Vendor Management System (Real Estate)

Web Description

It is a powerful vendor management system not only useful and easy the operation of vendors’ day-to-day work, but also useful for company and its project managers. This vendor management web portal is a great Internet-enabled, sometimes a web-based app that acts as a mechanism for the purpose of business to handle as well as procure the work assigns to the project managers and vendors respectively. It works contingently. It works for producing or showing the status and assign of the work from the company to the project managers and its vendors. The work status can be edited, altered, deleted and shown on a regular basis, so that company can understand how the work assigned to the PM and vendors are progressing. The total access is for vendors, project managers, and the parent company. The clients or customers only can see the status and progress of the work. This vendor management portal is built in using CodeIgniter, a versatile one for vendors, companies and PMs. Multiple people can log in using their unique user-name and password sans any interruption of other works.

Vendor Management Web Portal

Vendor Management System

Web Features

  • A versatile portal for company, vendors and project managers
  • A complete vendor management software for real estate vendor management
  • Easy log in option for individual requirement and people, for vendors, project managers, and company with different id and password but in the same panel
  • User-friendly dashboard to ease the use of system
  • Easy remote access sans any difficulties
  • Multiple log in from if necessary without an interruption
  • Strong database and query support
  • Easy and quick manageable dashboards, edit, delete, addition and alteration
  • Customers/clients can check the status and progress of the work
  • Project managers and company can check the status and progress of the work
  • Customers or clients only can see the status or progress of the work. They cannot add, delete or edit anything from the portal
  • Company can assign the work to the project managers and project managers can to their respective vendors
  • Multiple works/jobs can be assigned at the same time
  • Regular status update can be done manually, including editing and deleting the works

Challenges & Solutions

One of the biggest challenges we have faced while designing this portal is multiple-use or user-friendly for different domains. Our client has asked us to create a vendor management portal that is useful for vendor, company and project manager. Therefore, we had to work hard to make a versatile portal for three different persons, and our highly skilled and experienced development team, especially a team of CodeIgniter has come to the solution.

Real Estate Vendor Management

What Our Client Says

Our client says Guru Technolabs is the go-to resource for the latest technical knowledge as well as trends in technical marketing and brand communication. The Guru Technolabs archive one of the veritable treasures to a trove of working with and that their portfolios prove it. It has great things to offer, fortunately, we have come to know about them and worked with them and they did satisfy us. They provide bespoke services to their clients and vendor management system is one of them that prove they are simply unparalleled.

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