Project Management System is a powerful PHP tool which can help you to deal with your projects in your server and create multiple companies inside one installation and grant access to different companies to different users. PMS is able to provide you full project updates what's going on in the project, project estimations, add new tasks, and assign tasks to specific users, discuss tasks. It's helpful to manage leaves and calculating payrolls. In short, PMS is all in one tool to manage your business in a better way!!


Admin Panel Features :

Attractive Admin Dashboard

Admin Panel of PMS is very easy to operate and you can get summery about all tasks and users from dashboard. On dashboard, Admin can view project status chart, user's weekly report, latest working reports, latest task updates and leave requests of users.

User Management

Admin can add new user and edit existing users. After user registration, user will get the registration mail with login details so that they can login to their account. The Admin can also view user listing and detail page of each users.

Client/Company & Project Management

Admin can add new company or edit existing company, view listing page and detail page of each company.

Project Management

Admin can add or edit projects and assign it to single or multiple users, view projects and detail page of projects.

Task Management

Admin can add or edit task and view task listing. Task Forum: By Clicking on task user can view details as well as communicate on task. If user commented then admin will receive mail, if admin commented then user will received mail.

Project Estimation Management

Admin can add or edit Project Edit Project Requirements and assign it to single/multiple users so assigned users will received mail of Requirements. Requirement forum is provided for admin and user communication on that project.

Daily Report & Technology Management

Admin can View Daily Reports of Users with Details like working hours, date-time & status. Admin can also add or edit technology and view technology listing.

Leave Management

Admin can View Leave Requests of Users with Details and can approve/disapprove leave with details. When admin approve/disapprove leave, user will get mail of updated leave status. Admin can also filter out user leaves by their name, month & year.

Permission Management

Admin can add new role and assign permissions to that role. Admin can also update permissions of all existing features to all existing roles. Ex. Admin can give permission to project manager for project management.

Payroll Management

Admin can calculate salary of all users by selecting month and year. Salary will be automatically calculated using user's salary & Deduction (which admin entered during user registration) & counting leave of that month. Admin can also view list of calculated salary and filter it.

Report Analysis

Admin can analyze reports in two ways: Project Analysis & Developer Analysis. View developer/project analysis report by selecting developer/project, task & dates. So admin can easily identify weekly/monthly/yearly analysis of developer/project. Also admin can view total working hours for specific developer/project.


Admin can add/update company name, company email (for email purpose) and company logo from settings. Admin can edit their profile and password from top menu bar.

User Panel Features :

Project Estimations & List of task

User can view the listing of assigned project requirements & can discuss on forum and view the list of tasks assigned, change the status of task as per progress & discuss on task forum

Daily Reports

Add Task report: Can start timer on assigned task by selecting task, when user stop the timer he has to enter the description of that task. Admin will receive the mail of user report. Report List: View the list of report. Running Report List: View the list of running task on which they are working.

Leave Manager & Others

User can apply for the leave, after applying admin will receive the mail & user can check the leave history also. And users can edit their profile details & password

Advanced Features :

Responsive : Looks Great in All Devices

We have made our PMS responsive, so it can fits into all types of devices like mobile, tablet, laptop and desktops. Its responsiveness delight users to use it in all devices.

Online PMS : Manage from Everywhere, Anytime

It's an online system so Admin can manage and view the status of his company even if he is not available at his company. He can manage from anywhere using his mobile, tablet or PC and track the projects and work of the employees.

Perfect for All types of Businesses

It's a standard software which is fits in requirement of all types of businesses. It can be used in business like School/College Management, Retails, Office Management, Hotel Management, Hospitals, Finance, Manufacturing, Real Estate and others.

How it Works?

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We would love to talk about how Project Management System can meet your needs. Our Product specialist will demonstrate to you how the software can manage your business, projects, clients and employees. We are eager to hear from you!

Customization Proposal

If you need any customization to fulfill your business needs, we will send you the customization proposal based on your software needs. And we will customize Project Management System to make it perfect for your business. You envision, we create!


Project Management System will be customized and developed for you according to your business necessities. We will test the final software and make improvements proposed by you. Our final product will perfectly match to your requirements.

Yes, Project Management System can be useful to You!

Are you running the company? If yes, then our Project Management System can be really helpful to manage your projects and employees. Project, Client and employee management becomes extremely easy and you can see all reports in summery on your Admin dashboard. So it's very time saving system. Let's try it for your business.

Need Project Management System customized to your business needs?

Every business is distinctive and we would love to know how we can help you. We can customize our PMS as per your business necessities and provide you the fully customized software within proposed time frame.

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