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App Description

Promo-SNAP is one of the best, easy to use and simple, yet one of the most powerful and quickest application that gives you a way to create a promotion on various types of picture posts to social media using your mobile photo editor adjoining branding touches, slogans and taking the call to actions. It also helps you to make logos that help upgrade your business social media presences. This is a great photo editing app build by skilled Android application developers and a unique one for sure. It is made to run on Android platform.

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Photo editor android app design
Photo frame application features

App Features

  • Handy application for photo editing
  • You can frame application easily and quickly
  • You can create promotion on different types of picture posts to social media
  • You can give a readymade branding touches and slogans of your choice

Challenges & Solutions

A small challenge we have faced while developing this application. As a veteran web and application development company in India, we have developed many application, but this apply was quite different, because this is not a general photo editing app that is available in the present market. The biggest challenge was to make the app high in storage ready, easy to retrieve the data and user friendly for the users at the same time. We did it with the help of our highly skilled and experienced development team.

Photo editing android app development solutions

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