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Actionable Tips to Get Traffic on Your Website

There is a big challenge for every business that lacks website traffic!

So, the first question is in our mind that how to generate more traffic to my website so that I can get leads to boost the business?

Since, many years in business, the company has marketing strategies. If you want to drive traffic to your website and more sales lead for your business, then apply SEO tricks and tips or hire an SEO expert.

From this article, marketers and business owners will get the whole battery of straight-to-point, actionable tips to increase website traffic or blog.

You may be surprised how quickly many of them start to traffic to the website and leads from your website. Must apply following tricks to drive traffic to the website.

Best SEO Tips on How to Increase Website Traffic

1. Get Social

Be Social! Use various social media channels for brand awareness, business promotion or product promotion. Create awesome business pages and post engaging content.

2. Focus on Long Tail Keywords

Your posts should include all the relevant long tails terms and phrases to your topic. Because there is good chance to rank on long tail keywords with less efforts. Also, you will get your targeted audience with the help of long tail keywords.

3. Are you doing forum posting?

Active and relevant forums can help you to get good rankings for your keywords. It’s a well-known link building strategy. Also, if you posting really helpful information on forums, then it will drive traffic to the website.

4. Start a Facebook Group

Start a Facebook group, add members and post quality content and solutions and build trust. If you put great kinds of stuff in a group then it may help to get website traffic.

5. Promote Blog Posts to Your E-mail List

Always collect emails of visitors of your websites via newsletter or any other methods and always mail them when you publish a new post to your site.

6. Write Attractive Headlines

Write attractive headlines while sharing any post on social media to attract people to boost website traffic.

7. Join Blogging Communities

Connect with other bloggers and help each other to get webtraffic. ProBlogger and CopyBlogger are great to network with other bloggers.

8. Include links to other relevant posts

Mention other relevant links in your new post. It can be a link of your own website or can be a link to other authoritative websites. It will increase the creditability of your post. Also, there is the possibility that user will click on the internal linked post too.

9. Guest Post on Relevant Websites

Do guest posts on high DA and famous websites. There are two reasons behind it. First is, you will get backlink and second is, when you publish a post on any famous website, you can get the benefit of their large number of visitors. They will read your post and there are chances that they will visit your website too.

10. Become a Columnist or Contributor on Famous Websites

Being a columnist or contributor on famous websites can help to make your profile more authoritative and also you can build your audience there. If you get success to win their heart, they will become your regular readers and visit your blog or website too.

11. Optimize Your Existing Posts

Always keep your old posts updated with the latest information. It will help you to generate traffic from the old post and also helps to gain the trust of readers. If you know about Brian Dean of Backlinko, then the great thing about him is, he always keeps their all posts updated. He has very less posts on his blog but all are full of information and updated.

12. Remove irrelevant Site links from Google

Google will always consider all links to your website. If you find any links are irrelevant, then remove it with the help of Search Console or add noindex robot meta in those irrelevant pages.

13. Keep your Website Banner Updated

Keep your website banner updated with latest trends of your niche.

14. Post more Frequently

Post news articles and content frequently on your blog. Be consistent! It will help to keep in touch with your readers.

15. Submit Your Posts to Reddit

The Reddit is the most famous social bookmarking or news site. Always submit the link of your post there to get traffic to your website

16. Mention Influencers in Your Tweets

When you mention someone in a blog post using@, they will surely read your post and if they like it they will share your post on their network.

17. Invest your Energy on Strategies that are Working

You don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. Always observe analytics and based on that stick to only those strategies which are working for you. No need to waste time and efforts on which that are working for others but not for you.

18. Build Connections with Others in your Niche

Connecting with more people is always helpful to get referral traffic.

19. Add Relevant Keywords on Your Site

Do a keyword research and based on that put relevant and high volume keywords to get good rankings and ultimately it will results in good traffic.

Looking for a Digital Marketer for improving the traffic of your website?

20. Always add Links while sharing on Social Media

Add links in your post while you share on social media so that people can reach to your website. You can use shorten links for sharing.

21. Start YouTube Marketing

As per new trends, the video is the advanced way of marketing. Try it.

22. Add Text in Your Blog Featured Images

Include post title and URL in blog post images for optimal effect when pinned or shared.

23. Join Niche Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

Join relevant groups and share useful posts.

24. Connect with Bloggers who are Already Sending Traffic

Contact them who are already promoting your content in the direct or indirect way and try to get more benefit.

25. Ask Famous bloggers to Guest Post on Your Site

Contact famous bloggers and convince them for posting on your site. If they will agree, there will be a double benefit. You will get a quality content on your website so that creditability of your site will be increased and also that bloggers will share that post among their networks. So, you will get a huge amount of traffic to your website.

26. Respond to Blog Comments

It will drive commenters back to your site and reflect your concern towards your readers.

27. Question-Answers

Write Quora and Yahoo answers related to your niche and share link of your website or blog to get traffic.

28. Write a Response Post

Respond to a controversial post with a response post. These type of posts are really doing well.

29. Contact Influencers

Notify influencers for your newsworthy post.

30. Make Proper use of Categories

Always use relevant categories while posting an article on your website. And also if you are submitting your article anywhere, then also select proper category.

31. Write Landmark Posts

Create a long, authoritative post that should become an ultimate guide for that topic.

32. Comment on Niche Blogs

Comment on other relevant blogs. You might get traffic from there also.

33. Interview Influencers of Your Niche

Take an interview with influencers, and publish it on your blog. They will promote the interview to their audience.

34. Pay Attention to On-Page SEO

On-page SEO helps boost your organic traffic. So, always optimize your title, description, content and images as per On-page SEO rules.

35. Implement Schema Microdata

The structured data will helps to show rich snippet in search results. Mostly it’s helpful to show eCommerce products, events, ratings etc. It’s really helpful for improvement of click-through rate.

36. Effective Email Marketing

Prepare attractive email pitches for your existing users with discounts and other offers of your product or services. It will be useful for customer retention.

37. Make Sure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

Your website should be accessible and viewable across a range of devices. So, that any type of users will not leave from your website because of an ugly view of your website.

38. Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Make sure your website is loading in 4 to 7 seconds because no one like to wait for a long time. The fast websites helps to reduce bounce rate.

Want to a hire SEO expert who can do all these activities for you?

39. Analyze Performance of Website

Use Google analytics and Google search console for analyzing visitors, locations, traffic source and many other things. You can use this data to prepare your next strategy.

40. Submit Your Content to Aggregator Sites

Choose aggregator sites and submit your content or links.

41. PPC Ads

If you don’t have time to follow above tips or you want immediate traffic then go for PPC. If you have experince with PPC campaign managemet then it’s great otherwise you can hire PPC Expert for it.


At last, if you want to get high traffic then you should be updated with the new SEO strategies. Find out new strategies which help to drive the traffic to your website for free.

Attend the webinars and conferences to gain the knowledge about the latest search and marketing trends.

It is not possible to implement all these tasks and manage business altogether. In that case, it is recommended to hire digital marketing agency who can handle all these tasks at the reasonable cost per month and deliver you outstanding results.

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