App Description

The Quick Invoice Maker is a powerful business invoice application made to use or to create business invoices as quickly as possible, accurately and efficiently. It is an application, which provides better and faster computation to you to make the invoice billing in a simple and easy way. In addition, you are free of headache of sending the invoice in PDF format to the client by way of email. Therefore, you would feel enough competent to send the invoices from your Android and iOS based mobile phone. Besides creating invoice billing for your clients or customers, you can keep your business transaction using information with the business invoices. You can show your business brand by putting business logo in the invoice.



App Features

This quick online invoicing app is very easy to use for every individual who runs his small, medium or large business at present day. This application has many essential features to combine. The features are:

  • Clean and simple user interface that gives satisfactory user experience
  • Smart view of invoice lists
  • Free form item box
  • Support 131 currency
  • Simple and clean view of all types of invoice in PDF format
  • Keep your business transaction information with the invoice
  • Put your business name, logo or so forth on the business invoice
  • Invoice is easy to upload online
  • Easy to create, edit and delete the invoice whenever necessary
  • Real time applicable taxes and discounts
  • Details of taxes can be captured, edited and deleted automatically

Challenges & Solutions

This is a smart invoice application and our client has told us to build in such a way that can support both Android and iOS platform. This was a great challenge for us. We always kept one thing in mind is, when you are building this quick invoice maker it should run in Android as well a iOS applications or platforms. This was a bit tricky one, but our experienced of building mobile invoicing team has taken the challenged and came up with best solution as possible.


What Our Client Says

Our client was very happy about the work we have given to him. We had given him more than the things he expected. He was very happy that our team has fulfilled the requirements as per his instruction and made a great rapport with him time to time from building the application to its successful launch.

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