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App Description

To Do Reminder app helps you remember your important tasks. When you are busy with your day-to-day work, loaded heavily, then this task reminder mobile app helps you remember all your important tasks just in a go. You will never forget your essential tasks when you use this excellent to do mobile app to do reminder. With this app, you can easily add the tasks as well as a summary of your choice or need. Whether you are a bit lazy kind of person to write a brief summary, then you can just add the summary of voice recording. It will help you remember the date, time and summary of the tasks. You can easily set the time and date, with time alarm and date, after the tasks are done, you can write the summary as a task done just clicking the right arrow of the specific task.

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Reminder application features

App Features

  • Very quick and easy to set the reminders
  • No need to type the task details, also you can manage it with voice
  • Alarm the alert as well as notification to remind the task
  • View all “To Do Task” as well as “Completed Task”
  • View all Set alarm tones or vibrating alerts
  • Easy and smooth UI
  • Add or Delete “Task types”
  • Support all screens and resolutions of mobiles and tablets

Challenges & Solutions

This is not akin to the general reminder application that available in the market. It is something different and fast, reliable and combined one. We had one challenge while developing this excellent application for our client is; we had to set the reminder in such a way that a novice or new Smartphone user can understand it better and quicker. At the starting phrase, we had to face this challenge, but our strong development team has taken the project tightly so that it can be finished in time with the requirements our client wanted.

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