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Screen lock mobile app development

App Description

Screen Lock mobile app is an amazing application runs on Android. It runs with the concept of wheel lock as well as pin lock which is useful to secure all types of smart phones. You get a nice wheel screen lock, akin to the wheel locks available is travel bags, combing the fantastic pin locks.

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Wheel screen lock application design
Lock mobile app features

App Features

  • Amazing Lock Themes
  • Select Background from Gallery
  • ON and OFF screen lock
  • ON and OFF Lock sounds
  • Easy to use, smooth and quick
  • Password settings for wheel as well as pin lock

Challenges & Solutions

Our biggest challenge was setting and opening the lock feature easily and as quickly as possible. We also faced a big challenge while developing screen lock and sound lock feature, because our client told us to make it as easy as possible, so that anyone who is not very savvy with Smartphone can also do it simply just in a few touches. As an Android application developer in India equipped with highly skilled and experienced team and having through interaction with our clients time to time, we have developed the app successfully.

Screen lock android app development solutions

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