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CEG is atechnology-based company that provides a comprehensive wireless communication solution in the Canadian market. It works with its business associates including Cellular Point and Value Mobile to provide products and mobility services in the virgin territories of Canada. CEG is one of the few companies in Canada that provides multi-carrier optionslike Rogers, Fido, Telus, Kodoo, Chatr, Wind and Mobilicity for its customer to choose from. Through this website,CEG is reaching out to all the potential customers to come and look at the range of products and services it is offering.This website gives them the window through which they can connect with their customers and provide them withthe solution that they are looking for.

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Web Features

  • The website is neatly designed showcasing different products and services.
  • A superbly crafted website that allows easy navigation.
  • Different opportunities to work with the company mentioned.
  • Forms to work with CEG provided for.
  • Animated homepage
  • Cool looking design.
  • All the service carriers that are associated with the company shown here.

Challenges & Solutions

Developing the website of CEG was not a big deal. However, the paucity of time, thanks to the small window of time provided by the client made us sweat really hard on it. We received the offer to develop this website just after our office hours. As our client had to showcase his project to the audience next day morning, we had to work the whole night non-stop and give him the website early next morning for his successful presentation.

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What Our Client Says

Our client was ecstatic with the final product that we gave him within the limited time. He was mighty impressed with our sincere commitment to our work. He has only praise for our work, effort and level of dedication of our company. As a successfulWordPress website development company, such challenging jobs add to our experience and establish our goodwill in the market.

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