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App Description

What is near to me is an application that helps you to find the nearby place you need to know with this nearby mobile app. The name itself denotes the application. It helps you find what is around you quickly and easily, better to just in a few clicks away. It is a very easy to use useful application for users, who generally seek their nearby places. Whether you are at an unknown place and do not know the nearby locations, then this app will help you a lot to find the nearby locations and act as a guide to your journey. An app for users finding the location, places around you, anywhere and everywhere. You can also find, all important things nearby you, like Airport, Hospital, Bookstore, Hotel, Restaurant and much, much more.

The place finder mobile app works smoothly and operating is easy for anyone. Just you need to select the category from the listed categories of your choice, for example, you want to locate a bank location nearby you, so type the bank name only, then this app is very useful to find what is near to you, and given the range 400 or 500 meters nearby. It will show you the nearby bank names and addresses according to the selected range by you. Whenever you select a specific bank of your choice, it will show you the destination on Google Map with estimated duration as well as distance.

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What is near me finder app features

App Features

  • Quick and easy to find nearby Airport, Hospital, Book Store, Hotel etc by just one click
  • You get list of places in your provided range from your current location
  • You get directions on Map with estimated distance and time
  • You can see the full address of each place
  • You can get the display search results in either standard map view, hybrid view or satellite view
  • Easy to use with smooth user interface

Challenges & Solutions

One of the biggest challenges we have faced while developing this application is user-friendliness and time. Though, our strong highly skilled and experienced app development team, they have handled a lot and given a proper solution that the app needed. Our client was expected to make the app not just relevant to other applications available in the market, but to make it unique so that everyone can be benefitted. We had to work a lot on the navigation keeping in mind that the navigation would be smooth and quick.

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