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We help websites belonging to any industry across the globe by providing excellent website support & maintenance services at reliable prices.

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Website Support & Maintenance Provider Company

Website Support & Maintenance Provider Company

Our Website Support Maintenance Services For You

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

We are capable of fixing small 404 errors to significant errors on your website as per the requirement of your business.

Website Updates

Our developers can update your static or dynamic running website to the latest version of the technology instantly using FTP.

Website Updates
New Features Update

New Features Update

We can develop and integrate new features on your website by understanding the needs of your customers.

Code Maintenance

Our developers maintain the code of your website, keeping in mind the current market trends.

Code Maintenance
Website Monitoring

Website Monitoring

We use the latest website monitoring tools to check whether your site is performing as per the expectations of the customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do websites need maintenance?

A website needs maintenance due to following reasons:

1. Usability

Usability is the most essential aspect of any website. The majority of users leave a site that has a poor user experience.

By considering regular maintenance, your website can have an optimum user experience. A frequent visit on the website can help to identify different ways to enhance UX, which is highly crucial for any growing website.

2. SEO

The main purpose of entering into the digital world is to reach your target audience and increase ROI. To attract new visitors to your website, it should be updated.

Google only ranks websites that provide correct & latest information. In short, Google analyses your website using Googlebot. This Googlebot checks various factors to rank your website which includes keywords, content, structure, errors and more.

Lastly, to rank your website in the search engine, you need to keep it updated.

3. Customer Engagement

If your website is getting high traffic, it means it is reaching your audience. Now, it’s your turn to keep those users engaged by providing proper content; otherwise, they will leave your site immediately.

To achieve this, you need to make sure that your website is free from any kind of grammatical errors.

4. Security

This is a highly essential reason to invest in website maintenance if you are storing any kind of customer information. If you don’t keep your website update, it may be prone to website hacks and attacks.

5. Business Reputation

Customers are in constant search of a business on which they have faith. But, a poorly managed website with a lot of broken links, irrelevant content, and dead pages is not liked by anyone. This will point to the fact that your business is not up-to-date and uncertain.

How much does it cost for website maintenance?

The cost of website maintenance depends solely on the type of website. Here, you have the option to pay annually or monthly for your website’s maintenance.

What is included in website maintenance?

Following things are included in site maintenance:

Overall Site Improvements

Evaluation of a website’s performance depends on different kinds of people visiting your website. All these visitors provide valuable questions, complaints, comments, and suggestions that help to improve your website. With regular updates, you can improve your site and its overall performance.

Product or Service Updates

When your company starts to grow, it’s evident that it’s products, services and prices will modify. In this case, businesses require an appropriate schedule and a method for updating old products, modifying current services, etc.

By opting for website maintenance from us, you provide up-to-date information to your users. This, in turn, is helpful for your business as you can showcase the latest products, services along with their prices to your customers.

E-Commerce Special Services

If you are running an eCommerce business, it is vital to modify your website with the latest offers, sales, promotions, etc. Although your company is running offline, you can offer some special services online that allows customers to contact your team, visit your location, or book an appointment.

Interactivity Maintenance

Day by day, new technology is introduced in the market. Hence, you need to keep your website interactive. In case your website is not working as per the expectations on different browsers and devices, then you will lose customers instantly. This will have an adverse impact on your reputation.

Any errors in the website’s interactive features can lead to a high bounce rate. In general, the bounce rate is the total percentage of people that leave your website without opening any other page. This dictates that the website is not working as per the user’s aspirations.

Website maintenance helps to make your website fully interactive. Although if any of the features become obsolete, then website maintenance services can provide an instant alert regarding these kinds of requirements.

How long is website maintenance?

There is no-fix time for website maintenance. In general, website maintenance requires a few minutes to a month or full-time support. This ideally depends on the type of website and the amount you want to invest in the website’s support & maintenance.

What services are not included in website maintenance services?

Following things are not included in the website maintenance:

Navigation Redesign

Adding or removing of a webpage is not included in the website maintenance services.

Content Writing

In website maintenance services, our professionals can add or delete content that is provided by your company. But, we can’t create and publish new content on your website.


Search engine optimization is very much useful to enhance the visibility of the website in the eyes of the search engine. This, in turn, helps to not only generate sufficient traffic but also convert your visitors into potential customers. For this task, you will need a dedicated professional team; hence, it is not included in website maintenance services.

Site Redesigns

Whether you want to redesign a specific section or your full website, you have to invest a particular amount in site redesign services. Hence, it consumes a lot of time & effort; therefore, it’s not included in web maintenance services.

Interactive Features

From time to time, you will need to include certain interactive features on your website. To integrate these new features, one has to invest a lot of development time and effort; hence, it’s not a part of web maintenance services.

Will my data remain secure?

Yes, rest assured. We will keep your data fully safe & secure.

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