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Android Background and Icon Image Sizes

Setting the size of icons and background images is very important while developing Android applications. The quality of your android app can be decided upon the quality of icons, images and app layout.

Follow the Android standards to choose icon and image sizes.

Abbreviations :

dpi : Dots per Inch. For more :  Wikipedia

ldpi : Low dpi
mdpi : Medium dpi
hdpi : High dpi
xhdpi : Extra High dpi
xxhdpi : Extra Extra High dpi
xxxhdpi : Extra Extra Extra High dpi

Launcher Icon sizes


Size of Icons

Sr. No Size Launcher Icons Small contextual Icons Notification Icon ActionBar Icon (.png)
1 mdpi 48×48 16×16 24×24  –
2 hdpi 72×72 24×24 36×36 48×48
3 xhdpi 96×96 32×32 48×48 64×64
4 xxhdpi 144×144 48×48 72×72 144×144
5 xxxhdpi 192×192 64×64 96×96 192×192
6 Google Play Store 512×512

Size of Background Images

DPI Size in Pixels
xxxhdpi 1280×1920
xxhdpi 960×1600
xhdpi 640×960
hdpi 480×800
mdpi 320×480
ldpi 240×320

Tablet Support Screen and Use

Create file in res

You have to define additional smallest width layouts, if you want to customize your user interface to differentiate between sizes such as 10″ and 7″ tablets :

#Handsets (smaller than 600dp)

# 7” tablets (600dp wide)

# 10” tablets (720dp wide)
Want more information about icon sizes and background sizes ? Visit developer guide by Android

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