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You can hire UI/UX developers for creating nice and user friendly mobile application designs/icons

In android the main attraction is the applications. And the applications couldn’t get its special touch without its unique icons and background. As the developers are very aware about the needs of customer they make them on point and without any mistakes in it. But then also if you are not satisfied from that then you can change the size and background from our quick guide. And if you are a developer then its likes a plus point you learn how to set the size of Icons and background in android.

Because setting the size of icons and background images is very important while developing Android applications. The quality of your android app can be decided upon the quality of icons, images and app layout.

Here are some tips and a guide for making the sizes and background on Android platform.

Android has made its standards for its icon and images of different sizes. Understanding the abbreviations of it:-

Dpi- Dots per inch is the standard unit for sizes of icon for more information on it you can refer Wikipedia.

Ldpi: Low dpi
Mdpi: Medium dpi
Hdpi: High dpi
Xhdpi: Extra High dpi
Xxhdpi: Extra Extra High dpi
Xxxhdpi: Extra Extra Extra High dpi

Configure Image Asset

The above image shows the step for configuring the Image assets for android.
The icons is firstly created in 512*512 format with due respect to Google play store.

The pop-up in image is obtained by clicking File -> new -> Image Asset  then the next step is to select asset type – image and give path the 512*512 icon and press next all sets of launcher icon have been created into respectively folder.

Size of Icons

Sr. No Size Launcher Icons Notification Icon
1 mdpi 48×48 24×24
2 hdpi 72×72 36×36
3 xhdpi 96×96 48×48
4 xxhdpi 144×144 72×72
5 xxxhdpi 192×192 96×96
6 Google Play Store 512×512

Size of Background Images

DPI Size in Pixels
xxxhdpi 1280×1920
xxhdpi 960×1600
xhdpi 640×960
hdpi 480×800
mdpi 320×480
ldpi 240×320

Tablet Support Screen and Use

Create file in res
You have to define additional smallest width layouts, if you want to customize your user interface to differentiate between sizes such as 10″ and 7″ tablets:
#Handsets (smaller than 600dp)

# 7” tablets (600dp wide)

# 10” tablets (720dp wide)
Want more information about icon sizes and background sizes? For more information you could check developer guide by Android.

If you are still not clear and want our android app development team to help you then you can hire android app developers.

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Ravi Makhija

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