers of the organization in an advisory or support capacity by offering them with information and advice.

Staff management may include moving a workforce around and using human resources. Within staff management, there is also available line management in which there is the hierarchy system of the organization. Human resources and line management are frequently aligned as they both involve employees of any given organization.

Why Business Needs Staff Management System?

If you want to optimize your workforce, invest in a web-based staff management system to get tasks done effectively and smoothly.

There is a question raised in our mind why use the staff management system in our business?

Imagine having every necessary piece of information about your project and valuable clients neatly organized in a single system, easily accessible at all time from a single dashboard. That centralized insight is what a good staff management system offers.

Do you want to know if your staff has been putting enough time into an important project work?

Do you want to know how long your staff has been working on a project work that’s approaching the deadline?

Do you want to know if the document is on its way to your client?

You can visit your dashboard to check whether the task has been marked as finished.

Do you want to know exactly how much a particular client owes? Check your dashboard and see how much time was taken to a particular task.

You can spare your staff wasted time on administrative tasks and payroll with a staff management system.

Once your staff gets their time back, they will be free to focus on growing your business, fine-tuning tactics and more.

Certainly, the need to keep up with the demands of a changing business is a driving factor, but there are more specific reasons behind why companies need staff management system?

So that’s why business needs “Staff Management System

Features of Staff Management System:

  1. You can add manage employees
  2. Manage employees personal details, company detail
  3. Manage employees designations
  4. Check employee system backup facility and hardware details
  5. View and modify employee insurance details
  6. Manage employee task status
  7. Add or check work report daily/monthly
  8. Monitor employee call register detail list
  9. Track employee related to projects/clients
  10. View, approve/ decline employee leave
  11. Give employee administrative permissions
  12. Monitor staff log details
  13. Add announcements/birthdays/holidays/notes
  14. You can communicate with internal messaging centre
  15. Manage employee payroll system
  16. Search employee with name, designation or place of work
  17. Active or deactivate an employee from the application
  18. User can edit and view employee details
  19. Instant messaging system via email or SMS
  20. Manage employee details as Active and In-Active

Advantages of Staff Management System:

  1. Easy to use and handle
  2. Fully customizable
  3. Fully Scalable
  4. Up to date work status
  5. Reduces TCO and Increase ROI
  6. Add employee, easily and flexibly
  7. Reduces HR daily workload, increase productivity, employee satisfaction
  8. Eliminate paperwork.


Sticking with one effective platform might save you the trouble of integrating and importing tasks, project, and other information.

What are your thoughts about web-based staff management system?

Do you use a web-based staff management system yet?

If you have not used web-based staff management system, you can contact us for our latest All-In-One PMS- Project Management System which is very useful to handle all-over business details. Our All-In-One PMS involve project management system as well as staff management system.

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