Product Development Services

Invoice Maker

Platform: iOS Application

The Invoice Maker App makes invoicing fast and simple. If you are unable to send invoices to the clients on time, it's a really helpful app. You can create, manage and send invoices to the clients from anywhere, anytime in just few seconds. If you have few seconds of time during travelling, meeting, lunch, dinner or in any other activity then you can send invoice. The app has all required features like client storing, email notification, tax, discounts, pin lock, currency, invoice prefix settings etc.

Project Management System

Platform: Web Application

Project Management System is a powerful PHP tool which can help you to deal with your projects in your server and create multiple companies inside one installation and grant access to different companies to different users. PMS is able to provide you full project updates what's going on in the project, project estimations, add new tasks, and assign tasks to specific users, discuss tasks. It's helpful to manage leaves and calculating payrolls. In short, PMS is all in one tool to manage your business in a better way!!

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