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Dinfo is a very popular blog site that allows its subscribers to post their articles in it. This blog site does not focus on any particular subject but gives its users the leeway to write about almost anything under the sky. The articles posted here are both interesting as well as informative. It has seven sections and several subsections that allow the visitor to quickly go to the relevant section of his interest. While most of the articles related to current affairs, people, construction, animals, tribute, it also has a humor and an art section that gives the blog a diverse range of topics to look for. Dinfo uses this blog site to connect with its followers and provide them with a platform where they can share their ideas with other like-minded people.

Blog Website

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Web Features

The website is designed with a focus to provide varied experiences for the visitors.
Multiple segments for different subjects.
A huge number of interesting articles.
Search feature to look quickly for a relevant topic.
User-friendly interface.
WordPress platform.

Challenges & Solutions

The main problem in finishing this website was that of communication. The WordPress experts of our company took the help of translation tools to find out the requirement of our client. And as professional blog developers, we used these translation tools to overcome the language barrier and build a website that was to the specification of our client.


What Our Client Says

Our client was a bit skeptical when he decided to hire the services of our web designing company due to the fact that we were not familiar with the language in which he wanted to build the website. However, when he found out that the final product was just what he wanted to have, he was thrilled with our professionalism and praised us through the roof.

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