5 Best School Apps for Teachers and Students

Published On: September 26, 2018
Last Updated: November 3, 2022
5 Best School Apps for Teachers and Students

The education system has undergone a lot of changes in the last decade. The increasing digitization has helped ensure that an effective communication system between the school, parents, and the students is established. In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology, mobile apps to specify.

Bigger institutions like universities or colleges believe that having an app can help the entire school or college system.

Moreover, various universities have already launched their app to enhance their internal & external operations.

Hence, if you are also running any school, college, university, educational institute, or looking forward to entering the education field, you should consider education or school app development.

Before planning to develop an app, you should check competitor apps available in the market, as you will have a better understanding of what runs well in the market.

Here, in this blog, we will first walk you through the best school apps in the market, then provide the benefits of developing a school app.

5 Best School Apps for Android and iOS

SR. No School App Play Store App Store
1. Teno Google Play App Store
2. Myly App Google Play
3. TeacherKit Google Play App Store
4. Atcovation Google Play App Store

We will look at the list of the most popular school apps that are useful for students, teachers, and parents in detail.


Teno is one of the leading school apps for students & teachers. This app is highly useful for different purposes, such as school administration, academic management, parent-teacher communication, etc. The app is built considering the requirements of principals, educators, students across different schools in India.

Using this app, teachers can update the attendance online, and parents & administration can refer anytime. Moreover, the teacher can provide online worksheets to students, and parents are informed about the same.

Besides this, there are some great features such as a digital diary, exam mark sheet, digital timetable, etc.

Myly App

Myly app is a well-known app for students, parents, and teachers. An educator or a teacher would require to install the myly admin app to communicate things to students/parents.

Myly app provides students a digital diary through which they can increase their communication via images & videos. Educators can publish the time-table on the mobile app. The entire fee management can be done effectively through the app.

Besides this, the app offers various other essential features such as a study planner, bi-directional multimedia messaging, upcoming events, etc.


Teacherkit app allows all the teachers to manage the students as well as the classes effectively. The app comes with a ton of features and helps teachers to maintain students’ grades in a grade book.

The app consists of two versions, free and premium. The free version comes with limited features, while the premium version has some awesome features like student card, seating chart, attendance, etc. It’s one of the best school apps for teachers.


Edmodo is one of the best school apps available in the education industry that connects teachers, parents, and students on its platform effortlessly.

The app allows teachers to share lessons and other resources of the school with the students. Also, they can connect with students and their parents instantly by sending them the message. Also, they can check the assignments of all the students.

Students can log in to the app to check school announcements, homework, grades, etc.


Atcovation consists of three things, attendance, communication, and innovation. It is one of the most useful school apps for students and parents.

The app allows teachers to take attendance via different methods. Also, teachers can send assignments to the students.Here, parents can review the attendance as well as the homework.

The app promotes better communication between the students & teachers and allows teachers to provide essential updates about events at school effectively.

One of the most out-of-the-box features of this app is an analytics dashboard which allows teachers to get all the details about a student at one place.

Key Benefits of Building a School App

Here are some of the important reasons by developing a school app would be highly beneficial for your entire organization.

  • A school app ensures that there is active communication between the teachers and parents.
  • Automate various tasks that are time-consuming and not fruitful.
  • A school management app makes sure it’s quick and easy to reach out to both parents and teachers on a platform.
  • Assign tasks to teachers and access their activities anywhere and anytime.
  • Increases productivity of all the teachers, students, and everyone associated with the school.
  • A payment gateway can be integrated into a school app so that students & parents can make payments quickly and efficiently.
  • Admission of the students can be made online conveniently.
  • Students can attend any of the lectures they have missed due to an emergency anytime.

To know in detail all the benefits of having a school app, we recommend you to check out this quick guide on benefits & features of education apps.


Mobile apps for school or educational institutions like universities and colleges are growing and can be of tremendous help to students and everyone working in the organization.

Also, a school app bridges the gap between the teachers, students, and parents and builds a unified platform for communication.

Now, if you made your mind to develop a school app, then don’t hesitate and should approach an education app development company.

We at Guru TechnoLabs, an educational app development company, have experience in building school apps for teachers and students. Hence, we understand your project thoroughly and then provide an effective solution.

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